Most Pertinent Of Questions
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  1. Odos

    Ehehehe… that’s great, wish I could ride a griffin at some point >..<

  2. Anonymous

    I’m partially qualified to answer those questions, though I’m sure he has better answers than I do. :3

    1.) Adequate wingspan and low-density bones could correct for that.
    2.) Realistically, you couldn’t. That’s what magic is for.
    3.) If he exists…
    4.) See above
    5.) See above
    6.) Probably either
    7.) He wouldn’t; a griffin would eat like a bird of prey, most likely.
    8.) Just like a bird of prey does, just with larger prey.
    9.) There are hippogriffs with horse backsides…
    10.) I doubt it.

  3. D.M.Wolf

    oh geeze oh geeze oh geeze! >.< SO adorable!

  4. FoxBlood

    *holds onto the talon tight*
    Did I mention I have vertigo…

    • Moonwing

      hey, is tht pic from VG Cats? cuz i like LUV tht comic. it’s hilarious

      • FoxBlood

        yep it’s one of their avatars they have out for the public.

        I love Leo and the pink pink feline they are hilarious.XD

        • FoxBlood

          *loses grip* * falls to the ground*

          DARN YOU GRAVITY!!!

  5. Kilroywuzheere

    XD Aw Grape… I’d expect that out of Peanut, but you? Oh well, I’ll forgive you this time, I’d do the same.

    • Joe Rare

      don’t forget, their about the same age, and Grape i just as curious, via the shower issue. She’s proboly better at controlling herself, thats all.
      Wow, that hurt my brain

  6. Typo

    Oooooof course.

  7. Zanerus

    Is there honestly anything else that could be better to ask first then that?

  8. Circuit

    Well, that seems like the most important question to me, too. :)

  9. Fuzzypaws

    Enormous and cute is awesome. ^.^

  10. JonMW

    Never forget the Most Important Question!

  11. RG

    That is an awesome question to ask.

  12. CamKitty

    an’t help but think of The Neverending Story

    • Zaf

      OMG, me too!

    • Sage Freehaven


      • Insignificance

        First thought in my head!

    • Silenvo

      Now that you mention it, Yes! It is very much like that.. lol and overall its just awesome.. I guess we got our answers to previouse page questions .. and aparently im thinking that the gryphon is probobably a nice one now since it’s letting em ride on it. so hmm. cool splash screen. (both a reply and a statement about the comic. lol)

  13. Roo boy

    OMG CUTE!! =D

  14. kuisbright

    DAwwww….. ^^
    Super cute!!!!

  15. Ebly

    That would be my very first question.

    • falconfox

      same here! what I’d give for a ride like that.

  16. Raikoo

    My Grape and Peanut are brave. Sure he’s a friendly griffin and all, but I have this rule about not being within reach of something that would concider me bite size.

  17. D_Leo

    the griffin is all “of course that’s their firstmost question…”

  18. R-One

    Strangest story arc yet… Funny tho.
    Still trying to figure out how this will all end… XD

    • Saru

      It’s probably a dream :P
      But of course we can always hope that Grape isn’t just catnapping, this is real, and Mr. Griffin is a recurring character!… Pwease?

      • Odos

        That’s exactly what I’m thinkin’ it is right now… I mean…

        -Peanut finds something INTERESTING… like REALLY interesting.
        -Peanut speaks Akkadian
        -The whole story on how they got there…
        -The fact that we never SAW all of that… very dreamlike for the DREAMER to KNOW how they got there, but never actually remember any of it.
        -The glade is a PERFECT place to nap
        -There’s a griffon, and a NICE one at that.
        -And they’re riding it. I’ve had a dream where I rode a dragon, and it was AWESOME… but it’s very much like what Grape is doing there.
        … … … oh, and grape is VERY happy.

        Now… I’m not saying this ISN’T a dream. I’m just saying that there’s a VERY high possibility of it BEING a dream. If it is a dream, I see only one ending, Peanut wakes her up =P, but there are a TON of ways it COULD go up until that point, which I can’t wait to see.

        If it isn’t a dream, then the world of housepets is a LOT more interesting then I thought it was =P.

        • Strawkitty

          I kinda wish it is a dream though. These sorta things that break the already rather ‘established view of the comic world’ tend to make webcomics rather bland in the long run. =/ (though this one could be the exception)

          I wouldn’t put it past Grape thinking that it was a dream… but not being entirely sure if it really was though. :3

  19. Yash

    (This is Lee)
    …Hmm…this can only end badly

  20. Moonwing

    ROFL tht would have been my 1ST question! lol! Go Grape! lol

  21. Silenvo

    Also for side note, Im starting to acctualy doubt this is goan be too bad after all, but another thought is.. how big is this glade – and! where exactly is this gryphon gona fly? … or for an even knowlageable effect, is this glade just a glade, or is it acctualy an entire alternate world?! man.. i love brainstorming. this could be fun :D .. i wonder if the gryphon isn’t evil – does that mean that there are evil creatures that might attack them? :O!! lol

  22. sara

    Awesome, I love this strip.

  23. lonewolf_achaea

    Hehe, very cute.

    Mice of Grape to say we, not I ^_^

  24. Lingonius

    Higher, Falcor, higher! :D

  25. james319

    i wonder if the parents are woried or something

  26. Mmmeeeeggggggggg

    Anyone else notice Peanut’s tongue is lolling out in the last frame…. what is it with dogs and being carried along at speed?! :-D

  27. Blackite

    Four letters, C U T E!

  28. Calbeck


    Oh, and I think I might have something to say on the Unicorn question.

    …later. This is too cool.

  29. xitel

    Grape’s face in the first panel is so adorable