Patching Things Up

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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Bino’s gonna get what’s coming to him. ;)

  2. Yokel

    Eh, I’d be happy if he didn’t. I pity the fool.

  3. Nall

    I’d say the sip Peanut takes in panel 2 is mostly to cover his embarrasment at his own… tastes. (^_^)
    I wonder if Fido even knows about the photo’s.
    Peanut doesn’t strike me as the blackmailing kind.
    I would’t put it past Grape though. (^_~)

  4. foxfireattack

    Ahhhh sweet, SWEET catnip. Its like crack….

    I wonder if Rick will draw Grape or Peanut smoking a catnip doobie.

    • Madman

      That would be HILARIOUS

    • Fuzzypaws

      Rick’s not into drugs, so… unlikely. ;P

      • foxfireattack

        its not the drug part. its the “That 70’s Show” idea behind it XD.

        I always did love the circle part of that show.

        • no space

          Haha! All the cats of the neighborhood having a catnip circle and talking about dog conspiracies. That would be amazing.

          • foxfireattack

            “So there’s this car, man! and it runs on water!”

  5. R-One

    Knew this would come back up, lol. Once again, the plot thickens.

    Great idea with the sales restriction BTW – so much for that idea of Bino’s. XD

  6. james319

    Grape likes Dog food so maybe peanut would like cat nip…

  7. falconfox

    oooo! Peanut has a sneaky side!

  8. ferretwithaspork

    Oh Bino >.< Will ye ever learn?

  9. Raikoo

    Nice try Bino, but no catnip for you! Heh and who says it was a matter of blackmail? Fido’s secretly a cat lover , and beign the good dog that he is, would naturally sympathize for a fellow cat lover and let Peanut back in.

  10. Ringtail

    You know, I think that is totally the BEST way to ask for stuff at a store. I shall do that next time I purchase something marginally embarrassing.

    • tahrey

      Yeah … it’s an excellent piece of dialogue :D
      And continues to show Bino’s awesome-psycho side…. crazy-evil, unforgiving AND inventive, now. In a warm, fuzzy, saturday newspaper funnies page kinda way.

      And that sort of behaviour is pretty doggy, too. Though it’s a more subtle type of dominance than snarling and fighting etc :D

  11. Insignificance

    I think I might just go buy some catnip and start sniffing it.

  12. Maddy Madman

    lol Binos trying to humiliate Peanut with cat weed XD

  13. D_Leo

    How is he planning to humiliate him?!

    • Echo

      Everyone knows catnip is a cat’s best friend….ohhh catnip….

      • tahrey

        So somehow cover him in it….. the kitties come running…. and poor old peanut won’t know WHERE to look :)

        However he’ll probably have something even more evil in mind having been foiled at this little plan…

      • D_Leo

        yeah…it’s also pretty good in tea…

  14. Mazisharu

    “Cat lovers”?

    • Echo

      Yeah, Fido and Peanut love cats….other creatures kinda look down on those who love outside their own species =D

  15. Rennis Kyuubi

    He should dress up as a kid to fool the owner. I just noticed that in the last two comic strips Grape’s tail has been sort of curled behind Peanut. oh and Mazisharu, try reading the earlier comics if not from the beginning and you’ll know the whole cat lover story.

    • tahrey

      not sure about “curled” … it’s just the way she’s sitting, facing off to the left.

  16. faved

    I don’t know Nall, but great doesn’t seem like the blackmailing type to me. see if peanut were to draw a picture on the back of the photo’s that sound a little bit more plausible. =P oh and great comic. It gives me chills.

  17. Zurr

    “We’re not allowed to sell that to pets.”

  18. dragonking

    so i was right, fox knew bino was getting peanut’s name, cause fido had him make sure he did

  19. hippiewolf

    I wonder if Grape still thinks that Peanut isn’t “actully” a cat-lover? I do hope we get to see more of Sabrina.

  20. HeartCutter

    What DO they mean by cat-lover anyway?

    • no space

      Exactly what it says. It’s a dog who loves something about cats:
      Fido is in love with Sabrina, a cat
      Joey dresses up as a cat sometimes
      Peanut drew a picture of a dog with a cat tail and it led to the revelation of the fact that he loves cats

      Also- I second hippiewolf’s motion. Bring back Sabrina.

  21. Li

    Watch, he’ll give Bino something wonderful, thoughtful, and touching, and then Bino will give him something humiliating and feel awful about it.

  22. Wolfreign

    felt this was appropriate. xP

  23. Ebly

    Grape’s face.
    Second panel.
    That is all I need to say.

  24. no space

    “We have the best ideas down here. We need to write this stuff down!”