Come On, Its Your Thing
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  1. Ax15

    gotta love max’s smile

    • Insignificance

      Best smile ever…
      And best sudden change in emotion ever!

  2. falconfox

    open mouth, insert footpaw :P

    • Madman

      Dangit, you beat me to it. LOL

  3. Fuzzypaws

    Totally love Max’s evil grin. I like evil grins in general, especially on cute anthros. *giggles*

  4. Draco_2k


  5. foxfireattack

    That big bell is… smexy :3

  6. R-One

    And the plot thickens… That’s one heck of a faux paus, or in this case, faux PAWS, lol.

  7. Raikoo

    Bino should totally get Peanut a cat fursuit like um.. what’s his name has. >D

    • BluFox

      Joey, and I think Peanut still has nightmares about that……

  8. CyberCorn Entropic

    Bigotry is a useful thing. It helps you overlook such inconvenient things like common sense and basic logic. Of course, it does make you look like an idiot in the process, but that’s a small price to pay when thinking hurts your head.

    • HeartCutter

      This is too true.

      • Saru

        Yeah, so stop being so truthful, GOSH. :P I like him. He’th thilly.

        And yeah. It is too true. I mean, cat lovers are just like the rest of us D: Only they love cats!

  9. JonMW

    And this is why we are not immortal: so that stupidity can be aptly rewarded.

    Also, it looks like Max has removed the little ball from inside his bell. Sneaky feline.

  10. Yokel

    Love Max’s expression in the second panel… I pity the fool.

  11. RG


  12. no space

    You could get him the keys to Grape’s heart.

    I can dream if I want to.

    • Bella

      I completely agree. PeanutxGrape forever! =^^=

      • no space

        Don’t say PeanutxGrape! That sounds like a fanfic, as in, it will never be.

        I hope he at least gives him a pair of home-made cat ears; the more rag-tag they are the more adorable it will be.

        • Echo


  13. Moonwing

    lol tht last thing was hilarious “Maybe i should go all-out and get him a stupid collar with a bell on it….no offense.” lol. i cant w8 to c all of the problems tht r gonna pop up in this chirstmas special lol

  14. james319

    LOL nice change of emotion XD

  15. lonewolf_achaea

    Max uses Cheshire Cat attack!

    It’s super effective!

  16. Polar_Bear

    Hehe, it’s like in Caddy Shack!

  17. Ringtail

    Bino will soon become the master of the ancient Foot In Mouth technique.

    • D_Leo

      yes, but WHO’S foot?

      • Moonwing

        lol i motion for it to be Grape’s foot, she always seems to bring out the BEST(?????!!!!?wut?) in animals, don’ cha think?

        • D_Leo

          hehe, boot to the head!
          footpaw to the mouth!

  18. X-Gamer

    Strange, the last time we saw Max, he had a piece of his right ear missing but now we see his whole ear intact on this one.

    Beside that, it’s a great comic. The facial expressions on the characters are very well done.

  19. Rennis Kyuubi

    They could get Peanut a cat shaped cake and as he mumbles to himself a feline dancer pops out! or a feline dancer shaped cake ooh, ooh! a Grape shaped cake! and every thing could all awkward when he starts eating the naughty bits! or just for spite they could give him a DVD of Cats the musical! or to be mean they give him a book on why cats and dogs don’t mix!(stop the censuring and them choose who they love!)*cough!* sorry…

    • D_Leo

      Grape’d kill them…I second that Grape-cake notion, they should make it grape flavored.

  20. Rennis Kyuubi

    Anyone else notice Max and Grape look like twins just different colours?

    • sombody

      or that max is missing wiskers

      • CyberCorn Entropic

        Max’s near whiskers are probably there. The artist probably just doesn’t draw them for the sake of clarity.

      • admin

        All the pictures of Max have his whiskers in them; what are YOU looking at?

        • sombody

          eh, it looked to me like he only had one side of whiskers, btw good job on the faces

  21. Winston

    I think Peanut doesn’t WANT to be a cat lover,but he is one.So…just give him a cat plushie!
    I can guess why Fido let Peanut back in…*snicker*…photos of him and Sabrina….!!!

  22. Mametarou

    i love that smile and bino gives me idea what to give my cat. =)

  23. Sara

    I see Max made a good recovery after that zoning accident. XD

  24. Sabakuryu

    =O do my eyes decieve me? or does max in panels in 2 and 4 = BOTH hand drawn instead of copy and pasted! =O Not sure if you’ve done it in some other comics but I find that many comics abuse the copy and paste function and just rearrange certain parts. =3 kudos to you, rick! You are amazing! :D

    • admin

      I do copy/paste a few times but it usually just ends up looking bad so I prefer to redraw it

  25. IntuitiveTheory

    Peanut would not have to resort to devious methods, he would only have to speak to Fido of his removal from the “Good Old Dogs Club” due to his artistic embelishments. This of course would not bode well with Fido, as Fido would see the removal from said zero sum game an unneccissary and rather hurtful exclusion for such a small deviance.

  26. IntuitiveTheory

    Excelent comic, please do continue.

  27. IntuitiveTheory

    Pardon me, is there someone sitting in the tree? Or am I not seeing things correctly?

    • Sara

      Pretty sure it’s just snow, but good eye.

      • IntuitiveTheory

        Thank you.

  28. Lupa

    Such a kyoot emotion string. Very believable, well drawn and it makes you actually put the pieces in like it’s animated

  29. Ebly

    Bino is the love-to-hate character. =w=
    I cannot believe that I didn’t notice before.

    Just get him socks.