Hello Vet

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  1. JayTheBestMan

    Haha, Oh my god, that is SO unfair!

  2. aceywinters

    HellooOoo Nurse!!

    • CalaverX11

      *blowkiss* GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!

      • no space

        Say G’night Babs.

        “G’night Babs.”

    • Gaara1357

      my first thought exactly lol animaniacs are awesome!

      • Zurr

        Truly, they were of the greatest of our time.

        • Insignificance

          Just imagine their voices on Grape and Peanut!!!

          • Gaara1357

            oh wow that would be hilarious

            Grape = Dot

            Peanut = Wacko

            …who would be Yacko?

    • twocents

      Also the first thing I thought. Oh, what a brainwashed generation we are. =D

      • BanditRingtail

        And this is a bad thing… how?

  3. Ebly

    Oh, -peanut-…

  4. lopiko

    wow, i thought the core temperature thing was going to be ignored, but i see it wasn’t just a one-strip gag after all.

  5. Sage Freehaven

    What a lucky so-and-so.

  6. Fuzzypaws

    Peanut has the luck ;)

  7. Tamer

    Umm oh…
    Hello Nurse. I’m mean Doc.

  8. Oblivion

    Well, peanut, your temperature is unusually high…

    • CalaverX11

      Don’t forget his blood pressure. I’m sure that’s through the roof.

  9. TomFox

    The Butt remark has been made, and peanut is one lucky dog ;)

  10. Kurast

    Oh christ Grape drew the short straw and the long needle on this trip

    • Oblivion

      You think Grape would rather have Peanut’s vet?

    • Lupa

      Well Hellooooooo Nurse!


  11. Yokel

    Yes. Yes he can.

  12. lopiko

    hellooooo nurse! i mean vet.
    animaniacs references are soo great.

  13. Polar_Bear

    Ok, so now how’s he going to keep this PG? ;)


    • Barry

      afaik is this still PG.

      That’s where the thermo goes buddy.
      Especially for pets!

      • R-One

        No one said it had to be “on camera” either…

        Lovely little trick with writing and cartooning – you can always state said event took place off camera, or while the POV was elsewhere, and no one can complain about it (well, not much anyways, lol…).

    • Gaara1357

      u have a point there

  14. RG

    Well heloooooooooooooooooo nurse! I mean doc! :D

  15. falconfox

    hehehe! too good!

  16. TimidTabby

    Terrific…simply terrific XD

  17. faved

    Peanut is just so innocent =P

  18. james319


  19. james319


  20. Parou

    Peanut should recommend this vet to Sasha……….. to take her Dad to!

    • Parou

      Also…… “I Don’t Want My Butt to DIE!!” has to be turned into a catchphrase somehow!

  21. Xuncu

    “Yes, talking celavage. I will stand up and beg for you.” =3

    Hey, well, now us men can’t be blamed for not looking at her face.

    • ferretwithaspork

      SHE HAS A FACE O,o?!?

      • Xyie

        These people have more than half a face? O_o

  22. Barry

    That tongue is classic!

    My cat also doest stuff like that (pic related) http://www.noritamago.com/cats/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/stubs.JPG


    • Taay

      OMG that looks exactly like my cat! and she does that face too!!!!! XD

    • Kurast

      My cats do that, but not so far out.

  23. Drakkon

    Helllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooo Nurse!

    If Peanut wasn’t mutilated already, I’m sure he’d be willing to be a bad boy for her. (oops, just broke the PG rating…)

    • String Petoun Ping

      What make you think that Peanut is neutered? Grape still have her claws, so it’s could be normal that their parent doesn’t believe in declawing and neutering. Also, I knew that Peanut will have it easy and the catchpfrase is just to good.

  24. Skann3r

    I can imagine the vet’s voice very sultry and vexing.
    (whistle) Hey Wakko, Yakko, would you come in here please? – Dr. Scratchnsniff

  25. Secret Pile of Miserables

    Wait… are you sure this isn’t……. *head explodes*

  26. Sol Ratch

    Does this mean Grape lost her virginity?

