Sweet Memories

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  1. Serp

    0.0 cthulu!

    • Ze

      LMAO! that’s exactly what I thought when I saw that image!

      • R-One

        Same, rofl – have a friend who has an RPG based off Lovecraft’s books, was the first thing to pop into my head. XD

        • no space

          Hey, I’m not the only one! I don’t feel like a loser for thinking that now.

  2. Daniel Kaiser

    Wow, i’d be scared of the vet too.

  3. Oblivion

    Kitten Grape.

    My heart just exploded due to overwhelming amounts of adorableness.

    • CalaverX11


    • xitel

      You are not the only one…

      • Dzamie

        I second that!

    • Oblivion

      Okay, okay, if you dont agree with my statement…

  4. TimidTabby

    LOL…Isn’t that what most children think of doctors back then?
    Fantastic comic strip here.

  5. Kashiru

    Completely epic memories o.o, but her expression changes afterwords.

  6. Zaf

    ahh!! kitty Grape. ^_^

  7. Copycat


    • Taay


      mines longer

      • Copycat


        Mine’s longer and bigger

        • Taay

          darn. =[

          hahahahaha. grapes supa cute

  8. lopiko

    the eyeballs jar in the background is very funny, how could she see the background back then?

  9. TomFox

    Very awesome! Kitten Princ… Er- Grape.

  10. isk84waffles

    SWEET JEBUS!!!!!!!!

  11. Sol Ratch

    cute flashback…

  12. faved

    No wonder most pets are tramatized

  13. RG

    Good Lord…

  14. Barry

    This comic is made of cute- and adorableness. Point.
    *melts* awww……

  15. james319


  16. ForeverFreakedd

    Awh. ^ ^ Grape was pretty cute as a kitten~

    …Though, now I can’t help but imagine Peanut back in the days when he was but a little pup. *smirks happily*

  17. falconfox

    hey! how’d you get a pic of my doctor in panel 3?

  18. Nyrufa

    Not sure if the vet was trying to threaten her into respecting him or not by bringing up past memories.


    Regardless, it seemed to work. =p

  19. Mr.Rachan

    Quick Roll a D20 for loss of sanity Princess

    • Devious_Psychopath

      it explains so much…

      • R-One

        8’s not that bad… try rolling a 20 for sanity loss only to learn the DM rolled another d20 as a multiplier… and had a 20 as well (d’oh!)

        • Dzamie

          Or that someone somehow loaded and changed the dice.
          “…How did a d20 roll get 99999999999999?”
          “um.. *hides writing tools* no clue”

  20. BlueAnubis

    Wow, Grape looks pissed in pannel 1, it’s interesting that she is in the same pose she was as a kitten. And who the heck has Davey Jones as their family vet?
    finally, KITTEN GRAPE/PRINCESS!!! *head explodes from cuteness overload*

    • Kurast

      ~Begins to mob the floor~ That’s the twelfth one today…

  21. Saikyo Mog

    Poor grape.. :P

  22. Heartcutter

    I’m pretty sure this IS how most pets remember their visit there.
    And then deny all recollecion of it. I just Love truamatised denial!

    • String Petoun Ping

      Princess Periwinkle was really young when she first seen a vet. This kind of memory are indeed normal.I wonderhow bad the visit will really be. I have the feeling that Grape (and Peanut too) make a mountain of a molehill.

  23. Insignificance

    Awww, I wanna see of the rest of the pets as kittens and puppies and etc.

  24. rabidkanid

    Yet, Cthulhu makes his first comic appearance!

  25. R-One

    Rofl, no wonder Grape was so eager to get the hell away in the previous comic – “Doctor Cthulu…” XD

  26. myzused

    AW! Kitten grape! …lol, princess

    OMG! I totally thought cthulu too!

  27. Profesor Rod

    Poor Princess X3 gg Doc :V

  28. Devious_Psychopath

    something tells me this storyline centers more on Grape than Peanut

  29. Gaara1357

    what is with panel 1? it says “good morning miss sandwich” and then he’s cut off…”miss sandwich”…anyone notice that?

    • Dzamie

      Yeah, Grape interrupted him.
      Anyone who doesn’t know, Grape’s full name is Grape Jelly Sandwich.

      • Gaara1357

        oh now i feel stupid

  30. Dissension

    Yeah, Grape interrupted the vet before he could finish his greeting.

    Also, awesome overload. xD

  31. Osvaldo

    She is very pretty in the frame two

  32. Profesor Rod

    I need to point out that Grape and Butter belongs to the Sandwich family |3



    Jesus, it’s going to eat her FACE!!

  34. isk84waffles

    i think that their going to have to get shots or have to get their tempters taken the “pet way”.

  35. Khan-Wolfen

    Dr. Cthulhu….just guess what he keeps for people in the waiting area :P

    • Dzamie

      Darn, I can’t stop thinking of that “fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads” commercial now

  36. Duez

    Aw, even in fear kitten Grape is cute. :3

    Nice one.

  37. Krillos

    It’s pretty typical for having such “fond” memories as a kid. XD

  38. Fuzzypaws

    Even Cthulhu is not ugly enough to overwhelm the cuteness that is Grape-kitten. ;)

    • Trefoiler

      Not even close. And that’s just when she’s cowering in terror!

      Imagine the raw power a smiling Grape-kitten could produce! Rick could power cities.