Housepets Now With More Cats

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  1. BluFox

    Well, there’s Joey…. huh….. awkward….

    First post? Woot!

  2. jdipierro

    YES!!! LOL That is AWESOME! :P

  3. ArkGullwing

    XD nice

  4. Jumplion

    Haha, nice. Second comic in color and still looking good! Keep it up.

  5. Zanzawolf

    Oh wow XD

    and oh heh there’s…Joey ^^;

  6. Balcifur

    “We’ve met.”

  7. Oblivion

    Huh. After seeing so many dogs, other then Grape and the other handful of cats, this is the most cats we’ve seen at one time.

  8. HowlingHunter

    lol, great as always.
    By the way is that 3rd panel a WoW reference? Or is it just coincidence?

    • Insignificance

      Well they’re definitely the same color…

    • Taay

      NO! havn’t you seen austin powers!

      no mini me, you don’t bite mr. bigglesworth XD

  9. Insignificance

    LOVE IT!!!
    But what’s with the cat at the end???

    • Nall

      He’s not a cat but a dog who likes to dress up as a cat.
      His problem/hobby is explained in “Pushing The PG Rating IN YOUR MIND” and “”Hey dude”.

      • Insignificance

        I know it’s Joey!!!
        I was just playing around. XD
        Ya know? I wonder where he got that skin…

  10. Yokel

    Hehe Joey, I pity the fool…
    … And a crazy cat lady? (Owning all the Bigglesworths?)

  11. Fuzzypaws

    Joey’s a fursuiter. *giggles*

    • xitel

      Can a dog be a fursuiter? Although now that I think about that, it’s still weird. Also, Hooray for more kitties! I’ve got 6 myself.

      • Andy

        I’m only owned by two cats myself.

  12. Copycat

    Gimme cameo appearance kthxbai

  13. falconfox

    So totally funny….and yet….disturbing :P

  14. Sara

    Hah, great… and in color!

  15. FoxBlood

    Ahaha!!! I saw that and it was hilarious thanks for more cats it was nice seeing Jasper and the Bigglesworth brothers! Great job!

  16. RG

    Joey looks pretty cute in the fursuit of his. Can I get one in XL?

  17. Zerkai

    Isn’t Jasper what Tom from Tom and Jerry was originally called? XD

    Oh, and Mr Bigglesworth is Dr. Evil’s cat from the Austin Powers movies

    • Andy

      Thats why he Rocks.

  18. RNCoyote

    Joey looking great

  19. Tahoe

    Well, I really like the fact that they’re all wearing scarves. They look great in them and quite festive too.
    Joey is always such a crackup ^__^

  20. Blackite

    Joey is cute in his little fursuit, I wonder how he fits in?

  21. Parou

    Colour lookin’ good!

    Sympathy to the Biggleswoths and love Joey in the catsuit.

    Actually…. I wonder if any of the Mr Bigglesworths are actually Ms Bigglesworth?

  22. james319

    LOL its Joey :D

  23. Zurr

    Hooray for Joey!

    • Echo

      I admit, he does look cute in the costume…

  24. Mazisharu

    I think Jasper might become an interesting character.

    And I was wondering where the cats were.

  25. R-One

    So many jokes in this one, lol.

    Doesn’t say much ’bout the other cats if they can’t tell Joey’s a dog with white fur in an ORANGE cat suit tho (color clash, lol) XD

    • D_Leo

      Cats got some weiiird colorations…

      • String Petoun Ping

        It can be weird sometime but Joey costume is obvious around the face. Also, R-One, I’m almost sure that Joey has a bright beige fur color. Like his brother Bino but less dark.

        • R-One

          Internet colors tend to butcher those shades – took another look on different computers (PC’s and Macs), and saw everything from dark beige to white. Rick prolly intended for it to be a light beige or something, but between video-cards, web browsers, and different gamma settings, it gets slaughtered. Not much can be done about that tho. *shrug*

          • omega_fox123

            or joey just tells the cats his masters dress him up in sliiy pejamas

  26. TomFox

    Where are all these cats hiding? I guess that’s my answer right there, Hiding… Sneaky :3

  27. Andy

    Awesome Dude, love the cats. I dont think that Joey is fooling anyone. Maybe the cats are just more accepting.

  28. Andy

    Jasper rocks.

  29. Zanerus

    Hmm nice look in color, though I had to reread panel three to notice there were multiple cats. And Joey’s suit is…lacking a proper face…and scary

    • Andy

      TV tropes Uncanny Valley…

  30. Tajmahal

    this webcomic is orgasmic. ’nuff said.

  31. BlueAnubis

    I wonder what they call Joey as a cat?

  32. Madman


    • Andy

      Dude… lol :D

  33. Kurast

    And so it begins…. ~Creepy ominous music~

  34. Eclypse

    Lol, I love how joey is all…. “;3; accept me!”

  35. Lupa

    Hooray for the Mr. Bigglesworths!!
    And Joey..
    And Grape
    and “we’ve met”
    and Bino is a nasty little doggy! >:E

    • Lupa

      Oh! And poor little “I’m sorry daddy.” “Yes daddy” “I love you daddy” pooch! So sad! u.u

      • Kurast

        That one’s a strip late, Loopy Lupa. <3

  36. no space

    Hmm… Grape loves to cut Max off, doesn’t she?

  37. jason

    I’m curious to hear what lines Jasper will have.