Best Laid Plans
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  1. Odos

    Hey… if Grape likes dog snacks… maybe peanut will like cat snacks?

    I think this’ll be interesting though, Peanut is probably going to give Bino something really cool and such, and Peanut is going to get a hate gift from Bino… Making Bino actually feel bad because he LIKES his gift… or some such as that.

    But then again, maybe Peanut will like cat snacks… And if not, he could give them to grape.

    • Odos

      sorry for the double post… but who is max owned by? We see here him sitting in a chair… and BINO is in the same house… so we would either assume A: Bino is actually good friends with Max, or B: they’re owned by the same person. (I assume this is Max’s house seeing as he’s the one lazing about the chair.)

      • falconfox

        I thought they WERE good friends, at least thats the impresion I got from previous strips.

        • Ben

          yeah… you said all. he’s a bad friend… O.-

    • tahrey

      ah, but the great thing about secret santa is you don’t know who supplied the gift you receive – you only know who you’re buying for. So if neither of them blab or make it too obvious by their reactions, no-one except Fido need know the fullness of the game…

      Somehow I can’t see either of them guessing that they’ve been given each other, even if it is the otherwise suspicious “last one in the hat at a drawing you weren’t present at or invited to”.

      … I still wonder who bought me that pack of playgirl (yes you read right) playing cards for a staff party secret santa when i was working as a radiologist. Health workers… so dirty…

      • Ookami_no_Shiro

        I just lost…

      • Odos

        Yes… but Peanut DOES know that it’s BINO buying for him… he expresses so in an earlier comic. He actually said that Fido would like for him and Bino to pick each others names so that they can “kiss and make up” so to speak. (4 comics ago… same comic where Bino tries to buy catnip.)

        Or I may be reading it wrong… but it seems like a pretty bad way to try to work things out if they don’t know that they each have the others names as secret santa (I’m pretty sure that Bino doesn’t know that Peanut has his name though)…

        And if that didn’t thoroughly confuse those who tried to read it, figure out how I got this name: Tapcain Calfon… cookies for those who do :)

  2. zen

    …….. wtf?

  3. Raikoo

    Bino should have tried harder to get catnip, like.. have his owner or some other humn buy it for him..

    • Odos

      That would have been an interesting question… And a no in all directions.

      Bino: “Dad, could I get you to buy me some catnip?”
      Dad: O.o!!


      Bino: “Dad, could I get you to buy me some catnip to humiliate a rival?”
      Dad (assuming he’s a good guy): “No”

      OR… (assuming he’s a bad guy): “You could do better.”

  4. Fuzzypaws

    Max and Bino’s owner must have a lot of patience. *giggles*

    • String Petoun Ping

      Probably as much that the owners of Peanut and Grape. The only difference is that their crazy idea are less evolved.

  5. foxfireattack

    Deviously funny :D

  6. HeartCutter

    simple, yet effective. I wonder what Peanut got him though.
    …Odos is probobly right.

  7. Oblivion

    I cant wait to see how this all turns out!

  8. CamKitty

    Heh love how relaxed the cat is there in the first frame :P

  9. TomFox

    I’m beginning to wonder exactly how many cats there are in this neighborhood. I’ve counted like… 4? 5? I’ve counted Grape, Max, the Spotted cat and the Black cat from the July 9th comic, and Marvin from the August 27th comic… that’s 5 cats as compared to the massive group of dogs we saw at the Good Ol’ Dogs’ Meeting. How many Cats are we gonna see at Max’s Yarn Ball Party?

    Sorry big post…

    • no space

      Audible gasp!

      How could you forget the cutest (besides Grape, of course) one- Sabrina!

      • TomFox

        OMG I did! *Shame*

    • IntuitiveTheory

      I thought that black cat WAS Max.

  10. BluFox

    Wow… Bino can DEFINITELY do better… maybe smuggle some catnip out and leave the money on the counter… he isn’t a thief after all, just a maniacal seeker of revenge against his brother… ^^

  11. carlhh


    relevancy: He’s giving his big, huge cat a dog-bone name-tag. And no offense intended towards your art style and character design, but I can’t always tell the difference between some of the characters by sight alone except by their tags and collars.

  12. Rennis Kyuubi

    I don’t think that the cat-nip bomb would of had the effect he desired, with some luck Peanut at the time would have been around a lot of girl cats including Grape as soon as they all found out Bino was behind it, well I don’t think he would be walking strait for some time. ^-^*ouch*

  13. Insignificance

    Bino’s not-so-successfulness is adorable…

    • Accursed

      It is! Bino is adorable, despite his incredibly poor fortune. ^^

  14. falconfox

    Hehe, Best laid plans of mice and men come to nought….and dogs too it seems, Poor Bino.


    ‘The best laid plans are the simple ones. Complicated ones can go awry at any given point in time, then you lose the element.’

  16. Acey Winterfox

    I just read through the comic up to this point and I must say, I LOVE it so much, I haven’t had such a laugh from a furry comic in such a long time :)

    I hope to see more soon :D