Nipping’s Not A Crime
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  1. Jumplion

    Haha, poor Grape. I wonder what that secret was?

  2. Polar_Bear

    Hehe. Yeah, that’s being drunk… or high… or whatever it is you’d call it.

    • icarus

      they’re not the same…?

      • Gaara1357

        wow…that’s a little sad…

        • icarus

          i think you misunderstand. i was trying to inform the OP that they aren’t the same. in a sort of “are you honestly unaware of this?” way of phrasing.

          i suppose it can come out the wrong way if one wants to read it like that, though.

  3. Yokel

    Haha, that reminds me of me…
    I pity the fool…

  4. Nyrufa

    And now the fan service swarms in! >:D

  5. Taay

    i also wonder what the secret was. hmmm………… maybe….. nevermind

    • xitel

      I think I know what you’re thinking…

      • Jumplion

        Get his thinking out of your thinking! There’s no point in thinking about the “What could be” part of thinking, we have to wait and see! So…stop thinking!

        • Taay

          everyone can think what i have to…. think? what??? idk. good point! i will have to find some way to get to next week. BUT WHAT?????

          maybe GTA4. i feel like being a hoodlem. or i could just sit here and listen to KLF for another long ammount of time. =]

        • xitel

          I think you think that I think he thinks I think… ow… dangit jump.

          • Jumplion

            I know what he’s thinking! Don’t hold your breath for it, what we think he’s thinking about what could possibly happen won’t happen as Rick is just teasing us…I think…

    • camel95


  6. The_Letter_A

    now kids keep away from that nip

  7. DZ

    No wonder the pets can’t buy it.

  8. Fuzzypaws

    I am willing to bet someone in that world makes distilled nipohol!

    • Silenvo

      That stuff probably goes to your head so fast your brain starts leaking out your ears from intense pressure. … .. i gotta try some! *temporary shapeshifts and tries some* … *No further Documentation of the following events*

  9. Zurr

    XD. Looks like Grape had a wee too much.

  10. Izkata

    The secret was….

    She likes Peanut’s smell.


  11. Anonymous

    Be careful! Remember who your audience is, and that if you lead them on even a little, some of them will seize the opportunity to abuse your characters. DX

  12. Oblivion

    Peanut and Grape!

    In the same frame! What’re the chances?

    • sombody

      hasent that happened before?

  13. BluFox

    Catnip does weird stuffs to youse….

  14. Sara

    ಠ_ಠ I’m not yet sure what to say…

  15. Zjonni

    Ooooooooh. The Architect of Sleep. That book was going places. When it suddenly STOPPED. c_c

  16. RG

    Aww… I was looking for a Peanut/Grape scene! Bring on the fan-shipping in the comic, please!

  17. foxfireattack

    I still think it would be funny to see a “Circle” Cat nipping

  18. Kurast

    Friends don’t let friends nip.

  19. Blackite

    Why dose Grape stoned remind me of my Mum after she’s had a few . . .

  20. falconthefox

    “remember kids, THIS is why you shouldn’t abuse cat nip!”
    Peanut seems to act like this has happened before lol!

    • String Petoun Ping

      Of course, it happened before. She did a comment about some thing that Bino would do one day under the influence of the anise. She’s a smart lazy cat. You can’t hope that she never tries it out of curiosity. Also, from the just a little comment, I bet she is a rgular user.

  21. Draco_2k

    How can this comic stay cliche-free for so long, it’s almost driving me nuts.

    • RG

      Is that bad?

  22. Copycat

    How do you nip… do you… do you smoke it? o.o

    Maybe someone made nip brownies D:

  23. Buster

    Drunk and high have two different effects on people… or animals, as the case may be. Grape’s current behavior is more towards the “drunk” end of things than “stoned”

    • D_Leo

      Because nip is more booze-like than drug-like

  24. Saikyo Mog

    Wonder if he’ll be able to keep that secret to himself.. :P

    • Saru

      She, sweetheart, and herself. Grape’s a she-cat.

      • housepets fan

        Saikyo’s talking about Peanut.

  25. rcawley8

    I read Architect of Sleep, pity the auther hasnt published the sequals…

  26. Zar Nakitama

    Lol, fail. XD

  27. Kid_K

    Isn’t there a CD Called the Secret of Sleep?
    Maybe the Musicats figured out what to play, after all?
    I love Grape’s expression in pannel 2.
    Make’s ya wonder in the last pannel if Peanut is thinking….”Burp the tummy…or Not Burp the tummy?”

  28. Tom

    Did the shape of grapes head change? Or is it just because of the angle.

