A Reverent Respect
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  1. Odos

    Amen indeed.

    I never really “wrote” to Santa… I figured it useless… He knows if I’m sleeping, awake, if I’m bad, good etc. etc… So I figure he probably also knows what I WANT. Plus, I always thought he was a little psychic.

  2. Polar_Bear

    I’m surprised it didn’t start out with, “Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good puppy this year…”

  3. Draco_2k


  4. foxfireattack

    I could find so many things wrong with this comic…

    But its Christmas and Im not politically picky so i’m just gonna comment that Peanut looks cute licking the envelope :D

    • Odos

      tell me… just tell me… and answer this truthfully… when does peanut NOT look cute? I don’t think ever… that’s when… causing peanut to look cute is like having the universe explode RIGHT NOW, it’s not going to happen… Unless he’s made to look completely awesome instead of cute. Then it’s awesome and totally makes up for non-cuteness.

  5. Silenvo

    Hah. Hah. Hah. Very funny. Santa. It is too bad he doesn’t exist. I’d love to get presents every year, he’d be a good inspiration to lots of people to do good and be nice. *sigh* I guess the limits of that are as far as it will go. Good comic.

    • Zarath

      Santa IS real, your just not good enough to get any presents lol :)

      • Silenvo

        owch, that hurt. seriously. If im “not good enough” to get any presents then i bet chances are your not either. along with just about every other person, though you may or may not beleaive me I know for the fact that i will willing help people out if asked, and that im not a stubborn jerk, I hope that you will forgive me for ranting but i really am dissapointed when you say that. and i take it as an offense on my part given the fact i know i do my best to be nice. i hope that you understand this of me, and forgive me as i forgive you despite weather or not you feel you have offended me, or weather or not you forgive me, I Forgive you. *

        • admin

          Hey, CHILL. It’s a joke.

          • Silenvo

            Sorry, it updated when i finnished my rant…

      • Silenvo

        * In all respect and terms, i am by no means perfect, but if im considered “not good enough” for Santa, then i doubt a lot of people are considered the exact thing. and even the best of people probably have a hard time being on the “good list” while everyone falls to “naughty” List, when infact a lot of us are not. Especialy in comparison with the society of today, it can be a real pain living in that, and avoiding being brought in and corrupted in the same way as many others. Now im going to close this long rant, saying that I hope that I have brought some information that you beleaive and will forgive me for being so defencive, and being upset at such a simple thing. Im Done.

        • Zarath

          whoops sry :( , meant no offense

          • Silenvo

            S’ok, i took it to harshly i needed to lighten up. thanks for apologising though.

  6. Madman

    I just want my 360 fixed (disc drive scratches game discs).

  7. RG

    That is just pure childish sweetness right there.

  8. D.M.Wolf

    XD awesome! has someone been watching invader zim?

  9. Yokel

    Nice one peanut, I pity the fool…

  10. Moonwing

    lol u’d think tht letter was being sent to a church lol

  11. CalaverX11


    …methinks he got the two deities of X-Mas mixed up…

  12. Ebly

    Judging by Peanut’s arm and the piece of paper…

    …he writes bottom to top?

  13. lonewolf_achaea

    Because to children, Santa is god [yes, I ripped that off Silent Hill.]

    So cute.

  14. falconthefox

    hehe too funny!

  15. Blackite

    “And deliver righteous judgment unto your enemies” Doses Peanut know the truth about Santa? That he is the owner of a death note?

    • D_Leo

      what do you think the ‘naughty list’ is?

  16. Raikoo

    I remember writing to Santa as a little kid. I knew I should’ve asked for a new rawhide bone, tsk shame on me.

  17. ClosetMonster

    Bwahahaha! Righteous judgement unto your enemies…indeed!

    Nice ;)

  18. Anonymous

    The Easter Bunny better watch out.

  19. Profesor Rod


    I didn’t see that one coming.

  20. omega_

    i think peanuts confused or really into christmas……lol

  21. johnwolf

    i…..its just to cheerful. i feel the holiday spirit from reading his letter. you can’t realy laugh at it do to the fact he was actualy logical about it.

  22. Insignificance

    Once I saw righteous judgement, I knew the rest of The Lord’s Prayer was coming next!

    • Anonymous

      …Somehow that strikes me as kind of messed up.

  23. chicken!!

    does this make santa not just a saint, but god himself!?

  24. hippiewolf

    I was expecting the holy hand grenade myself, actually.

  25. Kiwaku

    That is just far too cute. ^__^ I just awwed at him asking for nice things for Grape.

  26. Echo

    Awww…Peanut, I’d have a blue Christmas without you.

  27. Fell Da Wolf

    Bow down before Santa’s might!

  28. Fuzzypaws

    Behold the power of the fat one!

  29. FoxBlood

    Cute> I like it, but I don’t know how powerful Santa is compared to me.

    (In-game I’m psycho)

  30. Grayface

    Awww, I alway knew Jesus and Santa were one and the same D:

  31. Punk Jax

    There’s no paper on panel 2! D:
    Also, the ending there was amazing.

  32. james319

    iv never seen anyone wright dear Santa then the words amen at the end…shouldn’t the words amen be in a prayer or a letter to the church?

    • james319

      its still cute to know that he believes ^^

    • R-One

      Thats part of the joke – Christmas is a religious holiday (won’t bother with details) that has become highly commercialized. Santa is an adaptation of “Saint Nicholas” for example.

      Having Peanut mix up the commercial and religious versions of this holiday in his letter is a great joke, tho, lol.