Delicious, Delicious Food

Happy Thanksgiving!

(The turkey was bred to say that before the chopping block)

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  1. Aristocles

    Funny. This is an excellent web comic, keep up the good work. And thank you to Twokinds for advertising it.

    • FoxBlood

      I love this comic and Twokinds I’m dying to see what happpens next.

      • Moonwing

        i know right? i cant w8 to figure out weither Kat and Keith’s ex-fiance find out that Nina is accually a girl or keep thinking Nina is a dude. lol i kinda feel bad for tht gender confused wolf lol

    • Blackite

      I love this comic and Twokinds too. X3

    • Moonwing

      O.o wow that was defiently in expected on Twokinds O.o i started cracking up it was so freaking hilarious O.o Keith was all speachless O.o wut i thought was going to happen was that Nina was going to lock the door and hurry up and get her clothes on and not tell/show Keith how she feels. i was COMPLETELY not expecting wut happened O.o

      • FoxBlood

        When I saw the door locked I knew Natani would kiss him. It was what she said after words that got me. I kinda liked it and knew it would happen sooner or later, but I keep looking back on the page before that one to laugh my head off to it.

      • lonewolf_achaea

        What’s twokinds?

        • Echo

          Awesome comic!

        • Ax15

          story about a tigergirl and a human who fall in love, youll want to read the whole thing in one night :]

          • Mametarou

            i actually did that. XD

        • tahrey

          It’s not so much the sloppy love story you may expect after the above writeups and more a fantasy drama kinda thing. Magic and battles and concealed identities and angst and stuff.

          Well, in the background anyway. There is a whole lot of the soap opera relationships schtick going on too :)

          What I want to know is why Natani is getting called Nina … that confused the shiz out of me until someone put them both in the same mini thread

  2. Raikoo

    Yes, I’m easy to please as well. Home made food is always something to be thankful for. Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving! ^_^

  3. Odos


    Sadly, my Turkey day was kinda small because of money issues… and time… there really wasn’t much by way of turkey, there WAS turkey, but it was just a roast…

    I hates money, I think it should be done away with and everything just be free =P. Anyway, Happy Turkey Day everyone! Now onward to XMAS!

    • Odos

      And he STILL looks like chuck Norris.

      • housepets fan

        Thats what I thought the first time I saw him; I was like Hey! Thier dad is Chuck Norris!

  4. Calcifer


  5. Blackite

    Peanut looks SOOOOOOOOOoooooo cute. X3

  6. Fuzzypaws

    Man, I can’t even imagine eating – not swallow whole voring, but _eating_ – a sapient creature capable of speech. *giggles*

  7. RG

    Poor turkey but awesome facing the 4th wall look for Peanut (those are ridiculously hard to pull off for me).

  8. BluFox

    What’s up with the site? I had to take so many different turns just to find the next comic…

    • Joe Rare

      You clearly aren’t usinge the website right. no offence. see those arrows? directed with their backs to eachother? click on those to go to the previouse/next comic.

      • BluFox

        … that’s not what I meant…

        The site’s fine now, but at that point there was nothing to direct me to the next comic. I had to find the actual URL for the previous comic, THEN press the “Next” button.

        But, like I said, the site’s fine now, so disregard the previous comment.

  9. Ebly

    Hah. If they had kids instead of pets, it would be no different.

    For some reason the salad looks like it has wings in it. More poultry? ;A;

  10. Silenvo

    “I am thankful we have pets that are easy to please.” i have to agree with him. i have a very easy to please pet as well! A Dog infact, Very adorable dog. Anyway, I am more thankful that I’m going to get a new computer after Christmas. I also am thankful for many other things I have including my family, friends, online friends, a nice computer thats helped me along for the last few years, wonderful comics like this to read, and fun things to do all the gosh darn time while I do homeschooling. Aaaand lastly, but certainly Not Least. I’m thankful that Christ died for our sins. I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and coming Christmas.

  11. foxfireattack

    Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

    • sombody

      ugh, black friday, sadly i work today

      • foxfireattack

        ouch. I would feel your pain but im jobless right now >.>

      • Ookami_no_Shiro

        Right outside of where I live, an employee opening the doors for walmart shoppers friday morning was trampled …to DEATH!!!!
        Man, think about how his family must feel…

        • sombody

          eh we got flooded that night with close to 400 tables instead f the usual 100-ish (btw i work at a restaurant)

  12. gavinfoxx

    So that turkey… was it intelligent? What is the story behind that? They were bred for what now?

  13. insignificance

    I should totally say that…

  14. FoxBlood

    *Tries to steal a drumstick from under the rable* X3

  15. Yash

    Yes, pets are easy to please

  16. Toay

    has anyone ever noticed that The dad kinda looks like Chuck norris?

    • JakJak

      That’s because their dad IS Chuck Norris!

      Anyway I never noticed that lol

  17. lonewolf_achaea

    Definitely food ^_^

  18. Sara

    Chuck Norris doesn’t need to buy a turkey, the turkey comes to him.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.
    Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

    • tahrey

      it also plucks and stuffs itself, sets the oven, preps the vegetables, turns on the timer then jumps in the roasting dish with enough force to send it skittering into the oven, pulling the door shut behind it and cutting its own head off by slamming into a knife mounted at the back of the oven with duct tape with its neck held high

      the alternative should Chuck have got home and this WASNT done was far, far less pleasant

  19. Kelahrim

    So in the Housepets universe, wouldn’t that make the turkey a sentient creature?

    • Sara

      Yes, yes it would.
      It could be tofu turkey though. |8D

    • tahrey

      Not necessarily ….

      IRL cats, dogs, mice etc are typically a bit smarter than fowl. Who’s to say they’re not still pretty dim in this reality? (Say, as intelligent as some of the other brighter animals we still eat anyway) … PS sentience =/= sapience…

      The insects I presume aren’t that intelligent either :)

  20. Archangel Drake

    Why is their “person” Chuck Norris?

  21. Yokel

    Maybe their dad really IS The big C.N.
    Somebody hold me….

    • tahrey

      Except why would Chuck need an assumed identity (Mr Sandwich)?

  22. Dissension

    I think this whole “Dad looks like Chuck Norris” thing is just a mass hallucination, ’cause I’m not seeing it. xD

    “Happy Thanksgiving!” have to be the most cheerful final words I’ve ever read. That the turkeys are bred to say that just makes it more cute.

  23. IT

    I always thought their person looked more like Bob Villa though I can see the resemblance to Chuck Norris.

  24. IntuitiveTheory

    Pleese don’t call me IT. I didnt realize what I had done there.

  25. Winston

    Haha!Thankful for food…XD
    Who isn’t?!Lol!!