Housepets Christmas Edition

Early Comic! Merry Christmas!

. . . you know what else?

From now on, Housepets will be in color!

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  1. Polar_Bear


    • Oblivion

      If your so interested in Woo, take a look over:


    • tredayR3

      OMG…its in color….NOOOOOOOO!

  2. Silenvo

    omgosh! i get 2nd post on new comic.. GREAT COMIC!! YAY >.> or hopefully 2nd post ah.. anyway yaay!!! merry christmas everyone! :O and a happy new year! and.. yah.. please live long happy lives! :D

    • Silenvo

      Wait a second- … COLAAARR!?!?!?!? I DIDN’T SEE THAT…. I THOUGHT THAT WAS JUST FOR THIS COMIC!!!.. BUT EVERY COMIC FROM NOW ON?!11!?!!1ONE1!?!? WOAAAAH… Awesome! sweeeeeeet! … like sanquine says…: *attempts to imitate but it comes out this*: SQQRROOOOOOOOOOAAAAARRR…… Errr.. >.> ah.. well .. anyway.. AWESOMENESS! *fall over and nearby area has small earthquakes* .. a Double merry MERRY christmas! :D ->-< Even stickman is happy.. <..>

  3. sanguine

    *dies by horribly asploding*

  4. Cat

    Colour? What a wonderful present ^_^
    I love the dog’s expression in the 4th panel

  5. bluedude

    OMG COLOR!!!!! i would have settlesd for B&W too but its just as cool! this was adorable thnx for uploading it!

  6. Fesworks


    • james319

      Rick said it WILL be colored!!! XD

      this is the best Christmas ever :D

      • Fesworks

        I don’t read comic news and blogs that often! Pictures speak louder than words! :P

  7. james319


    so far i fell bad for the 3rd and 5th panel…

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!! ^^

    • Jack

      yeah, the 5th panel is heart breaking. exspecialy cause my dad’s a drunk.

    • Nall

      Me too, especially the fifth panel… poor doggy loving him anyways…

  8. Mouko

    The fifth panel absolutely broke my heart. ;_; The others were cute, but… that one just stood out.

  9. Kenny


  10. Fuzzypaws

    True to form, every christmas special has some kind of grimdark. :3

    A week on and I still think the coonie and peanut are the cutest parts. ^.^ I will always love your facial expressions. :D

  11. Zurr

    Damn, am I the last one to get your “Hi, I’m Daisy!” joke?

  12. CyberCorn Entropic

    Nice montage of the neighborhood pets and their friends and families. Nice pun with Rex. Poor Joey, he didn’t realize mice don’t like cheese (they love peanut butter, though…and I don’t mean the dog). Sasha’s scene is heartbreaking, Fido and Sabrina’s scene is heartwarming, and Fox’s scene seems to be backbreaking. It’s nice someone remembered the raccoons. Grape certainly sleeps in a wacky position; how like a cat. And, lastly, nice coloring!

  13. Kurast

    First time posting.

    Summed up in one word: Love it. Already got a bunch of friends bookmarking it.

  14. Raikoo

    Oh my.. This comic would have been perfect if not for the scene with Sasha. I actually cried at that..

  15. Copycat

    This is the best Christmas present… ever..

    Of all time

  16. ferretwithaspork

    From now on? FROM NOW ON!? OMG I think I just wet myself…

  17. Saikyo Mog

    In color from now on? Great gift :D

  18. RG

    Wow. Best. Christmas. Ever. Poor Sasha…

  19. Rabid


  20. Zar Nakitama

    Aww, I wanna give the dog in the 5th panel a big hug! D:

    • String Petoun Ping

      It is indeed sad for Sasha but It’s add a touch of realism to this comic. Not all christmas are happy. Anyway, Joey seems indeed disapointed that her lover did like her gift. Fox looks more like an artic fox that the red variety. It’s a nice surprise. Color will make character prettier and easier to recognize.

      • Kurast

        I think Fox is actually a husky or malamute, given that his cousin is grey (and domestic foxes are illegal in most states as common household pets).

        It might just the naming thing (Like with Tiger).

        • Odos

          Now that I think about it, that could be true… Though, I’d much rather have a husky myself, there’s something about the 2 contrasting colors (Cool gray and white) and the coloring of them that just wins me over (and, though, they’re usually called huskies, I still think the correct term is malamute…. not exactly certain though).

