Deep Thoughts
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  1. Shoji

    When you’re lying in a grassy field, it’s easy to have your mind wander a tiny bit, hah. :P

    • Zanerus

      Quite a large bit it seems. How on earth would she(It is a she right?) go from talking about Bino’s brother to going rambling about bugs that are apperently Aliens.

  2. Odos

    Hey! it’s Bino and Sasha! haven’t seen them in a WHILE now.

    Sadly, I can’t really lie down in grass anymore… it makes me itch… unless I’m lying on a blanket, in which case I’ll probably go to sleep, unless it’s winter in which case I wouldn’t be laying on a blanket because it would get soaked, so I’d probably would be laying in the snow… Unless it didn’t snow, then I’d still be on a blanket… or a pile of leaves, unless it rained in which case I’d stay inside.

    • Kalman

      Well that pretty much sucks. I get itchy too but I don’t give a damn about the grass. Unless it has fertilizer or lots of bugs or just big ones.

  3. FoxBlood

    Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. I have never seen such a free mind.

  4. foxfireattack

    This is one of the closest things that i think any of my friends or possible you guys could relate to. XP

  5. Blackite

    They are cute together X3.

  6. Fuzzypaws

    I think Bino can do better. ;)

  7. RG

    Blackite, I agree whole heartedly. Sasha may need some work in the focus department, but I know they’ll have some really cute (though really messed up) puppies in the future… :)

  8. Yokel

    I pity the fool.

  9. Silenvo

    lol. aaaaa….AHAHHAHA! How’d you know that praying mantises are aliens? .. oh wait it MUST be their lack of disguise.. ill have to inform them to beef up their attempts.. .. errr nevermind me saying anything thing… <..>

  10. Wozzler

    wow her thoughts are out of this world XD

  11. james319

    LOL the mothership XD

  12. BluFox

    That’s the first time I’ve heard of the theory of praying mantis’ being aliens… XD

  13. Ebly

    So. Are they an item or not?
    She never exactly answered the question. >3

  14. Raikoo

    Sasha’s got it right. Now she just has to raly a counter strike against the Mantis Armada before they continue with their invasion plans.

  15. Theolis Wolfpaw

    ADD much, heheh Sasha reminds me of some of my friends.

  16. D_Leo

    stupidest ‘poppies’ ever

  17. Odos

    Bino’s face in the third panel always cracks me up… They are cute together though, I’ll admit that much :) .

    • FoxBlood

      I just love Sasha she looks so cute. It must be the bent ear or something. ^^

  18. Duez

    Hahah, too great. XD Such a hilarious character she can be. : P

    Oh well, I’m sure something will get her mind straight someday. : P

  19. Insignificance

    Wait, what do praying mantises have to do with aliens?

  20. jakethecat

    I know exactly what you mean, Sasha…

  21. vixenlover

    lol dude great comics by the way keep up the good work man

  22. Rennis69

    Who else thinks Sasha’s left ear (her left not ours)is adorable cause I do. ^-^
    Speaking of what people think, who else think that Rick should start colouring his comic?

    • Odos

      would be nice, but it would take time… coloring might make it update only twice a week, and I don’t really care much if it’s in color or not… it makes it prettier, sure, but the art’s still the art, and the story doesn’t really benefit from it

  23. thrashblade

    woah, that’s some wandering mind sasha’s got there..

    and from this strip, i think bino and sasha make a cute couple!

  24. Nall

    Sasha’s mind wanders so much it sends back postcards and comes back with souvenirs.

    She IS cute, so if Bino can live with her limited attention span he’s got a nice girl there (^_^)

  25. falconthefox

    O.o now I’ll stay up all night wondering about preying mantises! NOOOOO!!!!!

  26. Dissension

    That conversation is… oddly familiar. xD

    It’d have to be a tiny, tiny transmitter, above 800mHz frequency and probably with several repeater stations.

  27. Punk Jax

    3rd Panel. Bino’s eyes are amazing. :)

  28. Lee

    Da Ja Vu.

  29. Maddy Mad Man


  30. FoxBlood

    I like the thrd panel it looks like that “ding” scene that says “What the heck?” I love it.