Then She Points To Her Ear
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  1. Polar_Bear

    Ah yes… the always-hilarious “core temperature.”

    Reminds me of a Futurama joke I just re-watched recently.

  2. DZ

    Oh jeez, assuming in the Housepets universe animals get their temperatures taken in the same way as ours, that will make for some terribly awkward patient/doctor conversation.

  3. tofu

    lol pushing the pg rating again :D

  4. Anonymous

    …And tempting certain fans.

    And it reminds me of this comic.

    • yeah i'm not putting my name THIS time

      Innocent confusion over thermometer placement by people who have never heard of earmometers is an evergreen joke generator

      Heck, I didn’t really know of them til I saw the Freefall strip however-many-years-back that “sometime last week” moment was :)
      (but I had been subjected to the … “other” not-in-the-mouth type at some previous juncture, so I’m well equipped to giggle at it. It’s a, eh, most unique experience, is the nicest thing I can say about it).

    • Manachuboy

      Same here, tho I kinda suspect the indignity Florence went through and the indiginity Grapse is about to go through are are on two totally different levels.

  5. TomFox

    Next comic: Vet leaves room covered in scratches

  6. Oblivion

    Run, Grape, run!

    This is your last chance! Dont let him stick it in your…nose?

    • CalaverX11

      “‘Nose?’ That don’t rhyme wit’ ‘walls!’”

      • Midnightwolf

        Roflmao. I JUSt finished watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit! Great Comic btw.

  7. Copycat

    In teh rear :3

  8. CalaverX11

    4th panel is one of the funniest expressions I’ve seen in a long time.

  9. Kenny

    I just laughed louder than I have in a good while.

  10. Bangaa_Dragoon

    LOL, this comic is still in the PG range, I have seen this joke in newspaper comics. Like GET FUZZY
    *Rob is using a electric thermometer Satchel’s ear, Bucky walks in with a bad cold*
    Bucky “Oh, I did not know that goes in your ear to take the temperature.”
    Rob “How did you check your temperature with it?”
    Bucky “I knew that you do not put that kind in your mouth…”
    *Satchel interrupts* “What are you guys talking about? I cannot hear you with this in my ear.”

  11. Kurast

    Called it!

    Called it sometime last week.

    But I called it.

  12. Blackite

    The chance of a mauling has increased to OVER NINE THOSAND!

    • faved

      Agreed with Blackite. Limbs will be lost…

    • myzused

      OMG! Someone used that reference in a video and it was HILARIOUS!

    • BluFox

      …. Doctor! What does the thermometer say about Grape’s core temperature!?

      …. It’s OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!

    • Lupa

      Oh my god! Her energy readings are over 9,000!

      oh dbz.. ~epic fail

  13. RG

    This is gonna end up hilarious. :)

  14. Sol Ratch

    im a bit clueless…
    where does it go if you can’t take the temp through your mouth?

    • Barry

      Aww, this comic needs a fifth panel. I am dieing to see her face after his “Try again” xD

    • tahrey

      i’m guessing the best answer to this is some variant on “lurk moar”… if you don’t know now, it should become apparent reasonably quickly. that, or google / wiki are your frenz.

    • CalaverX11

      The title of today’s comic is:
      “Then She Points To Her Ear”
      Go from there.

    • Chip Uni

      You’ll find the answer in the third sentence of Wikipedia’s (current) entry of “Normal human body temperature”.

    • omega_fox123

      well babies do it under the armut but animals……well it isn’t pleasent, its lower

      like don’t drop the soap lower ((or in a pets case “don’t drop the chew toy”))

  15. Yokel

    Wikipedia it, Sol.
    I pity the fool…

  16. Wanderer of the Wastes

    Considering where that’s been, does she really want him to take her temp through her mouth. :P

    • D_Leo

      Well, they AT LEAST sterilize them.
      Also, wut wut

  17. jac
  18. james319

    LOL i wonder if thats what i would have done if i was an animal at a vet XD

  19. falconfox

    “it goes where?!?”

  20. Jumplion

    lol, This situation is a classic!

  21. Saikyo Mog

    This isn’t going to end well…..

  22. Sogious

    uh oh..hahahaha!

  23. BlueAnubis

    I am sensing imminant blood loss, especially with THOSE claws. That is one of Grape’s best faces EVER!

  24. Khan-Wolfen

    hehheh, we havn’t even got to peanut yet, hehheh, the Doc gonna need to vist a blood bank after grapes done with him XD

  25. D_Leo

    Ouuu, poor Grape, that’s soooo embarrassing

  26. Nyrufa

    Considering how innocent Peanut seems to be mentally, I think he’s going to have a few mental scars by the time this is done.

    While the vet has a few physical ones. >:D

  27. Profesor Rod

    Worst day ever XD

  28. isk84waffles

    in the bungholio

    (beeves and butt head reference)

  29. Osvaldo : sherymon

    is so so pretty in the frame number 3 …

  30. Duez

    Oh noes. XD

    Also, I remember the first time I saw this kinda joke was in Dr. Dolittle.

  31. Taay

    up da but. ew

  32. Nall

    The deadpan expression of the doctor and grape pointing at her mouth with desperation in her eyes really makes the joke for me. Poor kitty. (^_^)

    What doc is holding DEFINITELY is not the kind of thermometer that goes in the ear or on the forehead. (o_o)

    • D_Leo

      there are forehead thermometers?!

  33. Crystal

    Grape is funny. (I thought that you needed a user name for this)

  34. Insignificance

    You…you…YA’VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Fuzzypaws

    I hope vets in this universe have good medical insurance. ;)

  36. Trefoiler

    He finally got some cooperation out of grape, but I don’t think any amount of earned trust can offset the dropping of -this- particular bomb.

    With a special guest appearance by… Hugh Grant? Just theorizing.

  37. kenny fox

    LOL “try again” win.