    • GodofAwesome


      • Moonwing

        O.o lil bit past creepy much lol O.O (if the comic is PG shouldnt the comments be too? O.o lol only God knows or the writer of the comic lol

    • D_Leo

      Well, there goes the rating… –;
      And no, she didn’t

  27. Trefoiler

    That is an EPIC twist. And a rather fitting quote comes to mind:

    “You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.”

    “You don’t know how hard it is being a man looking at a woman looking the way you do.”

    “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”

  28. argonsassistant

    hahaha wonderful

  29. doodlebob

    lol aawww… the innocence in the last panel just made me melt! X333

  30. R-One

    Rofl – suspected a twist like this, but this goes above and beyond even my expectations. Can’t wait to see Peanut’s half of the vet-trip play out…

    … or even have it jump to the “end” of the trip, and torment us with a “you’ll never know what happened” line, lol.

    • Xyie

      I think we can get a gag or two more from peanut’s visit…

  31. Khan-Wolfen

    Bow-Chika-Wah-Wow, hahhahah, hes a licky git isn’t he : P

    • LeGoMaNn

      It’s “Bow Chika Bow Wow”

      • Khan-Wolfen

        whatever, so long as yea get the gist of it, heh

      • Khan-Wolfen

        but thanks anyway, heh (sorry for double reply or whatever)

  32. BlueAnubis

    *Wolf Whistle* I suppose after working with Yakko and Wakko, Hello Nurse would be a very qualified nurse.
    Maybe Grape had Dr. Scratchnsniff as her vet?

  33. Profesor Rod


  34. LeGoMaNn

    If one more person says “Hellooooo Nurse” I am going to jump off a cliff.
    And I don’t care about how it is spelled!!!!!!

    But seriously, once is funny, two if funny, but anymore and you start getting on my nerves. Not that I matter, I’m just one person. (no, I am not saying this angry, but “hello nurse” had lost it’s “comment originality” a long time ago)

  35. xitel

    Wait a minute… Peanut’s a dog, so wouldn’t the attractiveness of a human nurse not really have any bearing on how he feels? Although I will say him shouting “I don’t want my butt to die” almost made me choke on laughter

  36. moonwing

    lol poor kitty grape, aka Princess Periwinkle, and GO PEANUT lol u lucky dog! lol

  37. Sogious

    hahaha…oooohhh gosh….*sigh* Pretty nurse with BiiiiiiiiG cottonswabs over there in the back. Don’t trust her, Peanut! All females have a tendency to cut one’s personal ties he is accustomed to! Watch out!

  38. Sogious

    and oh yeah…PG rating GOOOONE!

  39. Collector1

    Yes ma’ma and I’d like another!

  40. D_Leo

    Oh WHAT the HECK?!

  41. Jumplion

    Heh, I wouldn’t mind being in Peanut’s collar right about now ;P

  42. Whiskers

    You know, this has a bit of karmic significance doesn’t it? I mean who has stopped the last several conflicts with unnecessary violence and got the friggin quack doctor. Now who got their psychotic nemesis an awesome gift and gets the Animaniacs quote on legs.

    • moonwing

      God, dont cha just hate tht karma?

  43. Akinokaze

    Well we know Peanut has a thing for female cats, but does he like humans?

  44. Oblivion

    I love how Grape puts up a big fight, complains, even tries to escape, yet Peanut is just to innocent to even think of retaliating.

    This arc kind of explains both their characters perfectly.

  45. Kobrag

    Are you hiding something little boy?

    I think peanut is more your average 10 yr old.

  46. Krillos

    Grape may have warned him, but Peanut sure likes what he sees! XD

  47. Lupa

    No eye-contact lol

  48. saruchan28

    And so, in honor of awesome faces and awkward situations abundant… *thumbs towards the avatar*

    Cool stuff!

  49. tahrey


    oh god XD

  50. kenny fox

    hehe. can you be a good boy for me? i love how you “push the PG rating in our minds” as you put it ^^

  51. Yoji

    lmao nice! XD

  52. Whiskers

    disregarding gender, I actually think Grape would be Yacko. Then how about putting Daisy in as Dot.