  21. foxfireattack

    lol. nice colors…

    Although i don’t see how anyone can play Animal Crossing at all…

  22. Sara

    Happy Holidays everybody. :3


    Animal Crossing: WILD WORLD!!

    Hehe, the watchdog joke made me giggle on the inside a little. . . ok, it made me lawl, but still. You do such a great job! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  24. Saru

    Ish big, colorful, and cute! Though a couple panels are sorta sadface D:

    And… D-do I spy a WABBIT? EE~! Cute :3

    And again… D’awww, Sabrina and Fido ^^

  25. Insignificance

    Also, isn’t it Animal Crossing: City Folk?

    • Anonymous

      Yep, Wild World is the DS game, not the Wii game.

      • Rick Griffin

        You would think my previewers would notify me of these things earlier, but they don’t. I’ll fix it when I get home

        • Ann

          He could have both.

  26. Tobers

    Woo I got a Wii for x-mas too, but I got Okami instead of AC:City Folk. And poor Sasha that is just to heart breaking. I want to take her home with me and give her a better x-mas

    • Heartcutter

      Well… all animal crossing games are the same save some minor tidbits… okay, it was a very big tidbit this time.
      Rick sure must like this comic alot to put it in coulor AND keep the scedule steady. Good luck!

  27. Nodnarb

    !Feast for Crows! George R.R. Martin is the best fantasy writer of our time.

  28. R-One

    Color? Interesting….

    A Rabbit? More Intrigue, lol.

    And gotta love all the little jokes scattered thru this one, as well as the “aww” moments. Kudos for an amazing job.

  29. BluFox

    Oo… Y-you colored it!? WOOT!

  30. IntuitiveTheory

    Absolutely wonderful comic, beautifully colored.
    I did picture Fox as being red though.

    I don’t know who I feel more pity for Sasha or Joey.
    As I am certain Joey does his very best to please his little Squeak.

    The others are all still in a position to have a fairly decent holiday.

    Is Daisy giving a Raccoon trash? She may end up with a boyfriend after all.

    Peanut and grape appear to be quite well cared for.
    Cough *Spoiled* cough.

    • Andy

      There are such things as Gray Foxes.

      Yep that looks like trash.

      Will Daisy get a Raccoon boyfriend?
      Will Rex end up in the ads?
      Will Fox go to the Ciropractor?
      Will Joey Make things up to Sweek?
      Will Zac replace Tiger?

      Tune in next week to find out.

  31. IntuitiveTheory

    I certainly hope that Rex doesn’t end up in the Ad’s again. It sounds as though he is constantly “Adopted” from one “Parent” to the next. Poor little luv.

  32. BlueAnubis

    ok, there are too may things in my head to put in a few senences, so i will just go down the list for each panel. 1. leave it alone Max, I don’t wanna talk about it. 2. LOL watchdog. 3. hey, we finally get to meet Squeak, yay. 4. Tiger and marvin have a new friend (I wonder if Zachary will be like Nermal for them?). 5. I think we all wanted to give Sasha a hug here ;_;. 6. Aww, Sabrina and Fido are so cute together. 7. I think Fox needs a chiropractor, I wonder who his cousin is. 8. is’nt it interesting that every time we see Daisy, she says the exact same thing, and seeing the coons again reminds me of my favorite strip (you know the one i mean). And to finish, YAY! Christmas and COLOR!!

  33. Andy

    Judging by the decorations in Joeys house he didnt have much denero to spend on Squeak. Heck he dosent even have a door. MAN, she’s rip’in him a little much don’t you think? Pooooooor Sasha… Fee fye foe fum I smell redneck skum…

    • BanditRingtail

      Why do you assume he’s a redneck? He could just as easily be of some other ethnicity living in the suburbs with a significant lack of social graces.

      “Redneck” is a stereotype. Assuming someone is one just ’cause he’s single, is grouchy and doesn’t treat his dog well is just as stupid as assuming someone’s black ’cause they steal money and beat up defenseless strangers. Just ’cause “redneck” is a less controversial racial slur doesn’t change what it is.

      • iforgot

        You assume that because he said redneck, he meant a specific ethnicity, rather than a set of standers.
        Having met many a redneck in my days, I can confirm this: redneck is only tied to a ethnicity by the people who make it so (namely people like you), so if it upsets you, the best way to change it is to stop being upset by it. Weird but true.

  34. no space

    I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of Zachary while trying not to get my hopes up about a Daisy/Raccoon relationship. I can only take so much disappointment when it come to interspecies cuteness. I will never give up on Peanut and Grape though! Never!

