So . . . That’s A No?
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  1. Daniel Kaiser

    Heh, now I bet Max is gonna be out prowling for her attention at some point.

    • FoxBlood

      I think missed tat chance. x3

  2. Xaer QwickBlade

    I love the look of “EPIC FAIL” on the last panel. You can almost see the look of complete bewilderment, where his brain snaps in half.

    • FoxBlood

      technically the brain is two halves, but in a metaphorical standpoint I see where coming at. x3

  3. FoxBlood

    I love this one… Great now I need to know who exactly Grape will be taking to the ball, and what will happen with Bino and Peanut that one there is still stumping me.

    • Whiskers

      My drama senses detect a high probability of either Peanut, Bino, or both being taken along to this yarn ball… possibly in catlike disguises.

      • FoxBlood

        ex nay on the disguises and you gots some real comedy.

        If they go with disguises them losing them will the most likely possibility.

        But I guess I just have to wait or just let the suspense kill me.

        • Odos

          But if they go with disguises, then Joey will be the distributer of said disguises… heck, they were good enough to fool peanut, remember? Bino probably wouldn’t go, so he’s a definitely there, and grape would say that peanut couldn’t go, so he’s also going to be there easy =P.

  4. RG

    Interesting. A lot of pets still don’t know that Grape’s a girl… images of Peanut and Grape going to the Yarn ball and doing “bad things” afterwards are flooding my head now…

    • BanditRingtail

      And you had similar thoughts after the whole Fido and Sabrina thing, yes? =P

      • RG

        Yes, yes I did.

  5. Blackite

    Yarn Ball, lol.

    • Echo

      Hehe, very punny.

  6. Yokel

    Heh. I pity the fool.

  7. TomFox

    HA! So Peanut is not the only one! AH dude! I want to see Grape get out of her perpetual grouchiness but she is surrounded by fools…*dramatically* FOOLS!

  8. BanditRingtail

    Maybe she needs to wear a bow in her hair or something.

    • TomFox

      haha agreed, or maybe grow eyelashes

  9. falconfox

    LOL the last two panels had me on the floor laughing!

  10. Wozzler

    looks like Grape will be getting more admirers :D

  11. Tina

    LOL XD I think his brain just melted! XD

    • housepets fan

      Or crashed.

      • FoxBlood

        Just give Max two days or strips to reboot then. Xp

  12. Tina

    XD OR he had an EPIC Brain Fart XD XD!!

  13. james319

    XD weird LOL

  14. Moonwing

    lol Grape doesnt need a date, she can go alone and STILL be the coolest cat ever. i think it was hilarious how like only 2 seconds before he asked her to go with him tht he was thinking she was a “he”. lol guess she’s just too cool NOT to ask lol.

  15. FerretWithASpork

    Max is SO the best character ever XD

  16. Tango


  17. sanguine

    has anyone noticed max has a bite out of his ear ?
    XD too cute!!

    • FoxBlood

      Yea I noticed, but it seems to only be visible in panels 2 and 4 though weird…

      • D_Leo

        the bite is on the outer edge of the ear, and is hard to see in other panels where his ear is overlaid on itself

  18. Ebly

    Max has fun faces. c:

  19. Silenvo

    This has EPIC, all over it. I Rofled. Very hard. my head sploded from laughing. and i figure max’s sploded from sevear overload of shock and demand. aww sucks for you max. you brainless sap. oh wait im one now… go figure. duurrr. *wander around looking for replacement* also: “yes thats a no! now go away!” “omgosh! hes a girl- err shes a girl! I GOT TO GET IN WIT HER GOOD SIDE!…” “Moron…” “how can he NOT know?… i think hes been spending too much time around peanut..” lol Enjoyable. Most Enjoyable.. LOVE the expressions.

  20. Silenvo

    Sorry to double post but i love the cut offs too… “… SERIOUSLY?!!?!! ” ThankYou. Max. “Y-y-y-yyou n-need a d-date!?!?!?!” GoodBye. Max. lol EPIC FAILURE OF DOOM. and brain melting shock. and idioticy entertainment.. oh im gona laugh myself to sleep tonight.. hehehehe…hahahaha..hohohoho.. harharhar…… **epic exit stage right** *bonk* .. err left. *bonk* .. oh right.. no stage..

  21. Ringtail


    Subtlety: Max Doesn’t Has.

  22. BlueAnubis

    Grape makes a good point. I don’t think we’ve seen any other cats in this strip, just those four, except maybe Joey when he dresses… yah.

    • D_Leo

      …yeah…we don’t talk about Joey…

  23. R-One

    Maybe this “Yarn Ball” will be a way to introduce more cats?

    …in appropriately hilarious fashion, of course. lol. XD

  24. Prof

    … “And I know far too much about Sabrina.”
    Wonderful ^_^

  25. Nyrufa

    Wow, same thing happened to Peanut! As soon as they find out Grape is a girl, they fall in love with her!


