Incredible Displays Of Compassion

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  1. Oblivion

    Thats it Grape!

    Keep yo’ pimp hand strong!

  2. lopiko

    tears, i don’t know if grape was just making her that feel guilty or those were genuine tears, simply great.

  3. DZ

    That peanut can keep the sucker in his mouth after taking a smack like that is commendable.

    • Drakkon

      Canine teeth. They lock on to anything in the mouth and keep it from leaving. Even while barking.

      • Gaara1357

        they also lock onto hands when u have a toy that is smaller than your hand and the mouth is bigger that it…

        • Drakkon

          And they’re so darned cute when they do it, with that mouth full of needles… err… puppy/kitty teeth… I know I have the scars to prove my love for my pets…

  4. Japanesekanji

    I swear I’ve seen things like this happen a lot in life, but that’s where the best influences come from, right?

  5. Moonwing

    lol i thought tht was hilarious! Grape’s all like “OMG I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO HAVE OUR INNOCENT PEANUT BA-” *she sees Peanut with a lolipop* “TRAITOR!” *SLAPS Peanut* lol

  6. foxfireattack

    Seems like Grapes a rebel… DON’T CONFORM!!!

  7. faved

    Man don’t be such a poor sport Grape.

  8. Akhera

    FACE! XP

  9. gsoft

    Ouch… After gettin’ so upset, nothin’ like a slap to make him feel bad. XD
    ‘…I would… …I would…’ heheh

  10. CalaverX11

    Poor Grape.
    Poor Peanut.

  11. JayTheBestMan

    Or: How to become a douchebag in ten seconds.

  12. Kaloyan


    Also, Peanuts expression in panel 3, priceless. ^^

  13. tofu

    i slap you!

  14. Lax

    Therapy for Grape: $65
    Candy for Peanut: $2
    Mother of b@#$%slaps: priceless!

  15. Yokel

    Ouch, taken. Loving peanut’s smug look in the third panel.

  16. RG

    Best slap moment ever. :)

  17. falconthefox

    LOL! poor peanut had no idea!

  18. Kurast

    “If he were here and in one piece I would… I would… PIMP SMACK THE MUTHA ****”

    She was either A) foiled of her plot to never come back, B) angry because she was worried sick (that “I’m angry because I love you” thing parents do) or, C) angry cause he got a better doctor.

  19. Kurast

    Quick addendum: I notice the lines. Seems like his tail was wagging and everything until the slap. Man his happy day went downhill.

    • Lupa

      My dog LOVES the vet. They gave him banana flavor de-wormer when I first got him so now when they leave to the back room he wants to follow to see if he can have more

  20. Khan-Wolfen

    awww, poor guy, bet hes rather……confused now as to why he just got smacked in the gob (though he still kept the lolly in there, well done, heh)

    • Lupa

      Lol. Gob. I love that word. Gob. Gawb. GAWWB!
      I’m done! n.n

  21. james319

    LOL you would…what? XP i liked the 1st and last panels XD

  22. Yokel

    Also, Grape’s eyebrows in the last panel – commendable.

  23. ferretwithaspork

    > : O GRAAAPE!!! LOL

  24. Madman

    man, another great page. XD

  25. Zurr

    Peanut’s face is the third panel is priceless.

  26. Eric

    I love this comic! XD

  27. matus

    wow… “chuck norris” has a realy poor eyesigh or just hiding behind that newspapers, so he woun’t be embaresed

  28. Polar_Bear

    Hehe, Peanut looks so happyproud in that 3rd panel!


  29. Trefoiler

    Ahaha. One dog down, everyone in the waiting room to go!



  30. TomFox

    What did the five fingers say to the face?

  31. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Heheh, love the third panel, especially Peanut, he’s all cute and stuff.

  32. BlueAnubis

    Peanut’s face in pannel 3, to me, says “well I had fun, what did I miss?”
    Well… she’s happy to see him. 8D

    • Lupa

      Maybe she and peanut like that sort of thing?

  33. Duez

    Aw, poor Peanut. XD

    Oh well, Grape just needs to get over the trauma. XD

  34. aceywinters


  35. Profesor Rod

    Cat-like slap detected!


  36. R-One

    Somehow, I’m not surprised this happened…

    … but it’s still highly amusing, tho. XD

  37. Insignificance

    HE’S TOO DARN CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Roo boy

    awwr! poor peanut XD

  39. wierdsnake

    what a mean kitty

  40. Heartcutter

    Hahaha! Betrayal at it’s best!

  41. microbuss

    MOAR! good comic loving every minute of it!

  42. Sara

    Haha, I love this! xD

  43. Sol Ratch

    So much caring about Peanut…
    They still look as cute as ever…

  44. Osvaldo


  45. varsaigen

    she wanted candy too! =D

  46. Nall

    Tough love? (^_^)

    • Trefoiler

      Love enough to resist using her claws. She must like existing with him at times.

  47. Akinokaze

    Grape even *facepalm*

  48. Inquisitor Delita

    …Their dad’s name is sandwich?

    • Inquisitor Delita

      Is the entire family named after food items!?

      • Trefoiler

        Just the last name, as far as I know. As for firsts and seconds, we’ve only heard Grape J. and Peanut B.

        Oh, and Princess P. XD

  49. Kaj

    Well, that’s what you get for not sharing. You gotta be nice and ask for two- one for you, and one for your best friend. ^_^

  50. Taay


  51. Fuzzypaws

    Peanut’s cute all over, from his nose to his toes!

  52. Sessile

    parent’s names are reuben and patty

  53. pkjo

    Awww… Peanut didn’t deserve that…

  54. kenny fox

    lol. i love the happy,all-is-well, expression on peanuts face in the 3rd panel ^^

  55. Winston


  56. Residentfriendly

    Good thing the lollipop didn’t fly off xD

  57. Yoji

    peanut got wtfpwned! XD

  58. Crystal

    That’s gonna hurt