Haven’t You Caused Enough Pain

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  1. DZ

    Peanut looks like he’s going to either be sick, or burst out in laughter; maybe a mix of both.

  2. Zaf

    Peanut in the last panel is soooo hilarious!!

  3. Taay

    omg. i did not see that coming. at all. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    its better than my cats former name. she was “miss patsy” idk why.

  4. Skann3r

    PRINCESS PERIWINKLE?!! That’s classic! So, that’s the type of color her fur is…(snickers) periwinkle.

  5. Polar_Bear


  6. lopiko

    funny to see how really small they are compared to a human

    • twocents

      I dunno, Grape is still GIGANTIC for a cat. =)

  7. varsaigen

    lulz I would not have guessed that! XD

  8. Fuzzypaws

    Expressions are priceless ;)

    • xitel

      They always are.

  9. TimidTabby

    Oh neeps! I would want to crawl into a dark space for a while after that. Peanut is about to bust a gut with that laughter contained in his maw. Such Hilariousness. Great Job.

  10. Odos

    Grape is a… VERY big cat… as in… ginormous…. And since she’s nearly as big as every other cat, Wow (I mean, compared to the size she is to humans… a little taller then waist hight, on hind legs, compared to a fully grown, male human… That’s something impressive.)

    • tahrey

      the fact that they walk around on two legs, have human like hands with opposable thumbs, teacup-saucer eyes and speak english hasn’t got through yet, then? :D

      i think its a neat departure at least for them not to be completely human sized. they just need to be tall enough to still be able to operate door handles.

  11. Madman


  12. moonwing

    OMG I WAS CRACKING UP! never wouldve guessed O.O Princess Periwinkle Sandwich O.O sounds might weird lol. anyway i think Peanut is either bout to throw up at the name, bust his chops laughing or he’s going to end up literally rofling O.o lol

    • moonwing

      also, doesnt it seem tht Peanut is pretty calm with this? i mean look at him compared to Grape O.o she looks like she’s so close to the door yet so far away and like she’s trying to bust out of jail while Peanut’s just sitting there like “…so wut? shots? only gonna last a second anyway. plus i get a dog biscut afterwards…so wut is a few seconds of pain compared to a biscut?”

      • Heartcutter

        In my opinion, it looks more like he’s just given up, and besides, even peanut knows he would probobly of gotten that biscuit after anyway.

        • omega_fox123

          peanut knows he is not getting out of this so he’s like “i know I’m screwed so might as well qait for it to be over with”

          grape “must escape, ESCAPE!!!”

          • TomFox

            Maybe Peanut was told to “sit” and now he knows he can’t go anywhere.

  13. Duez

    Oh snap, but really that name is adorable. <3

  14. RG

    Adorable name. :)

  15. Prof

    Only parents could embarass someone like this.

  16. Nyrufa

    Notice how Grape suddenly snaps to attention in the second panel, as if she knows “this isn’t going anywhere good!”

    Love this comic, I’m thinking somebody is going to end up mauled by dog bites and cat scratches by the time this is over with.


    • dragonking

      actually it’s cause chucky (the dad looks like chuck norris, so might as well call him chucky) mentioned the shelter, and the vet assit asked for her original name

  17. Residentfriendly

    Totally worth the trip….. for peanut that is xD

  18. Yokel

    Ahaha. Haha. *Snerk*
    … I pity the fool.

  19. falconfox


  20. faved

    What will happen next do you think?

  21. Kurast


  22. james319

    (holds in laughter) PRINCESS PERIWINKLE!!!! XD

  23. Drakkon


  24. ChromeHeart

    It’s been proven that one of a parent’s purpose is to embarrass their kids. Proven in the Goofy Movie and DMFA (Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures) a few comics back.

  25. Saikyo Mog


  26. BlueAnubis

    *Psh*… *Snerk* I… I wonder who *giggling uncontrolibly*originally named her… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! 8′D I love her face in panel 3!

    • Trefoiler

      I bet she was a stray and the shelter worked in her color. Even if she wasn’t and they didn’t, Periwinkle is fun to say. And she was going to get adopted anyway.

      Seems like a good place for a ‘rental car’ joke, but I wouldn’t be that cruel.

      Maybe to a rental car.

  27. Tango

    Ah, parents.

  28. Khan-Wolfen

    hehhehheh, yea just know peanut is gonna ref her name later on at a realy bad time XD loving this comic, keep it up

  29. myzused

    Yea, Grape’s street cred…GONE

    PRINCESS PERIWINKLE! >w< love it!

  30. Devious_Psychopath

    I predict a mauling…

  31. Dart

    Man I just loved Grape’s expression in the second panel. And now Peanut is probably gonna have a better time at the vet (and some good material for potential blackmail).

  32. jdipierro


  33. Aaron T.

    xDD That is so funny!

    My cat had a different name before we adopted her, too…Biscuit xDD

  34. Blah

    My dog’s name used to be Mr. Rags, but we changed his name to one he had before that (Lucky XIII)

  35. Maxatack

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!1i cant beleave that thier dad thinks its no big deal i mean pariewencal ……hahahahahahah!!!!penut it like “what OMG!!!!”while grapes like”dear god why dont you gust kill me!?”

  36. Maxatack

    i love grapes face in pannle 2 shes pulling while she hears it being brought up so pentu goes like hugh!? and shes like please dont say it!!!!!!!

  37. R-One

    Hehe, good one. And something tells me Grape will get her chance to laugh at Peanuts expense well before this is all said and done… XD

  38. Profesor Rod


  39. Serp

    now i want to see a pic of kitten princess periwinkle :3

    • D_Leo

      Totally seconded

      • TomFox

        Yes please! Third..ed?

        • Barry


          • BlueAnubis

            I fifth that motion

  40. String Petoun Ping

    Grape will have to blackmail or bribe Peanut. If the streets start to learn about her old name, she will die of the humiliation.

    • Profesor Rod

      Grape: “My life is over… you hear me? OVER.”

  41. icarus

    hehe. reminds me of when we were a kid, our giant black and white tom cat who needed three people to be wrestled into a pillow case and THEN into a carrier…named Baby.

  42. CalaverX11


  43. Oblivion

    I despise boring names.

    Thankfully, both Grape and Princess Periwinkle fall beyond that spectrum.

    I did name my dog Sir Victory Pants the third. Vic for short.

  44. Fell da Wolf

    See Grape speaking in a childish voice when she says “DAD!”

  45. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Oh god, those poor shelter pets always having the most ridiculous names.

  46. utahrvarus

    (Dad paying bill with credit card) “card error”
    (grape out of her leash looking around)
    (peanut waking up from an drugged sleep to see grape standing there)
    “if you say anything to anyone about my name” SNAP
    (grape putting on a rubber glove)

    or peanut pleading with the vet in a pathetic way and gape filming it with dads mobile phone

  47. Kid_K

    This is so True.
    My mom had a cat named Blazey. But apparently when she was first registered as a kitten, they had her down as Lazy.

  48. Lonewolf Achaea


  49. Gaara1357

    Grape’s face in the 2nd panel is priceless!

  50. Adiemus

    XD the humiliation… so… engertaining! *rolls off computer chair*

  51. Ben


  52. Trefoiler

    No wonder Grape and Peanut are so awesome… You find all the greatest pets at shelters! I should have known!

    Don’t worry, Grape, the pain builds character.

  53. Trefoiler

    I would respectfully Sixth!

    And good news!-