Unorthodox Medicine
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  1. Oblivion

    Just like when I was a kid.

    *Tear rolls down cheek*

  2. matus

    nhahahaha….. you can actualy feel grape’s fear! still, poor kitty :D DD

  3. Japanesekanji

    Ah, that great, man! Your last comic and this one really made me laugh a lot. It feels good. Thanks for this series!

  4. FinalWord

    o god that funny. I like how he just keeps talking like hes finishing his sentence after she out.

  5. TomFox

    The pure fear and terror on Grape’s face in frame 1 is awesome. Look at all that ruffled fur in frame 2 :D

    • TomFox

      “Zat was not Medicine”

      • Zurr

        I much prefer the “freaking out” face of panel 2

  6. Polar_Bear

    I’m surprised he didn’t have to pry her off of the ceiling.


  7. R-One

    Rofl – hope his malpractice will cover that, cause Grapes prolly been traumatized. XD

    • kidtail

      heh, you mean, ’cause she wasn’t tramautized the LAST time she was there? =3

  8. CalaverX11

    Most effective anesthetic ever.

    • Dzamie

      I think there is a Calvin&Hobbes comic where Calvin’s dad uses a similar technique to put Calvin to sleep.

      • Watcher

        I believe it was on a doctor trip. Calvin kept asking the doctor “Whats that? Will it hurt?” when it was like a tongue depressor and such.

        When the doctor is holding an auriscope and Calvin asks he says “It’s a cattle prod, it hurts a little less than a branding iron…” and Calvin passes out.

        • FinalWord

          no no hes referring to when calvin wont stop asking his dad to tell him a bed time story but calvin wants to hear the same one hes heard for the past who knows how long so instead his dad says something about the disembodied hand and then his dad puts his hand inside his own shirt and reaches out the collar and yells ‘There it is!’ or something and Calvin faints now sound asleep his dad walks off saying ‘Why havent I tried that before/ thought of that before’

          • Watcher

            Oh yes, i forgot about that one… I guess they are both apropriate.

  9. Nall

    …and so the evil doctor can have his way with her unconcious form.
    I wonder if he’d use a rubber mallet if this trick had failed.
    This doctors bedside manners are totally atrocious! (^_^)

  10. Sol Ratch

    Another healthy dose of pure schadenfreude to keep me going until the next comic…

    Can’t wait to see Peanut during his checkup…

    • String Petoun Ping

      The reason why peanut is here was to learn Grape’s kitten name. All the fun with be on this poor princess periwinkle and the dog examen will be with an another vet who isn’t a evil creature that commute from hell to go to work.

  11. RG

    Awesome tactic. Wish they did that to me…

  12. Duez

    Well… whatever works I guess. XD Nice work doc. Poor Grape. D: She’ll need a good hug after this. XD Maybe some ‘nip too.

  13. Barry

    No wonder she was terrified when she was a kitten O_O

  14. Yokel

    Haha, this is a great arc. Makes me wonder what peanut’s going to be like in there, though.
    Artistically, I like the ears in the first two panels. Very expressive.
    I pity the fool…

  15. Residentfriendly


  16. Eagle0600

    Probably learned in the same university as Dr. Ink.

  17. james319

    yeah that would work on me no doubt XD

  18. falconthefox


  19. Mr.Rachan

    well that was easy

  20. Devious_Psychopath

    That’s just evil…

    • R-one

      … yet highly amusing.

  21. BlueAnubis

    ROFL!!! each of her faces are priceless, especially pannel 2. And now for Pokemon.
    VETRINARIAN used Foam Syringe!
    It’s Super Effective!
    The foe’s GRAPE fainted!

    • Oblivion

      Trainer MR.SANDWICH calls back GRAPE.
      Trainer MR.SANDWICH sends out PEANUT!

      • Dzamie

        Peanut gets eaten by random monkey!
        It’s Super Effective!
        Trainer MR.SANDWICH says:
        “Darn, wrong PEANUT!”