    • IntuitiveTheory

      If she is capable of attaining the affections of said raccoon. It would be more than what anyone had expected of her.

      • no space

        I don’t think so. She’s quite skillfully won over a large majority of this comic’s readership already, judging by some of these comments, and I’m sure the quest for affection would work in quite the opposite direction if it were to come down to that.

  35. Shoji


    • Ben


  36. Anonycat

    Sasha’s panel reminds me of a rather depressing bit of information I heard. Apparently, the months that compose the holidays have, by far, the largest number of suicides than any other season.

  37. Odos

    *growls* Panel 5… I just… Ugh… It’s a good hate, but it’s hate none the less. I just can’t tolerate those kinds of people, you don’t get a pet to pick up chicks… I now understand why Sasha remains blissful and “stupid” while out of the house… ANY time away from THAT… just… Grrrr… Who knows what else Sasha has had to endure…

    I don’t think daisy is as stupid as she puts on either… Even though she seems to have a 3 word vocabulary… And I don’t think any of the dogs would mind her dating a raccoon, if for the fact that they all know she’s weird in the head anyway. I can’t wait to see more character develpoment on her part (if there is any, that is)… could be interesting.

    Sad face goes out to Joey, I think he needs more friends, I give a sad face to Fido & Sabrina, just because it’s a Romeo and Juliet couple, it’s cute and nice, but it won’t ever work in public… or it’ll take a LOT of time, and probably kill Fido’s credit among the dogs. I don’t think Tiger has much to worry about, and that’s a fun “A Christmas Story” Reference. Anyway, Fun, nice, and sad with some people.

    And… Every time I see Panel #5… … … >.<

  38. tofu

    holy poop REALLY??? YEEEES!!!!

  39. Rennis Kyuubi

    Woot! All my dreams have come true, well one of em anyway but woot all the same!

  40. Ann

    I love how itty bitty the Rabbit is compaired to the dogs and cats. CUDDLE ALERT….

  41. IntuitiveTheory

    In all due consideration Zachary is most likely going to accept Tiger more so than the other dogs. Perhaps causing more comedic spastic behavior.

  42. Oblivion

    So many colours!! Its magical!!

    I love how he managed to portray every pet in the colour I expected. Except for Fox. I thought he’d be orange-ish.

    • IntuitiveTheory

      I thought of a redish myself. So we were on the same line of thought.

    • Odos

      I had the colors ALL mixed up in my head. Max is black, not dark brown. Bino is an angrier Peanut, not white with black spots (Same goes for Joey and Fido), Rex is about right, I don’t know what colors I was thinking for Marvin and Tiger, though I kinda figured tiger MIGHT be a little more orange-ish, Sasha… actually… I never really though of “color” for the rest of the group… I never really thought of color at all, I mean, bino was black and white in my eyes (so I was kinda surprised with all of them, including Daisy, actually.)

      Except Fox, I think we’re all on the same page with him… but I think the only kind of domesticated Fox you can actually, legally have has white fur.

      Actually, I think what gets me about Daisy is that she’s… big? I dunno, her nose is a LOT bigger then the rest of the gangs, and I have this feeling that she’s a black lab (who, when standing on their hind legs, are pretty big)

      • Andy

        Labs are big. And she does seem about the size of Rex.

      • Andy

        You can have a fox??? How? I want one….

        • Andy

          Hey Where can I get a Talking Rabbit. I’d like one of those too.

          • Ann

            O.o Must Snorgle Bunny

        • Odos

          You need legal papers and stuff, and there’s only one kind of fox that can be domesticated… but yea, as an exotic pet, you can have a fox.

          sadly, I’d probably become that “crazy animal guy” if I got the chance. I’d have a Skunk, A half-wolf/half-rotwiler (spelled wrong, but whatever), An alasken malamute, a couple a cats, a ferret, a fox, and a house with a big enough yard to house them all. Pets are fun, and I’d make DAMN WELL SURE that I could take care of them. (and if possible, a squirrel, a raccoon, *trails off, naming other animals*)

      • Sabakuryu

        Lol yeah. There are quite a few colours I expected to be different. For some reason I kind of imagined fox in some sort of navy blue or teal… or even his cousin’s colour now that I look at it… It seems as if everyone is a normal colour except grape :O and maybe zachary… But I find the colour fitting for im :3

  43. IntuitiveTheory

    Question???? Why is the Raccoon (I do hope he has a proper name) in the classic American “Dont shoot me” pose?

    • Hu Mi?

