Lame Joke #83

I steal jokes from my younger self too

You may now begin to make comparisons between Fox’s owner and Captain Falcon

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  1. Polar_Bear

    Hey, I used to live in Kansas.
    And a dog on a motorcycle. That’d be a sight to see…

  2. Raikoo

    Faaaaaalcon Bucket!!

    Poor Fox, I feel bad for him, mostly because I can completely sympathize with him due to my own childhood.

    • FinalWord

      OMG my friend just yelled that >.>

      that helmet is so cpt falcon too.

  3. Fuzzypaws

    Fox is cute and doesn’t deserve such a travesty!

  4. foxfireattack

    Hmmm… i want to see a dog ride the queens seat.

    btw, motorcycles are great. 50 mpg for my Honda CM400T. just awesome :D

  5. Tamer

    Hmm… A bucket seat… with a real bucket…

    Oh my. Poor Fox…

    • Whiskers

      Hey I know you >:U

  6. Nall

    First Chuck Norris, now Captain Falcon…
    I ponder, are all the owners superheroes or famous actors in that village. (^_^)

  7. Yokel


    … I mean, I pity the fool.

  8. Kenny


  9. Sage Freehaven


  10. shadow1w2

    Blue Falcoon!

  11. zkzombiekitty

    Wait, why doesn’t Fox just fly there on his spaceship? Oh, wrong Fox. Too much Brawl on my part =^_^=

    Poor Fox though. He does not want bucket.

  12. falconthefox

    lol! now that IS humiliating, poor Fox!

  13. Saikyo Mog

    Poor guy… :(

  14. ChromeHeart

    Is this some kinda way of saying Capt. Falcon is better than Fox, yet more retarded at the same time? If so, I think it’s working.

    FAAAAALLCOOONNN – HEEAAAARRT!!!!!! -pulls out a random heart- LOL I JUST SHOWED MY MOVES!!! (We should put Capt. Falcon and Capt. Planet together one day.)

  15. Kakurady

    Facepaw. Apply directly to forehead.

  16. Zurr

    Falcon…… CAMEO!

  17. Saru

    Captain Falcon, ahh the memories… *insert obligatory quotation here*. Oh, and…

    He has a bucket! Sure hope they don’t pass any lonely walruses on the way to Kansas D:

  18. Taay


    aw… somebody already took that. =[ oh well.
    now, i am gonna go play some smash bros.

  19. HeartCutter

    I fell for fox, my dad is an embarresment too.

  20. R-One

    There should be at least “one” follow up on this, lol. :D

  21. Calbeck


  22. Oblivion


    Ah ha! I made a joke that nobody else has taken yet!

  23. Insignificance

    I could make so many Captain Falcon jokes right now…
    But I won’t.
    Awww poor Fox.

  24. Mazisharu

    I wonder how far he has to go in the bucket… poor Fox.

  25. Gaara1357

    …where does he put the bucket?

  26. IntuitiveTheory

    I have seen people with motorcycles use the “Bucket Seat” Generally the lid is left off of the container a cushion is placed in the bottom and the bucket is strapped to the back rest of the Queen’s seat while a Labrador or Doberman sits in the bucket with its head looking out over the buckets brim.

    • IntuitiveTheory

      Though rather unattractive it tends to keep the animals relatively safe as there is less chance of them jumping out of the bucket and injuring themselves.
      Though it boggles me that it would be used in this particular world as the animals seem fairly capable of maintaining a hold on the driver.

  27. BluFox


    C’mon boy! *whistles* Into the bucket! *whistles* C’mon! LOL

  28. james319

    is the bucket tied on a rope connected to the back of the bike????? O_o

    • IntuitiveTheory

      No luv its sitting on the seat.

  29. BlueAnubis

    Show me your bike!
    ok, now that I got that out ot the way, the fitst thing I thought of is the fact that poor Fox is going to have to sit in an alumium bucket in the middle of December with the wind blowing on him at all times. I dont care how much fur he has, that’s gotta be frikkin COLD!

    • IntuitiveTheory

      A Plastic Bucket is usually the Norm.

      • BlueAnubis

        Hmm that makes more sence, but still, the motorcycle in the winter does not seem like the warmest way to travel.

  30. Madman


  31. Echo

    Could that be…? The lolrus’s bukkit? ( )

  32. Winston

    Poor guy…the embarassment must hurt the most.XD