And Labor Laws

Peanut is drinking tea

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  1. Insignificance

    It’s like Calvin and his dad…

  2. Raikoo

    Can you imagine the taxes Santa’d have to pay if he lived in america?

  3. foxfireattack

    I wonder what the rent is up at the north pole?

    And that’s gotta be cider that they’re drinking. unless peanut has a death wish and drinking hot cocoa.

    • HeartCutter

      No… it’s tea. I don’t think he’s 18 yet. I’m not sure how alcohol would affect a dog anyway.

      • admin

        Cider is not alcoholic? At least everywhere I’ve lived you would have to specify ‘hard cider’

    • Moonwing

      lol i think was thinking maybe Grape was drinking either hot chocolate or an expresso. i mean, awhile bak she did eat chocolate covered expresso beans in a room of free time. she said it was a bad combo lol

    • housepets fan

      Not all dogs are allergic to chocolate, I’ve heard of people feeding their dogs chocolate every day as a treat.

      • Buster

        My dog gets chocolate every time I have Oreos or ice cream (which is just about every day)

  4. Madman

    Or chocolate-flavored no-actual-chocolate hot cocoa. XD

    • tahrey

      “Dog Chocolate”, surely :)
      Or as Rick states… Tea. Maybe aniseed flavoured :D

  5. Anonymous

    Grape actually makes a good point. Parents, take note.

  6. FoxBlood

    Ah man I still can’t stop laughing! XD Nice one!

  7. R-One

    Wonder how many people will see this… and one day remember it to use on their kids? XD

    Good one.

  8. Blackite

    The gift I want from santa is free, a page from his death note. =)

    • FinalWord

      lol, I’d love to have one of those to. Carefull though, he has the eyes, he knows, he knows when you’ve been bad.

      • tahrey

        I prefer the idea I saw someone else have of it being instead a “S**t note”. Write your victims name in… really crappy stuff happens to them for about the next year.

        Somehow think that’s more Santa’s style than killin’ folk

        • Kakurady

          No, even better, the Loli Note!
          Every one written in it becomes cute girls.

  9. RG

    Interesting explanation from Grape. Makes a lot of sense to me…

  10. kuisbright

    This is awesome! You should totally make a t-shirt of this.

  11. Fenrir Kar

    I knew it!
    *Russian Accent* Santa is a Capitalist Pig-Dog! >:O

    • Silenvo

      rofl hahahahahahaha… no blamming santa with russian hatredz :O hes a nice guy :O

  12. Silenvo


  13. falconthefox

    it…it all makes sense now!

  14. Ben Dragon

    How does one come to obtain a corporate sponsorship in order to receive these expensive pieces of “material happiness”?

    Cos I got my eyes on this Roland Synthesizer, DO WANT! 8D

    Brilliant comic, should be on a t-shirt :)

    • Ebly

      Roland? With those silly keyboard v-synths? (I love them anyway but still.)
      What about one of those old-school original moogs?
      With all the wires and everything.
      Those are loooove~.

      • Ben Dragon

        The V-synths can go suck a lemon… I’m talking about the Jupiter-8 and Jupiter-6 ;)

  15. Ringtail

    I propose we have a hostile take-over. We’ll instate a new Jolly Old Saint Nikolai, the Socialist Santa! He’ll give all the working class good gifts to share with their fellow citizens! He will bring the red joy of the holidays without that pesky green! Long live the motherland!

    … That, and Grape would look adorable as a little Russian cat-Santa.

    • D_Leo

      umm, the motherland was mandatory atheist last I checked, so he wouldn’t be ‘Saint’ Nikolai…but yeah, Grape would uber kewt like that

      • admin

        If the last time you checked was before the fall of the Berlin Wall, you would be correct

        • no space

          Oh, history burn!

          Incidentally, Grape’s pessimism is positively delicious. It’s sweet like a… like a chocolate covered orange. Frankly it’s all I can do to keep my mouth from watering.

  16. Ahkmedren

    Hahaha, this cheered me up somethin’ fierce. Funny stuff, good sir.

  17. Fuzzypaws

    Sip ^.^

    • JonMW

      Yeah, I bet that he drew Grape just like *just* to make something for people to comment about.
      Might make that one into an avatar, though.

  18. IntuitiveTheory

    Grape does not in the least seem to show seriousness pertaining to “Santa”. Perhaps she is aware that it is in actuality her “parents” who attain said “material Happiness” and is just coddling Peanut.
    Grape is also correct about the inadequacy of the pet door. That hardly appears as though it could maintain closure or be a deterrent to anything from entering the house. Hence Raccoons.

  19. Punk Jax

    I’m going to use this with my children. :)

  20. Ebly

    Santa is a capitalist.
    It suddenly all makes sense.


    Santa is Capitalist and the North Pole isn’t taxable. . .hmmm. . . what if we COULD tax him? Where would he move next? Pluto?

  22. I Killed Calvin & Hobbes in Robot Chicken


  23. Ookami_no_Shiro

    Maybe Grape payed more attention to Karl than she let on!
    Which reminds me… where did all of the mice go?
    Will they ATTEMPT to assassinate Grape!?