How Could He Say Yes To A Face Like That

Friday’s comic will be up on Thursday, ya’ll biscuitheads

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  1. BluFox

    AW!!! Honestly, who COULD say no to a face like that? I told you Bino would feel bad! And Peanut…… is, well, Peanut, but that’s why we love him, yeah? LOL

  2. Polar_Bear

    Hehehe! Awesome comic. The faces are PRICELESS!

  3. Odos

    HAHA, oh man… Peanuts face there is… actually… kinda disturbing, but it’s funny all the same!

    Also, I don’t know if this is just me, but… when peanut says “Seeing that WAS my present.” Does anyone else think that “That” should be the emphasized word? Emphasizing the fact that THAT was Bino freaking out and feeling bad and saying that. Again, it could just be me.

    And (sorry, I’m a grammar Nazi to the NINE I guess, which I shouldn’t be since I’m not the great at typing things right either.) should Fido’s sentence end in a question mark or a period? It seems weird for it to be a question…

    Anyway, none of it matters by way of how funny the comic is, just me bein’ nit-picky that’s all :) .

    • ben

      i believe a comma is needed, but the “was” is the main point of the answer to the question

      • tahrey

        A comma where?

        I don’t know whether this is just foreign speakers (re the comment immediately below) getting confused by this, but with english as my first tongue I can’t see anything wrong with the grammar or the emphasis. Though it would also be valid to put the italics and emphasis on “that”, I would *certainly* say that sentence in the same meter as Peanut did. I’m no great english *student*, so I couldn’t easily explain to you how that’s supposed to work, it just *does*. :)

        BTW, Odos: “grammar Nazi to the NINE”? As in a misappropriation of “dressed up to the nines”, or did you mean something entirely different? I am all of teh confuzled.

    • dragonking

      by ‘nine’ do you mean nein(p: nien, g: no) or neun(p: noine g: 9)?

      p= pronouced
      g= german for

      • Odos

        Really, I think I was thinking 9 hells… yea… I finished that comment and re-read that myself and went “what?”

        Also, I can see the emphasis bein’ both ways actually… How Peanut says it makes perfect sense, but then again, so would making “that” and not “was” emphasized would also make sense.

        Also, I guess the question of Fido’s question being a question isn’t much of a question anymore… How I was reading it, at first, was “You (implied “do”) realize…” As opposed to what it is now, “(implied “do”) you realize…” It’s all in where you think he implies that “do”

        And, back to the thing to the nine, I also do like confusing people (And, I guess, a little hypocritical, seeing as I said I’m a grammar nazi using bad grammar… fo gigure)

    • Saru

      On the matter of emphasis: Both are valid, carrying basically the same meaning.

      When “was” is emphasized, it implies that, rather than worry about the present he would be getting, that WAS his present.

      When “that” is emphasized, it implies that, rather than something else being the present, THAT was his present.

      And on the matter of Fido’s sentence… As written, it should technically end in a period. But the way it would have been said, it ends in a question mark due to an understood “Do…” as in “Do you realize…” OR it could be an understood “… right?” as in, “… out of his pantry, right?”

  4. Sage Freehaven

    Peanut is win.

  5. Raikoo

    Peanut’s expression in the 6th panel was purely disturbing to me for some odd crazy reason. >D

  6. Shoji


  7. xitel

    Yet again, you are a master of awesome faces. And Peanut’s scared the heck out of me…

    • HeartCutter

      This was the effect the guy was looking for, and we fell for it!

  8. james319

    LOL i liked the 6th panel

    poor bino

  9. foxfireattack


    Peanuts faces looks so cute in that panel :D

  10. Insignificance

    Ain’t this a cute scenario!?

  11. Indagare

    Poor Bino, you can practically feel the pain and guilt as he tries desperately to think of a way out of the hole he’s dug himself…

    Peanut is a guileless character, but he can occasionally be devious.

  12. Whiskers

    Oh god panel 6. I nearly spit my drink

    • Whiskers

      also is it just me or is Fido’s “Manly chest” look kinda… not so manly… in fact the opposite :x

      • Zan

        Yes.. I’m completely new to this comic and I thought from the image that fido was female.

      • tahrey

        I was wondering WTF for a moment, til I realised the placement of the dogtag made things look not as they actually were :)

        erase that and interpolate the hidden lines and it just looks more like an athletic dog with slightly more human pecs befitting this universe’s more bipedal pets

        • Odos

          I think they should just be… squarer… they way they are now (with the added effect of the dog tag illusion) makes them look… awkward…

    • Profesor Rod

      Is like one of those other *amazing* dumb faces

      • tahrey


  13. Sabakuryu

    Wait does this mean that Peanut… knew Bino’s devious plan from the start? :O Peanut, you sly dog you!

  14. SpikeRulesHell

    Peanut’s face in the 6th panel is priceless… XD

  15. Aaron T.

    OH. My God. xD

    Peanut’s FACE is AMAZING.

