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  1. foxfireattack

    This is classic. this is such a kick in the ass. one person gives one good gift and the other gives something they were trying to hurt the other person.

    This is like… Atari Classic gag

  2. TJYoshi

    That’s cute. Bino might expect something cat-related from Peanut the whole time. X3

  3. Raikoo

    Awww peanut got Bino an awesome gift. With four different kinds of tripe, huzzah! wait..

  4. Sage Freehaven

    Awwwwwww. Peanut’s awesome.

  5. Fuzzypaws

    I bet the postal service does not approve of such things. *giggles*

    • Polar_Bear

      Better to beat on the pinata postal man than the real one. :P

      • Ookami_no_Shiro

        tell that to the pinata

  6. BluFox

    Aww… Now Bino feels bad…. Tough! lol

  7. RG

    Sweet gift. Horrible forthcoming aftermath though…

  8. Parou

    Sense desperate back pedal any moment now…… or maybe Peanut will like CatSnax the same way Grape likes dog biscuits….

    • xitel

      That’s exactly what I’m expecting. The second part.

  9. Nall

    Guilt: the extra gift you get for buying others crap presents. (^_^)

  10. kuisbright

    Awwwwwwwwwwww ^^

  11. Yokel

    Guilt-trip… I pity the fool…

  12. falconfox

    Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving….like forever!

  13. Copycat

    mmm.. tripe <3

  14. Oblivion

    Pull out, Bino! PULL OUT!!

  15. Saikyo Mog


  16. Silenvo

    Suicidal Failure Detected, Retrieve all forces and pull out immediately! Bino? do you copy? .. BINO?!! PULL OUT!!! ….. too late. *CRUNCH* omg… the poor postal man pinyata…. ….. .. i need to look up tripe on google… what on earth is tripe? …. *looks it up* .. “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tripe” .. Cow stomach…. YECH.. i’ll settle for milk thank you. o.o .. anyway, Most enjoyable. the tears are comming, soon the Guilt is going to be eating his skull inside out. with a spoon……

  17. Colletor1

    Heh. That’s clever!

  18. Sabakuryu

    What’s wrong with tripe? Tripe is yummy!(if you prepare it correctly) I’m aware that the cow has many stomachs but different types of stomachs? :3 That’s new to me. I wonder what kind of tripe that Filipino dish made by that restaurant uses… :3

  19. Sabakuryu

    Did I mention that I love Peanut’s grin in the 2nd panel? =P

    • Kenny

      I was gonna say the same thing! He looks just so darn overjoyed!

  20. no space

    I think this is one of the most adorable strips yet. Aww, poor Bino.

  21. Max

    Bino has got such a sweet expression in the last panel ^^

  22. HeartCutter

    I knew it! Odos was right!
    (check the last comics comments)

  23. R-One

    *Alert, alert! Imminent Guilt-trip detected!*
    Should be interesting to see how this one plays out – either he’s gonna get lucky and Peanut likes cat-treats, epic-fail and tick Fido off (not to mention subject us to a whole series of depressed-Peanut pics, lol)…

    … or some weird, other-worldly plot twist that stands everything on it’s head. Given the trend thus far, I’m going with the last one. :D
    *eagerly awaits the next comic*

    • R-One

      Just a little add-on, VERY nice job with the background! Took me a second look to realize it was the same backdrop for panels 1, 2, and 4 each time, but the characters positions covered it “just” right each time to make a new image out of it – nicely done.

  24. Insignificance

    HOW CUTE!!!!!

  25. BlueAnubis

    Aww, Peanut is so nice. you know, all this time i thought tripe was pig intestine (at least that’s what my mom said that my grandma said it was) anyway, this next strip will probably have Bino trying to stop Peanut from opening his present. that should be fun 8D

  26. Snowy_Death

    lol saw that one comming XD

  27. faved

    Man I can just see so many different things happening next. I wonder what will happen next?

  28. Whiskers

    I don’t know why, but Peanut’s excited expression throughout this comic is just freakin’ adorable :3!

    • Whiskers

      also my gravatar thing refuses to activate :<
      I set up my avatar almost a week ago and it’s still the grayish generic figure :<

  29. james319

    aww that last panel i so cute X3

  30. Gaara1357

    dang karma!!!

  31. Oblivion



  32. Osvaldo

    i want more!! i want more!! i want more!! i want more!! i want more!! i want more!! i want more!!

  33. Ookami_no_Shiro

    THAT is a tiny pinata, but you’ve just got to love tiny faceless letter-carriers!
    Also, first time I’ve seen a pinata as the present itself. Peanut (and Rick) sure think creatively!

  34. Ookami_no_Shiro

    Whatever happened to the Yarn Ball anyway?

    • R-One

      Yarn Ball is New Years… so that’ll prolly be next in the story arc – I’m expecting something wild for New Years (like another 6 to 8 panel strip, or another big one like Halloween and Thanksgiving!). XD

  35. Blackite

    I feel sorry for peanut, hopefully Bino will try to correct his mistake before it is too late.

  36. no space

    I’m thinking that the next comic strip is going to be Peanut trying to get the present and finally succeeding, and the last panel will be a momentarily stunned expression. Then Friday’s strip will show his reaction.

  37. ClosetMonster

    Tripe?! Eeewww and Lol at the same time.

  38. Taay

    yeaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRIPE!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    (looks up tripe on teh wikipediaz)

  39. Rennis Kyuubi

    It would seem a couple of people were spot on with the (omg its great but I’m trying to humiliate you) gift.

  40. CyberCorn Entropic

    Minor quibble here (quibbling is like getting nibbled on by ducks :p). That should be a mailman piƱata, with a tilde (~) over the n.