A Beautiful Mind

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  1. Prof

    … not 42? ^_^

    • Izkata

      Ah, but if he admits that, he’ll be forced to mark all problems correct if the students put 42 there…

  2. sanguine

    i shall begin shouting that forthwith =D
    …and interrupting people with ‘the answer is nine.’ lol

    • CalaverX11

      Yeah, I’m gonna start doing that at work.

      • Whiskers

        Oh no, Rick, look what you’ve started!

        • Taay

          too bad i’m, gonna go do that now. as well.

          • Ben

            Me too!!!! NINE FEVER!!!!! lol… =3

  3. gsoft

    The answer is nine. Yet another quote added to the list :D

  4. Kurast

    Oh boy…

  5. james319

    LOL Great something!

  6. Replyguy

    Is it my imagination or does Spot not actually have any spots?

  7. Phase


  8. Marluxia Kyoshu


    His readings are impeccable. Must be those glasses.


    • Marluxia Kyoshu



  9. Taay

    misc transport.
    world (part)
    world (whole)


  10. Gaara1357

    is misc transport like stealing a car or a cargo ship robbery?

  11. falconthefox

    “the answer is nine!”

  12. Secret Pile of Miserables

    Wait, what is the “other” for?

  13. BlueAnubis

    Is’nt it awseome how the only differance between Mild-Mannered Professor Spot and Spot the Superdog is a pair of glasses and a cape? I wonder how often his class has “none” homework

  14. Ebly

    your homework is none
    the answer is nine
    one vowel difference

  15. R-One

    Hmm… Seeing more Housepets! similarities here, particularly between Spot and another character – namely the ears. Start comparing Spots ears to the other Housepets! characters and you’ll see what I mean.

    Friday’s installment in this mini-arc should be interesting, lol – wonder how long it is till someone stops by to check on the cartoonist tho. And I don’t mean Rick – remember, Spot’s drawn by one of the Housepets! characters! ;)

  16. Timril

    Thank you very much for drawing these comics. It´s in my fav. And this comic in the comic is just sweet ^^

  17. Insignificance

    My little brothers say that.
    Since they have to write “None” in their homework planner if they have none.
    They say: The homework is “none”.

  18. Blackite

    The home work is none, lol.

  19. Whiskers

    Spot loves orphans and then we shoot him.

    • Psycho Ninetales

      Yes, we should.

  20. Fuzzypaws

    He saves the world while waiting for tenure, because he wants a fall back career in case he doesn’t get the cushy permanent university job. :3

  21. Khan-Wolfen

    hehheh, loving this. gonna have to use some of these lines from now on

    Great Something!