Stunning Masterpiece

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  1. Whiskers

    Spot loves orphans and then we shoot him. Perfect logic if I ever heard it.

  2. Anonymous

    Heh. Yet another obscure H*R reference.

    • PsyChuan

      I thought I was the only one who spotted it.

  3. Oblivion

    Dammit. I waited all night just to get 3rd post.

    ANY-ways, the baddie should know bullets are a no-no.

    • Whiskers

      And I had just happened upon the comic when I commented D:
      sorry about that

    • Enigma

      Some day, Oblivion. Some day.

      • Oblivion

        Until that day, I can only dream.

        I can only dream.

  4. Fuzzypaws

    And then they shall rule the world!!

  5. CyberCorn Entropic

    The middle villain in the final panel (with the sign that says “I am a pup”) resembles Bino. Interesting to note, but most likely a coincidence.

    • Zurr

      …And the one to the far right looks a bit like another one of the dogs, whose name escapes me at the moment.

      • Zurr

        Tiger, I think?

  6. Parou

    Don’t the bad guys ever learn?

    GO SPOT!

  7. falconfox

    YAY for Spot!

  8. Serp


    • CalaverX11

      The crime boss’ name is Obama?

      • Gaara1357

        i wouldn’t be suprised if it was

        • Jase

          …You wouldn’t be? I would be.

  9. BluFox

    Notice how Peanut takes care to note that they’re in a building… no name, no town, no nothing, just a building…

    And anyone notice that the boss is the only one wearing a dress…?

    • Zurr

      Well, technically they are in a bulding, but that’s beside the point.

  10. myzused

    Hehe, spot is so white…he’s blue! I like it ^_^

  11. BlueAnubis

    I wonder if Stripe is going to show up in Peanut’s comic.

  12. FoxBlood

    I got better crime plans on the back of a cereal box! XD

  13. R-One

    May be reading too much into it, but I suspect the similarities of some of the characters to ones we know from Housepets! will play a role in the not-so-distant future… XD

  14. Ookami_no_Shiro

    Where in the plan does the dress come in to play, again?

  15. Li

    “yes we should”

  16. Chaz

    Oh Noes! I hope they don’t hurt him, but I’ll bet Spot’s much too smart to be fooled by them!

  17. Kurast

    Remember, Spot is immune to bullets!

    • Li

      “I am ‘pervious to bullets, mommy”

  18. james319

    best plan EVER!!! XD

  19. Insignificance

    “I AM A PUP”

  20. Polar_Bear

    And yet… it’s still infinitely better than I can draw…

  21. Punk Jax