    This has got to be one of my utmost favorite strips yet. xDD

  16. R-One

    Gotta love Peanuts statement in the last panel, lol. Good one. XD

  17. lonewolf_achaea

    Wow that’s a creepy looking face…. it’s like something from Ren and Stimpy ^_^

    • tahrey

      THATS where I’ve seen it before! Aha!
      It’s a VERY Ren Hoek face and just perfect for the situation and the dramatic flipping back and forth between closeups :D

  18. tofu

    6th panel made my eyes bleed D:

    • Sara

      Bleed with happiness right? 8D

      • tofu

        no, bleed with blood.
        but it was funny tho xD

  19. Sara

    Epic face is epic!
    Love this comic. :3

  20. Silenvo

    6th panel Murdered me. Just something unnatural about that face to me… … … anyway.. uh.. im also very confused about the last statement.. i can’t tell weather or not he knew bino was gona humiliate him… i guess were gona be waiting for next update to find out…? .. hmm.. well i guess its definately one chaotic event this one….

    • Indagare

      I think that once he got Bino’s name he also figured Bino got his, this is backed up in the strip where he’s explaining about being back in the Good Ol’ Dog’s Club. I think he suspected Bino might give him a gift that was, well, not species appropriate. Being the guileless dog he is I think he went in earnest with his gift, knowing there were only two likely outcomes:

      1) Bino would not act as expected and would give him a nice gift in return.
      2) Bino would do as he did and the guilt of getting a really great gift while having bought such a lousy one in return would eat away at him.

      Either way Peanut gets a gift, either a nice present or watching his opponent get fried in the juices of his own guilt.

  21. Blackite

    Peanut finally got his revenge, but in a nice and friendly way (but still very devious in my opinion = b).

  22. Yokel

    I’m suprised with how much insight Peanut displays with regards to the situation. He knew Bino was plotting revenge?

    ……I pity the fool.

    • Indagare

      I’m not sure he *knew* Bino was plotting revenge, but as I mentioned before I think he knew there were only a couple of ways Bino might act and set it up so he’d win no matter what.

  23. ferretwithaspork

    OMG a double comic :P An awesome birthday present if I do say so myself :P That face.. that face was EPIC!!! :P

  24. moonwing

    lol i personally think tht Peanut maybe smarter then he seems…at least, at sum RARE moments in time lol

    • Indagare

      I’m not sure Peanut is dumb so much as guile’s. He’s basically free-spirited and innocent. It’s not that he can’t probably think up something malicious, but I think it’s against his nature to do so. Instead he uses his innocence as a sort of weapon against enemies using their own worst intentions against them in a sort of karmatic way.

  25. Oblivion

    Oh, Peanut, you sly dog!!

    He knew all along! You sure had us (And Bino) fooled!!

    • Oblivion

      Woah, I posted this at 11:11!!


  26. Snowy_Death

    i loved the 5th pannle
    the desperit look XD

  27. falconthefox

    hehehe! Peanut looks way too cute in panel 6! Poor Bino! lol!

  28. faved

    omg I couldn’t stop thinking about that face… its been burned into my memory. Its so cute.

  29. HeartCutter

    Peanut proved he was smarter, marginally, than we first thought.
    This throws my world upside down and inside out.

  30. FoxBlood

    Nice job. Having Peanut play the guilt routine to make Bino feel like a total heel. That was really good, though I think Peanut over sold it with the face in panel 6, then again Peanut DID want to make Bino feel awful about himself so I guess that did the trick. Can’t wait to see the next strip and have a Happy Holidays! ^^

  31. tahrey

    i can’t help thinking he’s maybe had some forewarning about the possible outcome of this affair either from Grape, or Fido himself… then again as seen a couple strips ago (and a bit further into the past), Bino doesn’t exactly seem one for subtlety or masterful planning himself. That coupled with his sudden guilty look just seals the deal even for someone as poorly observant as Peanut :)

    • Odos

      or maybe he got the hint from Max, or Max told Grape and GRAPE told Peanut… Either way, Bino isn’t all that sneaky in the least… Heck, I’m pretty sure that him going to the pet store to buy catnip is already getting around… and probably not in a good way among the pets.

  32. Roo boy

    oh my god.. that fifth panel is soooooooo full of win!! i love it sooooooooo much =D

  33. Madman


  34. Oblivion

    I see in the near future that some other dog (Or dogs) will find the long forgotten bag of cat-treats in Bino’s house.

  35. Fuzzypaws

    I continue to be glad that Peanut is not just a dumb Odie type. :)

  36. bluedude

    i can feel his guilt from here!

  37. BlueAnubis

    I love how Bino’s eyes are so small compared to Peanut’s being so huge in five and six. it’s amazing.

  38. Nall

    This made me laugh so hard!
    Peanut may be a little naive most of the time, but he has his moments, and when he has they are simply amazing.

  39. Winston


  40. Winston

    …Peanut’s face looks horribly disturbing in the 6th pannel…O~o;