See it here!

If you really wanted to see the comic that I pulled on Monday, you can see it there. I’m also going to be moving all filler strips to this page after they run.

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  1. Marluxia Kyoshu

    I guess I can see why you took the page down, I didn’t realize the cats where actually smoking.

    I still want to know what the secret was.

  2. Draco_2k


  3. Kitsunami

    awesome :)

  4. jinxtigr

    Thanks, I was real curious. The strip is actually funny, you know, it’s just kinda dark. I think what happened was, the characters suddenly came off as a different age and social position. It’s really no different than the holiday strip with the pet who has an abusive daddy- that’s exactly the same sort of jarring quality. You have to decide for yourself the ‘range’ you’re willing to cover in your comic, and to do that you have to experiment and see how it makes you feel.

    Sounds like you’ve learned one place where your comic stops and something else begins :)

    • Oblivion


  5. Crash

    Thank you Jesus.