Maybe There Was An Emu?
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  1. Polar_Bear

    I believe the term is “hanging a lantern on it” when you point out the hackneyed turn of events.

    It kinda reminds me of the episode of Futurama with the space bees.

    • Sage Freehaven

      The correct term is “hanging a lampshade”. You were close, though.

  2. Ebly

    Emus actually have two feathers on each quill.
    It was not an emu. :U


    • Odos

      The only place where she would have yanked an ostrich feather recently would have been at the zoo… which was who knows how long ago in comic days.

      Plus, I’m pretty sure she’d remember putting it there. Strange though, though it was a dream, it turns out that it didn’t end any of the ways I thought it would, nor with Peanut waking her up.

      • Joe Rare

        Remember, in most comics time itself is at a standstill, though events still happen. More likley, it was just their dad. Or peanut.
        In fact, skip that time junk

  3. Raikoo

    Yanked a feather from Pete. Sweet refrence tot he A Nightmare on Elm St. series! Which by the by is my all time favorite horror series.

    • FoxBlood

      Same here and Friday the 13th. ^^

  4. Madman


    Get out of my brain, Charles!

  5. Odos

    Hehehe… I think it’s funny how she’s still surprised, even though she saw the “implement from the dream” coming… Almost as if she didn’t believe herself.

    On the feather… maybe Peanut put it there to hide for safe keeping… This’ll still be interesting to see where it goes.

  6. Nall

    Lol, all the “it was a dream” cliche’s in a row.
    I hate it when writers use that particular cop-out, but I love how it is satirised this strip!

    Grapes constant sarcasm is great to witness, as is the moment she actually finds the feather.

  7. CalaverX11

    …OR IS IT?

  8. Moonwing

    heh, only sumthing SO ironic could happen to Grape. lol that is sum big feather. i wonder wut mischievious things people(animals) could do with sumthing so soft, huge, and ticklish when u put it lightly against sum1’s face. *sneaks into parents’ room while their sleeping*

  9. Fuzzypaws

    Lots of comments already! Anyway, yeah, this is awesome. I love the lighting for this one. ^.^

  10. Duez

    Heehee, cliche, but nice. XD

    Big feather. o3o

  11. Silenvo

    Grape: …Um… Me: Oops.. did i leave that there? sorry ill have to take that back. *Just kidding* I don’t have feathers, I have Scales. anyway… thats cool. im begging to wonder if it was fake or if it was real… all too confusing.. a circle of endless possibilities I Suppose… I kinda was wishing it be “real” in the comic but I guess I might have to wait to see any sort of thing like that happen… Oh well. *goes to his cave*

  12. falconfox

    Awww, I was hoping….oh well, other realms ARE in our dreams after all!

    • no space

      Perhaps in her next dream, Grape will wander into the realm of the night-gaunts, be taken in as a guest in the Temple of Cats at Ulthar, or even tempt fate with the crawling chaos, Nyarlathotep itself.

      Cookies if you know what that’s from.

      • The MadCat

        Lovecraft FTW

  13. Noble Idler

    Genre savviness suits Grape so well.

  14. james319

    LOL i knew it was all a dream!! i just knew it!! XD

  15. Sabakuryu

    I wonder if the feather had anything to do with the wonderful zoo arc earlier :3

  16. Glee

    IT’S A COP-OUT! Erm… dream! Yeah….

  17. Max

    what unforseen end.
    The cop-out joke is great xD

  18. foxfireattack

    that’s a mighty big chicken feather…

  19. Insignificance

    WHAT’S A COP OUT???!!!

    • foxfireattack

      google is your friend…

      It’s just another way of saying that Rick doesn’t want to take responsibility for or committing to just this plot.

  20. BluFox

    Don’t you just love waking up to find a huge feather in your hand? … At least she discovered that Peanuts lessons in Akkadian were real…

  21. Adept Omega


    I just wanted to tell you that you’re brilliant. Keep up the good work.

  22. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Heheh, I kinda figured it was a dream.

  23. sombody

    eh, didnt like drawing the griffin did you, so you just got rid of it(nicely i might add, dont want to hurt it’s feelings)

    • admin

      Actually I loved drawing the griffin

      • sombody

        okay, sure ;)

  24. Yokel

    “Cop out – I mean dream!”
    Smooth one, Rick.
    …Hey, I *just* realised your last name is Griffin. ><

    • Odos

      Ehn… I think I’ll just call him Griffin, or Admin… or Admin Griffin if I want to get all… wordy…

    • foxfireattack


  25. R-One

    A-a-a-a-nd… Fini. Great way to end this particular story arc, specially with the feather.

  26. JonMW

    A pleasant dream while it lasted!

    Note to self: master lucid dreaming

  27. Zanerus

    I so expected it being a dream but the feather is a BIG throw off. Why is it Grape always finds such interesting things!

    And what will peanut say about the feather hmm?

    Can’t wait for the next comic!

  28. johnwolf

    grape, it’s defently an “or is it”

  29. Roo boy

    umm.. >.> *giggles* =3

  30. BanditRingtail

    Well, could’ve been worse. =P She could have had one of “those dreams” about Peanut. And that would be just awkward, wouldn’t it?