Night At The Ritz

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  1. ferretwithaspork

    Oh la la! Grape and Max!! <3<3

  2. Kiwaku

    Awwww.. they are dancing! Go Max and Grape! ^___^

  3. Jumplion

    Is it just me or are Grape and Max’s necks really skinny? For a second I thought their heads were floating.

    Happy New Year everyone! And great webcomic Rick! I hope this comic gets more successful throughout the new year!

    • Whiskers

      Well I believe necks have always been drawn really thin in this comic, it’s just that all the collars are so big that it’s hard to notice :x

      • Whiskers

        also I wish the colon X emote didn’t make an angry face.

  4. Odos

    Hehe… I guess what Max lacks in perception, he makes up for in dancing, Grape actually looks like she’s having a good time.

    And about the floating heads and stuff, I figure their scarves are hiding most of them.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Fuzzypaws

    Music cat is cute ^.^

  6. foxfireattack

    Happy New Years!!! Scat cats and the gang :3

  7. ForeverFreakedd

    Happy new year indeed~
    Heheh, they definitely seem to be having fun. *smirks thoughtfully* I wonder if we’ll be seeing more of Max from now on.

  8. falconfox

    Grape is actually having fun! Yay!…oooo! I wonder if Peanut would get jealous of Max & Grape dancing….hummmm.

  9. Yokel

    Judging by the bystanding cats, this looks like a hoedown to me…

  10. Oblivion

    Hmm, Maybe Grape took max up on his date offer.

    Jealous Peanut = GREAT PLOT.

  11. RG

    Grape dancing? Now that was a sight worth seeing.

  12. Kurast

    This ain’t no hoedown, this here’s a hootenanny.

    Happy New Years from Kurast, and I’ll say it for Lupa just cause I can. May your 2009 be as fuzzy as mine.

  13. BluFox

    Aw… how cute! I play the violin, too! Now I can’t think of anything but night songs, either!

    Wait…… that’s not ‘aw’…. is it? Huh…

  14. james319

    Grape looks more like a girl in this one than she dose in all the other pictures

    aww Grape and max look sorta cute together. happy new year :)

  15. ruffy

    awww yeay, goodtimes had

  16. Moonwing

    HA this is great! Grape looks like she’s ACTUALLY having a good time. lol for sum reason is was just thinking tht if Grape and Max got together and if they hads kits, wut the kits would look like O.o purple and black cats…LOL my friend, Ashley, would ADORE those kittens lol <.< also happy new year every1 lol

    • Copycat

      Warriors, The New Prophecy… book two x3

  17. Max

    Go Max! >D

  18. Saikyo Mog

    Grape seems happy ^_^

  19. Kid_K

    Yay Color pages! Yay Cats! Yay Grape Happy!
    And now a something fun:
    Summer is gone, and so is the fall.
    Watch the cats dance at the yarn ball.
    The moon hangs in the sky, to light the way
    As the two cat musicians decide what to play.
    With Max and his bell and Grape and her fish.
    Great memories of the year, is everyones wish.
    The adventures this cast we will continue to cheer.
    So to Rick and everyone reading, Happy New Year!

    • Insignificance

      That was…. beautiful!!!

    • Sara


    • BluFox

      oO… *Overreactive applause* Marvelous!!

    • Kurast


    • falconthefox

      Sweet poem!

    • jdipierro

      Well Done!

    • Echo

      **tear comes to eye** I love good poetry!

  20. R-One

    Is it me, or are the musician cats sitting on invisible seats? 0.o

    Great pic for New Years ^_^

  21. Oblivion

    I want to see more of violin cat!

    He (Or she, you can never tell) looks so cute!

  22. HeartCutter

    great comic, and theres more cats than I first thought. Oh well.
    And now a message to the hopefuls out there; Grape and Peanut will not get together. I am 100% behind my opinion for multiple reasons.
    1: they are two different species, though this dosen’t apply to some.
    2: they might as well be siblings since they live under the same roof, both call their owners “Mom” and “Dad”.
    and 3: this is not a childs comic… of sorts. even though it uses big words and such, would any of us go out and buy it if it was published and you were 21? no. Asides that cat’s tail arc, Their wasen’t a single reference made between them.
    And finally, would it look right to you? honestly. I think that would ruin their charactar. I’m sure they like eachother alot, and would be upset if the other left, and hey, I would be too, if it was a BROTHER or FRIEND that left. My lord I hope I ended that debate, because I’m sick of it.

    • Tajmahal

      every time i read the latest updates for this comic, i expierience a mental orgasm that shakes the very foundations of my soul and being. keep it up rick. oh yes by the way heartcutter, while i share the same opinion on grape an peanut seeming brother and sisterlike, I myself would pay any money for this published comic. Fuzzypaws, i totally agree ;3

      • Heartcutter

        Well, looking back on this comment I posted I would have kicked myself if i could. I apoligize for some some of this, especially about the publishing part. I asked three Aduts if they would buy it after I introduced this webcomic to them and all I have to say is Rick got three more readers. thinking back I myself might buy it. I do collect some marvel comics and this IS better than some of marvel’s work. My belief that an intimate relaqtionship with them would ruin their charactar still stands however, and this might be too short to get published in anything other than a newspaper, buts thats still a step foward.
        All in all, I sincerly apoligize if I offended some people out there.

  23. Lazerous

    know what would be really funny? If peanut was saw this scene and got all flustered about it

  24. Sabakuryu

    Gah… I can’t help but think Grape and Max would make a good couple. :s I blame the awesomeness of your expressions, Rick! lol you make them look so cute together having fun. :P Well, now that Grape looks like she’s enjoyed her night with the other cats, maybe she’ll stroll out at night more often? Besides, she takes plenty of cat naps during the day anyway. :P

  25. Sabakuryu

    and also, I sure we hope to see more of the two scat cats there. :P

  26. The_Letter_A

    every update makes me like this comic more and more ;]

  27. Taay

    yay music cats!!!!!! i also think max and grape would make a cute couple. poor peanut though. he would probably be hurt. =[

    • Taay

      my fav is the keyboard cat. yay!

  28. LeGoMaNn

    Grape + Max + Jealous Peanut = first steps onto road to soap opera. Lets try to avoid that.

    • LeGoMaNn


  29. CyberCorn Entropic

    Hey, diddle diddle. The cat and the fiddle.

    • CalaverX11

      I don’t see no cows jumpin’ over no moons though.

    • BlueAnubis

      I was wondering if anyone else would think of that reference.

      and it seems Max’s chances have improved since “So… is that a No?”

  30. Copycat

    I got my cameo :D

  31. Duez

    Hahaha ,nice. Love the dancing there. Also Cat and the Fiddle? : P

  32. Oblivion

    Was this before or after Grape got all nipped up?

    • HeartCutter