Before That It Was A Weird Mushroom
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  1. Polar_Bear

    Hehe. Grape’s utter disdain for the situation in panel 2 is awesome.

  2. Raikoo

    Silly Peanut. But yeah, can’t blame him, I’ve been that excited about things during snowy wether too.

  3. Moonwing

    Lol Peanut cant get any brighter huh? As usual the cat is the smartest of the bunch but can STILL get her tail caught in tough situations lol. Poor Grape cant get a nap. Doesnt Peanut KNOW tht naps r a cats 2nd reason to live? lol

  4. Fuzzypaws

    I like how eager Peanut always is. :)

  5. Ebly

    I want to see this tree.

  6. Silenvo

    It probably was either an oak, or just another tree like any other. And I wager there was a lot of dogs who wanted to mark it along with every other tree, but failed to drink enough water, or eat enough snow. lol i wonder what hes going to show grape. hmmmmm.

  7. Drake Husky

    Man I wish I had the energy peanut has.

  8. Whiskers

    Well if it wasn’t the snow, now I really wanna know what he wants to show her :x !

  9. Steam

    :) it was the first snow today where i live too. craaazy.

  10. Lee

    time dose fly

  11. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Aww, I wish it would snow here, not gonna happen though, at least not until like March. > <

  12. Odos

    our first “snow” was yesterday… it only really lasted a minute and didn’t do much but hit the ground and melt…

    I can’t wait to see what peanut has in store… though, knowing him, if it’s not a tree, it’s a cool rock.

  13. Cobaltie

    Soooo….the pets have fur, so they don’t need clothing to be warm even out in snow. Surely, though, the warmest place on their body is their necks, since every one wears a collar! As a symbol, putting a scarf around the neck serves no purpose…other than to be cute.
    Definitely wins on cuteness! :-}

    • Odos

      what is it about snow that makes it a universal sign to “put on a scarf?” I mean, check out Fridays comic… Green grass, dandelions, flowers, laying on said grass with another… almost looks like mid-summer, but if you take a look now, it’s snowing, therefore one must dress warmly…

      Maybe rained the night before, causing the temperature to drop, thus solidifying the rain into snow… Or maybe I think about these kinds of things too much >.>…

      • D_Leo

        Like Peanut sez, ‘time flies’

        • FoxBlood

          GLOBAL WARMING!!!

          …Yea even I don’t get it.

  14. no space

    And then they kiss?


    • Rennis69

      I can see it now, Peanut leads Grape into the woods promising something wonderful but he intended to tell her how he really feels while inside a fort he made out love and hope… and snow. but on a random note I wonder if to pets in there world Bob Hope’s the anti-Christ, pure randomness!

      • no space

        Yes, exactly what I was thinking! Not the Bob Hope thing, of course, but the rest of it sure.

  15. Insignificance


  16. Yokel

    Doesn’t snow in Queensland – ever. Love the stuff though.

    • james319

      yeah, it doesn’t snow here in the Philippines either :(

  17. Jeffrey L. New

    Today 11/18/08 it is snowing in NEW haven, Vt.

    • Raikoo

      Hail to thee fellow Vermonter! I’m in Rutland. >D

  18. xitel

    Have you ever tried waking up a sleeping cat? I still have scars from the last time I tried.

    • Lee

      Yes I have. I put water on it. Fun

  19. Ringtail

    *thumbtwiddles* 12:10AM, EST…..

    For shame, rick. You seem to be late!

    • admin

      I update on CST now, didn’t you get the memo?

  20. BluFox