The Treat In Treatment

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  1. faved

    …And the drama sets in.

  2. Akhera

    CANDY!!! Aww, poor Grape getting all worked up about Peanut for nothing

  3. zephyron


    And Peanut gets all the luck X3

    Poor Princess Periwinkle =3

  4. Japanesekanji

    I foresee a possible fight. Nice comic, as always!

  5. Kaloyan

    LOVE panel 3, excellent close up. ^^ Also, this is my first comment. I’d like to say that this is one of my favorite comics.

  6. Nyrufa

    Wow… this is a first, Peanut’s getting all the cool stuff while GRAPE is freaking out!

    They’ve swapped bodies!!!!

    • Miles Rose

      Nope, they’ve swapped luck :3

  7. Oblivion

    Grape seems awfully concerned about Peanuts well being…

    *Hint hint*

    • RG

      *smile* I sense fan shipping…

    • Nall

      She does seem to care a fair bit more than would be expected. (^_^)

  8. Raven

    Sort of reminds me of my pets.

    Cats were losing their minds and the do was trying to lick the doctor like the good boy he was.

  9. LeGoMaNn

    so much for the PG push

  10. JayTheBestMan

    What a perfect way to start my monday (and also a great start for your second milestone, loved pretty much everything you have put up)! Perfect!

  11. Parou

    See, it’s all about how you deal with your vet….. irritable Grape = irritable Vet happy Peanut = happy Vet…… poor Grape, maybe next time…..

  12. Yokel

    Ahaha… Smooth…

  13. RG

    Lucky, lucky, Peanut.

  14. Duez

    Haha, nice. X3 Such a good boy Peanut is.

  15. Junker

    It’s all about the candy. Also, that may be the first correct use of the semicolon I’ve seen on the internet.

    • Trefoiler

      THAT’S the treat here; correct usage is such a rarity these days.

  16. Nall

    Looks like peanut has had more experience with these vet visits than “Princess Periwinkle” (^_^)

  17. Copycat

    3rd picture… face… awesome..

  18. aceywinters

    LOL! I loved getting candy from the doctor :D

    • Miles Rose

      *Noms on candeh* Yummy! I remember getting Three Musketeers from them :3 Nomalicious!

  19. Sol Ratch

    Grape in the third panel makes it seem Peanut is not mentally stable enough to survive the check-up…
    Yet she’s caring enough to acknowledge his safety…

  20. kuisbright

    Aww… Peanut is so cute in the last panel ^^

  21. Xuncu

    Stiiiil settin’ mah gaze on the boobies….. mmhm.

  22. argonsassistant

    hehehehe wonderful,The candy bowel!Great stuff!!!

    • tahrey

      Candy …. bowel?


      • tahrey

        gah. that was a : – x smiley, but the autoconverter has made it into a D – : < instead

        • Whiskers

          I never understood who made the : and x together make an angry face… I could swear there was an actual yellow smiley with an X mouth, you’d think that would be what happens but bluh

          • Trefoiler

            I think the : – x is usually turned into a kissing smiley.

            But the converter on these boards has been established as being rather borked.

  23. Drakkon

    So wrong…

  24. ferretwithaspork

    Aww, Grape is so beautiful… I mean… Cute… Yeah.. That’s what I meant!!! And It’s sooo sweeet that she’s worried about Peanut!

  25. Maxtone

    Does their dad happen to be Hank Scorpio?

    • Kaloyan

      lol, I’ve been trying to remember tghat name. He DOES look like Scorpio. Gah! Now I won’t be able to picture any other voice. :(

  26. Jumplion

    Heh, good behaviour pays of I suppose :P

  27. BlueAnubis

    Aww, Grape is so conserned about Peanut, sad kitty in pannel 3.
    On the other hand, CANDY BOWL!!! (it’s much better than your butt dying)

  28. Saikyo Mog

    Candy bowl!

  29. falconthefox


    • Taay


  30. Polar_Bear

    Awww. And we see the loving relationship Grape and Peanut have. She really does try and care for him like a mommycat would. It’s so cute!

    And too bad we don’t see Peanut’s tail, I’m sure it’s wagging in a circle.

  31. Osvaldo


  32. Heartcutter

    She puts the treat in treatment…
    And I am aware this is also the title.

  33. Anonymous

    Cuteness abound!

  34. Jessica

    OMG I love this comic, its so cute. …kinda hard to keep everyone straight though lol

  35. Whiskers

    I’m surprised she isn’t actually hurting him a bit when she’s hitting him with those Pop-eye arms… (oh god don’t hate me for saying that I just always thought that about the art style D8)

    • Profesor Rod


      cat-like-strength punches detected

  36. xitel

    Awww… she’s worried about Peanut… that’s so adorable!

  37. R-One

    Gotta love panel 3 in this one – instead of a typical profile-type shot, we get a good look at Grape’s (unnecessary) concern for Peanut… good one. ^_^

  38. Gaara1357

    i always liked dogs best =)

  39. TomFox

    I like panel 3, it’s a new position to see a character in. Good to see you’re going outside your artistic “box” so to speak (as far as the comic’s concerned), Great comic Rick!

  40. Profesor Rod


  41. Rennis Kyuubi

    Hmmm, she’s being awfully nice to Peanut <–> is very suspicious 0-0

  42. deoyx

    OMG! poor peanut! XDD

  43. Moonwing

    lol y do i think it’s a dog thing?

  44. james319

    no damage to the psyche, just the teeth XD

  45. Kurast

    Because cats are finicky, and us foxes other sweets.

  46. Khan-Wolfen

    Who wants Candy? Peanut wants Candy! hehheh

  47. Moonwing

    pfft, who needs candy? us warriors dont go to the cutter (yea in the warrior books, the warrior cats call the vet “the cutter” O.O) and plus, we can have a nice mouse instead of candy and we can take catmint leaves from those plump kittypet gardens lol crazy huh?

    • Oblivion

      You are a cat, an animal.

      Not a warrior.

  48. Fuzzypaws

    Puppy paws ^.^

  49. kenny fox

    OMG CANDY BOWL! *dives in*

  50. Yoji

    remindsme of my trips to the dentist, always goodies ^_^ my bro however wasn’t as lucky always drills and pulling of teeth ^^;

  51. Mametarou

    Grapes flash back reminds me of my first time to the dentis it was horible. *gets a flash back*