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And The Finch And The Shrew And The . . .

Sorry if you were trying to access the archives earlier; apparently I accidentally overwrote the .htaccess file while trying to figure out how to configure Super Cache. It should be fixed now

Especially Who? WHO?!

Their Naming Conventions Had A Cover Charge


This Is A Real 3rd Edition Gamebreaker


Still kinda working on it, but I have been working on it ALL DAY. There’s a few issues still that I’ll try to smooth out by tomorrow or so

Cut On The Dotty Line

Love In The Stitches

Or Is He Just Projecting

Sorry if you caught the site while it was upgrading; I had put off the upgrade to 2.7 for a while and figured now was as good a time as any. Especially since, if what I read was correct, that I can do upgrades automatically from now on without having to mess with FTP stuff.

Terrible Consequences

Incredible Displays Of Compassion

The Treat In Treatment