  26. Max

    Did he have to call him Max? >.>
    I mean, i sort of feel honored (cuz it’s my name, too), but I don’t like that that Max screwed things up with Grape.

  27. Rin

    Ah the cuteness continues!
    Loved this strip though to be honest I loved all the others.
    Poor Grape though she should be more defined as a female in some way, but wouldn’t Max know since he’s a cat and well you know nature and all.

    • D_Leo

      yeah but they are also human-ish, and Max is also an idiot

  28. bluedude

    lmao can you really baim him though i thought grape was a guy too. But i hope to se more cats so go to the yarn ball grape plzz!

    i like the series so far and the charecters are really cute and funny!

  29. HeartCutter

    Looks like it’s not just peanut who made that mistake…
    which makes it better I suppose.

  30. foxfireattack

    even proof that girls can sometimes be the coolest thing around and its not because of their boobies….


    boobies. :3

  31. Mazisharu

    That was hilarious.

    I was wondering why we haven’t met many cats yet.

  32. Ben Dragon

    You had me at “yarn ball” XD

  33. BluFox

    heh… yet another reminder of Grapes feminine wiles….

  34. Insignificance


  35. IntuitiveTheory

    From the look of things Max would have Dated Grape despite gender. This dose of course give me a whole new respect for Max as it indicates a less discriminative nature.

    • IntuitiveTheory

      After considering the underlying circumstances further, I doubt the last panel would have any alterations if Grape had instead stated that she prefers males.

      Thank you for producing such a wonderful and enthralling comic. Such a rare gem of an American web Comic

  36. ChromeHeart

    One thing’s for sure, no one can tell by Grape’s voice if she’s male or female. I kinda wonder about that. Buuuut, then again, in the science of all webcomics, NO ONE has a voice! =D

    • Odos

      Orrr… maybe Grape has a very feminine voice, and everyone almost judges her AS a female until they see how awesome she is, and how she acts, and then gets the impression she’s just an awesome guy with a feminine voice…

      maybe >.>…

      • IntuitiveTheory

        Ummm Sure….. Have a cookie, and a pat on the head.

        • Remmy

          #stealz da cookie#

  37. Fell Da Wolf

    That’s pretty funny. I like the look on his face at the end.

  38. Arcalane

    Brains can suffer from BSODs too!

  39. CyberCorn Entropic

    They must think of Grape as being like Krazy Kat…just too cool for gender. Of course, she ate her “Ignatz”, so she isn’t that krazy…

  40. xitel

    I have to say, I love your mastery of expressions.

  41. Sogious

    Oh god, that funny. And just think if he didn’t screw up right there she might have said yes.
    How much does anyone want to bet that Peanut shows up at the balls. Grape showed up at the dog meeting. Why not?

  42. Duez

    D’aw, poor Max. XD Oh well, maybe next year. : P

    Love how it’s rolling along. <3

  43. ZeeShadowfox

    Hmm.. wonder if this’ll be like the Jellicle Ball in Cats. I’m sure grape has a great singing voice :3

  44. FoxBlood

    I still can’t get over that last panel it’s like:
    *tick tick tick…BOOM* Seriously?

  45. D_Leo

    cannot believe no-one noticed the pun!
    “do a little dancing/CATerwauling”?

    • FoxBlood

      I already noticed that, but it wasn’t as side splitting as the gender mix up.

      • Zanerus

        Yea that pun was easy to see but an underlining joke in the higher punch line at the end. Plus, not nearly as good as Max’s reaction to Grape “correcting” him on her gender

      • D_Leo

        yeah, but personally that stopped being novel when Peanut did that…
        but that face is totally pricelessawesome.

  46. Ookami_no_Shiro

    I wonder if Joey WAS invited…

  47. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Poor Grape, maybe someday everyone will learn she’s a girl, though in Max’s defense I can never tell the difference between a boy cat and a girl cat, heck we have a cat at home named Guinivere, but he’s a boy and we didn’t know it.

    • D_Leo

      how thick is that thing’s fur if you couldn’t check?!

  48. Roo boy

    awwr! poor grape XD

  49. Ben

    Poor grape! she’s so… so lol!!

  50. Fuzzypaws

    I like Max, he’s cute. ;)

  51. Whiskers

    yes max is awesome

  52. Sara

    Ahaha, Max is getting it rough lately.

  53. Maddy Madman

    lol maybe grape could get peanut to go with her (you know) being as Peanut is a cat lover after all XD

  54. Profesor Rod

    Yarn ball? HAHAHA
    Too witty X3

  55. Taay

    i love max’s expression in the last frame. i will now remember it. =D

  56. Madman

    Truly Hilarious.