  22. myzused

    man, that would scare the crap outta anyone O.O

  23. Fuzzypaws

    Considering how vets go into the business because they love animals, I wonder how they feel about animals hating them. ;)

  24. BluFox

    … At least that ‘anesthetic’ is fool-proof, ’cause Grape’s gonna need it more often than not…

  25. Crystal

    I fell bad for grape. Hope she in her happy place.

  26. TomFox

    Wait, is he about to shoot her with a syringe with “green stuff” in it?

    • omega_fox123

      well i think she just died of a heart attack, so he has to give her some re-animator liquid, or as r-animator calls it, ‘green color”

      i bet no one here gets that refrence

      • TomFox

        I get it :D

      • FinalWord

        As did I ^^

  27. TheLastLoneWolf

    Heart attack much?

  28. Khan-Wolfen

    your right! is he trying to make a…..super-cat? : O

  29. Trefoiler

    He probably fills that thing with fluorescent gel to freak out the pets not yet unconscious.

    “Is that glowing?”

    “Hmm… doesn’t usually do that.

    Wierd. Anyway, your arm, please. And bite down on this rope.”

    • Trefoiler

      I, of course mean the big syringe. But any amount of green liquid would seem affective.

      I’ll bet this syringe’s contents even do stuff!

  30. Akinokaze

    Well this should certainly make it easier to take her core temperature.

    • omega_fox123

      when she wakes up-

      peanut :”so how’d it go?”

      grape: “well my arm hurts and my rear feels funny”

      • Akinokaze

        Peanuts mind: Too many replies that will get me scratched to death.

  31. FoxBlood

    That was amazing man. The look on Grapes face on the second panel was priceless. LOL

  32. faved

    Heh anesthetic… that’s pretty funny.

  33. Dom

    The face of Grape in the first panel reminds me that cat pic:

    • Sara

      xD haha, you’re right.

  34. Insignificance

    Wonder what’s going on with Peanut???

  35. Nyrufa

    Don’t know why Grape’s so afraid of her “core temperature” being taken. At least she’s a girl, think about Peanut’s point of view!!


    • SnowFox102

      You obviously know nothing of the method of reading core temperature, it’s the same regardless of gender. Same regardless of species too. :P Pointless fact: Human core temperature is not 98.6. It’s higher, 98.6 is just the non-core level.

      I, too, found these past few strips laugh inducing. XD

  36. macsnafu

    “Industrial foam syringe”? Looks like a caulk gun to me…

  37. icarus

    i empathise. needles = terrified phobia :<

  38. Rabid

    When I was a kid and I finally had enough of shots I had to be held down by everyone in the room including my parents to take the shot. Grape is just easily scared :P

  39. Kalianos

    Been Phobic of needles since I was four and was receiving shots in the knee caps for a brown recluse bite or something…All I remember is laying on my back, and a doctor puncturing my skin with needle….Poor grape

    • BanditRingtail

      Yikes, man. I hear those shots hurt. ‘Course, the only alternative is to let the spiders poison rot your flesh around the bite, soooo…

  40. Kurast

    Reminds me of a time when I was little.

    Went to Fort Rucker to get some tests done when I was little. Blood tests, vaccinations, that sort of thing. It was time to get a blood sample and she pulls out this yellow thing that looks like a small box cutter. She tells me there’s a needle inside and what she’ll do is press hard enough against my finger that it’ll cut the circulation off around the prick mark so I wouldn’t feel a thing. She pressed it to my finger and I felt this horrific pain run the entire length of the pad and I yanked away.

    And there was a damned razor blade sticking out of the thing.

  41. Spacecadet


    My puppy is just like that: one view of the Vet and she freaks!

    Fangs and claws and they freak at the Vet – Oh yeah.. brave.

  42. tahrey

    aaaah, now THERE’S the (genuine) LOL i’ve been needing since waking up :D

  43. kenny fox

    omg! i finally found the comment box thingy. anyways….HAHAHA poor baby. i would have falled over too o.o