No, No It’s Not

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  1. Jumplion

    Heh, cute, this seems alot like how someone starting a webcomic would get criticizm.

    “Making a webcomic is alot like riding a bike….except people judge you….”

    • Lingonius

      People judge you when you start riding a bike too, though! All the kids laughed when they saw my training wheels… they laughed… ;-;

      • BanditRingtail

        *pets* Yeah, they do that. =\

      • xitel

        I never learned how to ride a bike in the first place… try getting judged for that…

        • Megaket

          I dont even have a bike.

          I think.

          “The answer is Nine!”

  2. Sage Freehaven

    Do your best, Peanut. That’s all we ask. :)

  3. dragonking

    i like how he shows it to grape, makes you wonder what happens when he adds stripe in one of them

  4. Odos

    My question is… and I’m pretty sure I would be the only one thinking of this… is either A: How BIG is he drawing those panels, or B: What kind of rule is on that paper? I mean, I know it’s not college rule, when I draw on college rule, it’s not THAT small. The big, bad, crime boss is 7 spaces high in the first panel, and he isn’t even fully drawn!

    Anyway, keep working on them Peanut! It’s a decent start!

    • Heartcutter

      I’m pretty sure that is a close up veiw.

      • Kurast

        I think he was stating how the drawings have like a dozen and a half lines of paper on them, which would make the drawings half a size of wide ruled paper.

        • tahrey

          never mind that, he seems to have done them with oil paint

          cuz, yknow, the lines not showing through the ‘ink’ / ‘crayon’ and all… :)

          kiddie type drawings can be as large as you want tho

  5. Taay

    hahaha we already know that spot is immune to bullets from regular guns! too bad bad person – Bad? idk i think i used that word too much. i wonder when spots gf stripe will come in… BUT WHEN?

  6. lopiko

    i love peanut’s worried face, it makes the conversation much more funny.
    nice work! i think your drawing is close to flawless.

  7. Blackite

    I like the fact that Peanut subconsciously drew Beno wearing a dress X3.

  8. Kurast

    I must say this was a better week arc than the catnip ever would have been.

  9. faved

    heh =P

  10. Saikyo Mog

    Give the dog his own website :P

  11. Heartcutter

    Who is stripe?

  12. Duez

    Well, he tries. XD I love that nervous look of his. XD

  13. Sparrow

    dude, that spybattle Ad is useing the careters from MisFile webcomic!!! Ash the red head, Emmy the girl with blue hair and Vashiel is the one with white!!!! Holy crap.

    • Kurast

      Not news, really, I believe the artist did that on commission. If you go to the Misfile website, you’ll actually see the banner there sometimes, too.

  14. Tajmahal

    haha, and i love how he puts “superdog” in parenthesis, as if we might have forgotten spot was super

  15. R-One

    Wow, didn’t think my prediction was going to be so on-target like this. (see previous strip comment). Interesting end to the the arc for this week – should be fun to see Grapes commentary on future “Superdog” strips as well. :D

    Just gotta ask tho, what the HECK is with Grape and Peanut’s eyes? Took one look at the last panel, and it looked like they were both in shock or something, specially when compared to the banner over the web page here. And while not exactly super, Peanut’s work isn’t “that” bad, lol!

    Just curious is all – nothing wrong with it, since the characters (and how you draw them) are no doubt evolving still, but it just stood out for once. *shrug*

    • admin

      Part of it is because I do the artwork fast (I do this three time a week–what do you expect!) But also I think that the switch to color made the thickness of the lines stand out a lot, since color helps object differentiation. I might try experimenting with thinning my lines up.

  16. BlueAnubis

    Still in a dress
    I must see next week’s strip to see if the not special guns with the regular bullets send Spot to his doom!!!

    • Kurast

      It’s a cliffhanger.

      You have to wait until next month’s issue.

      • BlueAnubis

        *doing a pathetic Darth Vader immitation*

  17. Profesor Rod

    Professional writing abilities!

  18. Khan-Wolfen

    “we will shoot him with our not special guns and kill him with regular bullets” either this guy never watched superman or hes has a trick up his sleeve (which he lacks cause the dress, heh)

    • Kurast

      Sadly we’ve already established in an earlier strip of Spot (superdog) that Spot (superdog) is immune to bullets.

      What’s really funny is this is how every super hero is faced. How many bullets has superman stopped? Really, over all those decades, people still think they’ll get the magic bullet off.

  19. Fuzzypaws

    I still think it’s funny that he knows words like foreshadowing but draws and writes like that. *giggles*