      It’s also the American expression for joy, do a search for “throw your hands up with joy” and you’ll see lyrics like:

      …Throw your hands up and make some noise , Everybody get live and jump for joy, When I say reach, You touch the sky…

      Image that the raccoon is waving his hands with joy when he has them up like that…arms are static but the hands are waving back and forth.

      Or, that’s what an American does when saying ‘WOOT’!!

      • IntuitiveTheory


        • Andy

          Hey Theory, put your hands in the air and wave your hands going woot woot.
          You might just like it. Or look silly.
          Eather way people across the pond will think your a nutter.

  44. Taay

    poor tiger….

  45. jason

    Merry Christmas! Lookin’ forward to the new color strips. :)

  46. Mazisharu

    Ooh, color.

    Tiger is so awesome, I love his paranoia.

    • Mazisharu

      I’m playing with my Christmas spoils too. Rock Band 2 is awesome!

      Except the tutorial is for right-handers and I play everything backwards…

  47. IntuitiveTheory

    Sorry to contribute so very many statements. I am at work for Christmas. There are only three people here at the moment. And I am but one of them.

  48. IntuitiveTheory

    Thank you all so very much for putting up with my texts, and I wish you all a very Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year.

  49. Madman


  50. Shoji

    Oh, and I don’t know if it’s just me.. but I don’t know how you all can tell them apart.. O_o Maybe I just have a bad memory, or something.

    • Odos

      subtle, visual hints, and their collars. Bino was always rounder then Peanut, and had 2 floppy ears. Rex was always different. Joey has a spot on his eye (I think he’s only been featured in one or two comics anyway). Never had a problem with tiger, he was always either a little crazed, or his name was said anyway. Sasha was also different enough to tell apart (dark paws, dark nose/mouth part [dunno the technical term, snout? muzzle?]). Fox was the cat that was in the Dogs group. And I don’t think anyone had trouble with Peanut.

      of the CATS, on the other hand. Grape was grape, easy enough. Max was dark and had a bitten ear, Sabrina seems to be the only female looking one of the cats, and Marvin wasn’t really ever seen other then with Tiger, and even so he was lighter then the rest.

    • Andy

      Dont worry about it, as long as you enjoy the comic thats whats most important.

      • Odos

        oh… that too… sorry, I get real technical sometimes.

  51. Andy

    Hey Happy Everything to everyone.
    I’m also stuck at work.
    So um? what kind of jerk uses a dog to get dates? Dude everytime I read this thing
    I feel worse and worse for Sasha. Joey, pshaw he’ll make things up to Sqeak. But sasha, thats all she knows man.

    • Odos

      *Growls* Every time… I don’t get sad, I get angry. I KNOW it’s just a comic (so I really shouldn’t get too angry over it) but still, the knowledge of the fact that there ARE people out there that treat… well… ANYONE like that is just so overwhelming for me. I think what gets me the most is Sasha’s last line. She loves him because it’s the only thing she’s known to love, OR she says that and doesn’t mean it.

      And yet, you know it’s a good comic when you can instill these emotions INTO people just by a quick sketch and a couple of lines in a small rectangle. Good job there Mr. Griffin!

      P.S. Bino’s going to be a hero some day, I can already tell by that panel.

  52. zac

    can you color some of the past comics please?

    • Ann

      *Snorgles Zac because he must be the bunny*

  53. faved

    *Thumbs up*

  54. Ann

    I take it Aunt Claire is getting up there in age and couldnt take care of Zac anymore?

  55. Snowy_Death

    Lol the 4th pannle is my fave XD

  56. Replyguy

    Poor Sasha. It would seem she doesn’t view the title of “mom” or “dad” that the other pets seem to use as a mere formality. She seems to have a child’s genuine affection for a father. I hope in her own personal story arc, if she has one, that her love is rewarded and that the clod realizes that in Sasha he doesn’t have a mere pet, but a daughter at heart.

    Fantastic comic, Rick. I am mightily impressed with the emotions you’ve been able to evoke in your readers and now in color is the icing on the cake. :)

    • Kurast

      We could also look at it a bit more along a neutral path. Maybe he didn’t get a pet -just- to pick up women. Maybe he’s just lonely for the holidays and assumes that there’d be a lot of single women living in such a pet-friendly neighborhood.

      I’d be pretty bummed to be alone for the holidays too.

      Though, given how she said “I love you, Daddy” nice and quiet like, we can assume he’s not exactly an idle father figure, though I’m still going to assume it’s not so much lack of care as it is his own depression.

