And She Said It Had No Practical Value

Sometimes I just want to draw cute things

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  1. D.M.Wolf

    FIRST! woot <3

    hehe, peanut is so cute!

  2. N3g4t1v

    just awesome. learned akkadian via correspondence. he has hidden talents.and closest to first post i ever got.

    • Dzamie

      I had to google akkadian

      • BluFox

        so did i…

  3. Insignificance

    It seems Peanut has been keeping secrets…

  4. TomFox

    Grape in panel three… awesome Expression like her realization left her somehow dazzled or stunned.

  5. Nall

    Great comic, love how long it takes her to accept what’s happening. (^_^) could the old man talking in limericks be LotR’s Tom Bombadil? (Who did not apper in the movie).

  6. Moonwing

    hey, is tht griffon…idk…blushing?

    • Dzamie

      no, just being serene and looking @ peanut at the same time

      • Silenvo

        …Hmm.. Im not so sure about that just being serene thing, it DOES look like hes blushing.. but it may just be my imagination. *waits for next comic hoping it brings answers on the thought* *ponder ponder, wonder wonder*

        • Odos

          I think the reason why the griffin looks like it’s blushing is that, in THAT panel, Grapes whiskers are Abnormally large…

          At least, that’s my theory

          • Silenvo

            oh my, i didn’t notice that… thanks for catching it.. yeah. now that i check grapes whiskers they ARE abnormaly large.. lol

  7. Lingonius

    I like how they have their hands on the beak and the griffin kinda has his claws wrapped around them both…

  8. Silenvo

    Hmmmm… I think the Gryphon might have been a tad lonely in that glade… ..I expected more fright then surprise in grapes responce, but then again.. maybe thats coming up soon.. kinda looks like the the Gryphon might grab em or somthing. hmmm.. well i donno. i’m just brainstorming. before i got to bed anyway… waaay late when i post this.. (5:43 AM, i go to sleep at 1 AM, usualy 12:30) Anyway, neet Gryphon.

  9. Fuzzypaws

    He’s a very cute gryphon and seems to enjoy the company. :)

  10. Joe Rare

    the expressions in this comic are always first class, in fact I’m willing to bet invisible untouchable useless money on the FACT. Anyone want to argue and get hate mail? By a lot of people?

  11. Ringtail

    Grape’s Eidetic memory is superior!

    Also: Akkadian is made of win and correspondence.

  12. Blackite

    The Gryphon maybe very big, but is as cute as a bunch of puppies X3.

  13. no space

    When do we see the rest of the griffin? I’m interested to know just how big it is.

  14. Moonwing

    well, im offically wondering wut will happen next. cant w8 for Monday lol (Also Tuesday cuz ima getting Warriors: Power of Three: Long Shadows by Erin Hunter! lol next book for the 3rd series lol)

    • sara

      Aww you lucky sun of a gun! >.<

      Anyway, I love the third panel. :3

      • Moonwing

        does that mean u read Erin Hunter’s warrior books? if u do i found this website where it has this lil info thing with all of the latest rumors like how Jaypaw might be the forbidden kit of Leafpool and Crowfeather and how Jaypaw’s clan name is probably going to be “Jayfeather”

        • sara

          Aww cool, thanks. :3

  15. Sogious

    Uh…Isn’t that gryphon getting a little too close?
    hmm…Wait, what do gryphons eat again?
    Ducks, wood and small rock…….right?

  16. FoxBlood

    That’s some long directions. Grape gots some good memory, and Peanut has yet to seize to amaze me with his rather large collection of unorthodox knowledge.:)

  17. james319

    what’s Akkadian?

  18. Lee


  19. Odos

    That’s it… no more catnip before nap-time!

    Anyway… this’ll be interesting to see as the story plays out…

  20. Rennis69

    Wow, I wonder how he’ll react when they say they have to leave? He looked like he was so happy he was going to cry in that last panel, hope they brought their umbrellas.^-^