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  1. ferretwithaspork



  2. lopiko

    those last two faces are perfect, and very funny joke too, well done.

  3. Odos

    Ah… the whole “Lie to your pet to get them to go to the vet” trick… I do it to my cat when we have to go to the vet >.>… =P

    ANYWAY! Again, I must (as someone will eventually) point out that you’re faces are, in fact, AMAZING (especially in panel 1 and 4), and I also think it’s funny that they sit in booster seats… But, then again, cages and carriers wouldn’t have really worked, would they have :) .

  4. tofu

    OH. MAI. GAWD.

  5. Tyro

    And so it begins…


  6. Insignificance

    How tall are these guys anyway???
    But seriously, my dog went to the aminA cinilC last week and he hasn’t stopped shivering since then…
    That’s some traumatizing stuff…

    • omega_fox123


      thats all you have to say

      the shots and checking their temprature those are the worst parts of vet trips

  7. Serp

    dun dun DUUUUUUUUUN! …..:3

    • wolfsangel

      ok Jack Valenti, get back to the american rating system

  8. Jumplion

    Ha! I’m lucky enough to never have encountered this kind of situation! My dad has always been straightforward to me, almost to the point where it’s halarious somehow.

    • xitel

      Your dad told you he was taking you to the vet?

      • Jumplion

        No, but at one point he told me I was having surgery….on his birthday, no less.

        Happy Birthday dad?

  9. Skann3r

    Freak out mode in T-Minus 2 days. Hehe, can’t wait to see how they react.

    • Skann3r

      Of course, the classic “shrinking pupils” give out a good probability of something zany.

  10. TomFox

    How cute, Car seats :)

    • FlashLion

      I agree the car seats are adorable and they look like a puppy and kitty with how excited they were.

  11. R-One

    Nice touch with the car seats – suppose it’s easier than kennels, tho. Funny expressions in the last panel. Wish it was as easy to fool my pets – I swear they must read the calendar at night when we’re asleep, they start to hide from us as much as a week in advance from their vet visits, lol!

    (Heaven help their owners if Peanut and Grape start keeping tabs on the calendar – they’ll know well in advance when to hide! Oh well… XD)

    But if the last strip had me wondering, this one confirmed it – Grape and Peanut’s eyes are getting smaller (the colored part, that is – look at the banner vrs this strip, it stands out). It’s intentional in the final panel of course, but the first three, I’m guessing it’s just the results of style-evolution – just put a recent strip from the last month up next to the web-page banner, and one of the first strips on the site. The older strips eyes look a lot closer to the banner than the new ones do.

    Doubt anyone would have noticed this without the banner in fact – taking the time to compare the early and recent strips showed a huge amount of character evolution. It just creeps up on ya. Nothing wrong with it tho: Peanut and Grape are always cute! :D

    • icarus

      also their necks are much thinner. artistic drift is so fun to look at from time to time.

  12. Yokel

    First and last cells are too awesome, bang up job Rick.
    I pity the fools…

  13. Tashinada

    Hah, I wish lying to my cats worked like that. One glance at a carrier and they’re gone. Even if we’re just going to visit family. They hate car rides.

  14. TheLastLoneWolf

    Awww, noooooooo!! Poor Peanut and Grape XD.

  15. RG

    My first thought after panel 4: “Oh God…”

  16. Devious_Psychopath

    All together now!
    “Oh shi-”

    • Heartcutter

      “Oh shi-!”

      • Megaket

        “Oh shi-!”

        • Dzamie

          “Oh shi-!”

          • Skann3r

            “Candlejack… Oh shi-!”

    • Oblivion

      “Oh shi-”

  17. CtrlF2

    Quick! get out of the booster seats and jump for it >:o

  18. Anonymous

    Aww, their character designs are getting cuter!

    And poor things.

  19. james319


    LOL poor guys ^^

  20. moonwing

    lol this is hilarious “i thought we were going to the pool” “….i thought we we’re going to the mal-” Peanut and Grape’s faces = O.O they look at each other then Grape finally says “RRRUUUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Peanut screams “HURRY OPEN THE WINDOWS B4 MOM AND DAD PUT THE CHILDREN LOC-…WUT!? THEY ALREADY DID! WE’RE TRAPPED!” Dad opens door then Grape caterwauls “QUICK! MAKE A RUN FOR IT! HURRY! SAVE URS-…NO FORGET U! ME 1ST IM RUNNING FOR A TREE!” lol

  21. Duez

    Gets ‘em every time. XD

    Nice work. :3 Those expressions are priceless, too.