  57. Profesor Rod





    • Profesor Rod

      And merry Christmas Rick!

  58. Nall

    Can’t help but like Daisy, her expression is so manic, looks like she could have made a friend there. I wonder if she will ever get more lines. (^_^)

    • Odos

      I have this strange feeling that I’ve seen a character like Daisy before… actually I know I can pinpoint where, and I’m sure (but not positive) that she’s a kind of character I’m thinking of.

      Either that, or she’s just the super ditsy dog of the neighborhood. Hehehe…. I like applying OTHER personalities to characters we know little about… could you imagine Daisy being the one that, when angry, is PISSED, and that’s why she’s always so happy, she doesn’t like being angry? It would be funny to see her strike fear into the hearts of the other dogs… Though, unlikely.

  59. Omicron

    Yay color. Maybe it’ll help me distinguish between the characters a bit better, some of them really look alike in black&white with the exception of their collar tags… and they’re not always visible.

  60. Odos

    you know, something I always see, but don’t see at the same time, are those bones. It seems that most of the dogs in the comic HAVE them, but it’s never really been shown that they chew on them, they just kinda sit around (I guess the same can be said with a lot of things ‘I’ have…)

    • no space

      Is it bad that I immediately thought of my Wii when I read that? Meh, maybe Conduit will change my mind.

      • Odos

        no, that’s what I was thinking when I wrote it =P… or is it bad that we were on the same train of thought? (actually, I’ve been playing a lot of Sonic Riders recently, been using my Wii for that. 360 is also another one… which is sad, but I play that off and on, just like the Wii and Computer… so they all get equal love)

        • no space

          I think it means Nintendo needs to get it together. I mean, two years for Wii Speak? And it’s not retroactive? That’s just… beyond dumb.

          I play my 360 all the time, though, especially since I got Left 4 Dead. And I haven’t gotten a new game for my computer in a while, so it’s really no surprise I don’t play that more often.

          We should probably get back on topic, shouldn’t we?

          • Odos

            Nah… that’s what all the other posts are for… I suppose as long as we keep it as replies >.>
            … … …
            You’re probably right. Though, i WANT to get Left4Dead… dunno what to get it for though, 360 or computer…

  61. Khalico

    Hell YES! I see someone is a George R. R. Martin fan. Everything is looking awfully slick colored, thanks!

  62. Blitz

    wow, color is sexy.

  63. falconthefox


  64. Andy

    You can train a rabbit to use a litter box.

  65. Andy

    In this world it looks like they can use what humans use.

  66. Bella

    Lol, that A Christmas Story reference I see there? xDD

    Awesome comic, as as the rest are. And WOOHOO!!! COLOR!!! Thank you!!

  67. Oblivion

    Right now im enjoying my new laptop.

    No more having to minimize Housepets whenever my dadcomes in, so Idont look like a sucker for animals (Which I am).

  68. Lanceofdark

    Lol, 8th panel, daisy is awesome.

    • Andy

      Rock on I’d Date her.

  69. Heartcutter

    Panel 5 would come with obviouse contrivorcy…

  70. Punk Jax

    Peanut trashed my town. >:C WITH CANS AND BOOTS CAUSE HE CAN’T FISH
    . >:C

  71. Lazerous

    If Sasha’s owner doesn’t want her anymore because she doesn’t attract “chicks” I’ll adopt her.

  72. Oblivion

    You know, maybe we’re going about this whole Sasha thing all wrong.

    Maybe her “Dad” is just lonely.

  73. Tajmahal

    SASHA !!! D’8 nooo! for gods sake, i pray to jesus himself that you are correct, Oblivion. i love you sasha =[

  74. Eric

    I know there’s been a ton of people already saying this, but:

    Whoo Color!

  75. Duez

    D’aw poor gal in the second column, but damn Grape is cute when she sleeps. XD

  76. TomFox

    Happy Holidays Everyone! Hey wow Fox is Silver?

  77. Ruffy

    happy and sad christmases, wish there were only the former

    great comic, happy holidays

  78. BluFox

    Also, I was wondering… who are the characters in the 7th panel? I know one of them’s probably Fox, but….

    • Oblivion

      Other one’s his cousin, im assuming.

  79. no space

    Well, if you comp can take it, go for PC. Mods, custom maps and models… the only reason I got it for the 360 is because my computer would have needed a rather expensive overhaul, and I didn’t really feel like shelling out for a new graphics card.