The Happiest Season Of All
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  1. Raikoo

    Ha! Rex is a secret softee during the season. Awesome! >D

  2. Fuzzypaws

    He reminds me of Brock. :3

    • bluedude

      your right he does! lol

  3. Odos

    Hehehe, This is great… He’ll bake you cookies, and you’ll LIKE them… Trust me, you will when Rex comes up to you with a hot metal thing with cookies on them… You’ll take one that’s offered, nod your head and say yes, else you’ll block his hot, metal cookie sheet with your HEAD.

    Another thing, I don’t EVER get that line in that song… “There’ll be scary ghost stories…” Who tells ghost stories during Christmas? It certainly seems out of season really.

    • Raikoo

      It’s a remnant from back before ‘Christmas’ became Christmas before we know it, and long, long before even the Romans got to the holiday. Origionally celebrated on the Winter Solstice, the day of the year with the longest night, people would hold great fistivals in order to keep the encroaching darkness from engulfing the world. One such activity during these fiestivals was the telling of ghost stories, and tales of other such ghoulies that lurks in the darkness and would gladly cause mischeif or worse in this world if allowed. Needless to say dawn would eventually come and the days would gradually get longer allowing the people to relax somewhat. Ah the good ol days when the Fae-folk an leprachauns weren’t always all cutsey and helpfull, and often times mischevious adn down right evil.

    • CyberCorn Entropic

      Charles Dickens told a now-popular Christmas ghost story, “The Christmas Carol”.

    • Eric

      “Who tells ghost stories during Christmas?”

      Who doesn’t? “A Christmas Carol” anyone?

      • HeartCutter

        *bows low and aplauds* Raikoo? Where the heck did you get all this info? Seriously, great description.

        • Raikoo

          My family can trace its ancestry all the way to the time of the ancient celtic druids of Ireland. As such we celebrate the Winter Solstice as close as we can. n.n

  4. bluedude

    Aww should have know he was a softie! he looks soo cute!

    • Echo

      Oh yes that is ADORABLE!

  5. kuisbright

    “Strangle small animals?”
    Hahaha, Rex is so cute ^^

  6. foxfireattack

    if cookies are small animals, then yeah, i think he strangles small animals too :3

  7. RG

    Classic “Never judge a Book by it’s Cover” scenario turned hilarious and cute. :)

  8. james319

    (jaw drop)

  9. Tina

    Wow…He reminds me of one of my best friends Hard&sour on the outside but Soft&sweet on the inside. =^_^=

  10. FerretWithASpork

    Steryotypes FTL

  11. Lanceofdark

    I was just singing that song literally as I clicked on the link to the comic! Ironic, and so, so, creepy

  12. Jack

    I really don’t get it. can someone explain it to me?

    • dragonking

      rex is the ‘muscle’ for the good ol’ dogs club

      • Jack

        No, I mean the last frame. I don’t get what Grape said.

        • Saikyo Mog

          I think it was that if you took a look at Rex, you’d think he was the big and brutish type…I think it was that Grape was just joking around saying he liked to strangle small animals to celebrate the holiday…Obviously that isn’t the case it seems… :P

  13. Saikyo Mog

    Some people just can’t help but show their Christmas spirit… :P

  14. Li


  15. Duez

    Hahah, nice. See? All tough guys got a soft side. :3

    • Ben

      … but …. Its REX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Taay

        i no. its surprising!!!

  16. R-One

    Wait… his owner lets him bake cookies? Brave, but I guess if he’s good at it… :D

  17. numair-yashia

    hehe I noticed that he’s blushing, ^w^ hes so cute

  18. HeartCutter

    My english teacher told me a very relevant saying to do with this. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”
    Still, for the safety of the neighbourhood, I hope no-one else finds out.

  19. IntuitiveTheory

    I absolutely adore this comic. I love it. Thank you so very much.

  20. BluFox

    AW! Who knew Rex could bake?
    … think they’re any good?

  21. CalaverX11


    It’s a good song.

  22. dragonking

    i think the blush might be from a bit too much eggnog, ad rex does have the ability to taste minute differences in coffee (cast page yo)

  23. falconfox

    hehe! always nice to see another side of someone.

  24. Insignificance

    Did you write your own lyrics?

  25. argonsassistant

    hahaha great page!!!

  26. Whiskers

    well this is silly

  27. tahrey

    I think this is sort of the opposite of the previous strip :) while being the same as it in a way.

    … Um?

  28. tahrey

    Also: “Comments for this post will be closed on 25 December 2008″

  29. Taay


    i completely forgot about rex… and kinda expected something like this. but not singing. =]

  30. Zanerus

    Hopefully those taste good, and honestly I’m only semi surprised. After all it seems no one can be judged by their cover…(Peanut,Grape,Joey,Fido,Rex)

    I’d say the joke would not work nearly as well without the last panel.

  31. Echo

    Third panel he’s SKIPPING! Omg