  29. Chip Uni

    Nooooo! Don’t start reading The Architect of Sleep! You’ll be drawn into the world — then want to pummel Steve Boyett for not publishing the end of the book!

    • Kiwaku

      Too true.. but still.. it’s such a good story. Maybe Rick will decide to finish it for us all.. mwhahah.

  30. moonwing

    lol if u look at the second panel Grape looks like a drunk kitty girl. i wonder if Rick is planning on making her look more like a girl since he started coloring the panels O.o

  31. Heartcutter

    I was up in the middle of the night (Via my part of the world, Northern Ireland), and, reading over this comment, I seriously regretted hitting the submit comment tab, so to all of you who got offended, I sinserly apoligize.
    Nice comic, by the way

  32. jesstech

    Uh oh. When this happened in ‘Veronica Mars’ a girl ended up murdered.

  33. Marluxia Kyoshu

    You know Catnip is an aphrodisiac.

    I think I know the secret :D

    • RG

      Do tell. Though I may just be thinking the same as you…

    • camel95

      i don’t think i want 2 know

  34. RNCoyote

    She already pooped out from the nip and the party

  35. tofu

    haha thats so cute

  36. Insignificance


  37. Vesra

    I hope she was going to tell him, that she loved him.. <3 that would be wonderful. :P

  38. james319

    maybe she was going to tell him about the party

  39. Wu

    I too love her expression in panel 2, it’s just.. really cute to me xD

  40. Comakid

    Little known fact: whatever you do during under the influence is something you’ve thought about before. So, when people dance naked on a table when drunk, then they’ve… thought about it before.

    When you collapse into someone’s arms right after stumbling closer and almost admitting an important secret… well, dadgum, I’d say that’s foreshadowing!

    • Oblivion

      I wouldnt say she collapsed INTO his arms to the extent that she sort of fell on him.

  41. Duez

    Gahahah! Oh god that’s good. XD

    Poor Grape, but hey, looks pretty good when she’s being seductive and on nip. XP

    Nice work ,Ricky.

  42. Hugapug

    What has happened to Peanut’s pupils? They are so small in the colored ones that he doesn’t look the same.

    • R-One

      Think it’s just this particular strip – look at the banner above the page. That’s been in color for a while, yet his eyes are still drawn the same way they were in Black and White. *shrug*

  43. Oblivion

    Grape always goes out to the wild parties, and when she comes back, Peanuts always reading a book.

  44. R-One

    And yet another plot twist arises… should be interesting to see where this leads.

    • R-One

      Looks like a little irony is present as well – check out Peanut’s Book in panel one. Good one! XD

  45. CyberCorn Entropic

    Grape’s secret is…Peanut makes for a nice pillow.

    • Kira

      No, the secret is she wants to put her face on his chest. >D

  46. Madman

    This reminds me of a show I’ve seen before, I just can’t place it. . .

  47. wolfsangel

    Nipping’s Not A Crime…but it can be embarrassing as hell

  48. argonsassistant

    hehehe wonderful just wonderful

  49. JediZero

    I have to say, that is the FIRST time I have seen Grape seem the least bit feminine, in the third panel.

    One has to wonder if Peanut won’t be tempted to take advantage of this.

    Not that way you perverts! Get her in an embarassing position and take pictures!

    • no space

      Haha, I was expecting a, “Not that way you perverts!” after that last sentence too.


      Third panel. I’d say that’s pretty feminine, even though it’s one comic before the “big reveal.”

      • Odos

        Too true, actually, she DOES look fairly feminine there… But I think it’s the blushing that almost gives it away…

  50. Tajmahal

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why must you keep it PG =( the catnip arc would have completely pwned Dx

  51. BlueAnubis

    maybe her secret was that she was sleepy, or that she’s COULDN’T be better 8D

  52. TimidTabby

    Anyone think maybe the secret regards to finding out something about one of the cats at the party?
    Also, it’s too bad the latest strip got taken down. It wasn’t THAT mature. It looked like it was just a joke or spoof on drugs, only with cats and nip. And even if the arc continued on the only thing I could see happening is how giddy the cats would be, that’s how nip normally works on cats.
    …maybe if it wasn’t shown as being smoked; would people have thought less critical about the strip?

    That’s just my thought.

  53. Echo

    Catnip+ Spare time= Even worse than chocolate covered espresso beans and spare time.

  54. Oblivion

    Nipping = NOW A VERB.

  55. xitel

    How do you know Rick isn’t planning on actually doing what you’re thinking I’m thinking we’re thinking he’s thinking of?

  56. Taay