  22. Starcat5

    I’m scared. There is only one reason I can think of for why they were lied to like that: Bob Barker had a nice long talk with “Dad”, and now P&J are off to have their plumbing removed. X_x¡

    “Run, you two! Run for your very souls!”

    • R-One

      Heh, interesting idea, but highly unlikely in this particular strip. More likely it’ll be the ole’ “I DON’T WANA GET A SHOT!” joke – can’t see the former flying very well.

  23. Novil

    Very nice strip. The joke itself is naturally not particularly fancy, but their expressions in the last panel are golden. The transparent caption on the car window is also done very nicely.

  24. Saikyo Mog

    Ah…That old trick to get them in the car….Muhahahaha

    Nice car seats… :P

  25. Polar_Bear


  26. foxfireattack

    <3 Grapes face in the first panel

  27. Sogious

    Well, that sucks…I guess there won’t be any extended family characters in the future.

  28. Heartcutter

    This has suddenly become a survival horror omic to my puppy.

  29. Drakkon

    You know, I don’t have to lie to get my dog to go to the vet. I loves going places so much all I have to do is grab his leash and we’re off! Of course, he probably has this understanding that he’s never going to go to the vet to have … that done, so he has no basis for even an irrational fear.

  30. Zanzawolf

    Oh Dear God…not the VET! Noooooo!

    Panels one and four are my faves in this one. The expressions are win.

  31. icarus

    i didn’t realize how insane cats go at the vet until every vet i take my kitten to reacted with sheer awe at her non-chalant attitude.

    dogs on the other hand…i’m used to having an 80lb boxer climb into my lap in trembling terror.

  32. Zurr

    Those poor fools…

  33. Lonewolf Achaea

    Haha, poor guys.

  34. Jez

    Omigosh. I love their little car seats. xD Poor little pets, going to see the doctor….

  35. Denton

    Uh, poor …
    This is a nightmare!
    or not…

  36. myzused

    OMG! We totally have to do that for out dog!

  37. Khan-Wolfen

    it hits the fan :P

  38. Mazisharu

    Remember parents, booster seats for your children until 4′9″ (or some number like that).

  39. Sara

    xD Ahaha, what all pets hate.

    • Profesor Rod

      Kids’ style |3

  40. Copycat


  41. Punk Jax

    I used to have a cat where if you said “bath” in Spanish, it would run away for dear life.

  42. Tallgrass

    This is a great comic. The only thing off-putting I see is that There’s nothing in the background. It’s just a bland grey.

  43. Zar Nakitama

    Wow, heh. My fursona could relate, if he existed. XD

  44. Oblivion

    It seems that Rick has stumbled upon the secret to cuteness.

    Booster seats.

  45. faved

    Agreed Oblivion

  46. falconfox

    Again, another comic that just proves that I’ve GOT to stop reading Housepets at work! their faces in the last panel had me laughing soo hard everyone else thought i was nuts (again)

  47. Xyie

    Let’s hope it’s just for shots or a checkup, nothing more. O_O

  48. Fuzzypaws

    It’s totally adorable, I’m glad the idea came out so well. *giggles*

  49. Kurast

    Not to derail the current strip but…

    Do the Housepets take thermometers like real pets? O_o

    • cloaked_schemer

      yep but with then is in their behind!

  50. Fell da Wolf

    I like the carseats and their faces on the last panel.

  51. cloaked_schemer


    ps:if he don´t appear then RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

  52. Cordoxt


  53. BluFox

    … this is one on the saddest-yet-funniest comics that I’ve ever seen… I LOVE IT!

  54. faved

    ROFL! I read it a second time, and its still funny. XD

  55. Gaara1357

    ouch…their owners can’t even lie to them good…

  56. alvilan

    OMG that might suck for them or not…………

  57. BlueAnubis

    First off, I wonder how often they get to go where they think they’re going, (By their reactons, I would think as often as they go to a theme park.)
    Second, Peanut: 0 . 0, Grape: O . O
    ~ 0

  58. Yoji

    It’s a Trap! :0

  59. Trefoiler

    Come to think of it, even Housepets! animals must have trouble keeping their balance in a vehicle. Nonetheless, the car seats are winners, for sure!

    Also, Grape isn’t going to let the allowance thing go, is she? Its almost grounds for its own arc…