Monkey Business
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  1. Fuzzypaws

    It’s finally up! And yes, in a world like the Housepets universe that would make evolution from monkeys rather suspect. *giggles*

  2. Polar_Bear

    Cute, “Tish, You.” :P

    Lord only knows what Grape was commenting about in that last panel. The mind boggles.

  3. Odos

    Why would she only need ONE? I NEVER need only just one when I need them.

    Oh… and on account of the “Tish, you…” *Add Adams family joke/reference here, probably something about Gomez being tortured by Tish… and loving it*

    *ponders all the possibilities that Grape would only need one tissue for…*

    • Odos

      ACK!! sorry for the double post, but also… But Bino also had a box of “Tish, yous!” in his hands that comic where he’s shown watching “All dogs go to heaven.”

      On that note, never’ve seen that movie…

      Again, sorry for the double stupid >.>…. can’t “Edit” these things…

    • D_Leo

      She probably spilled something on her fur, or needs to throw a bug away.

  4. Nall

    You know what they say about curiosity and cats. (^_^)
    Funny how she just wont stop commenting at the end.

  5. Silenvo

    Rofl… not much else to say.. funny.

  6. RG

    Grape is simply put: pure win.

  7. foxfireattack

    men have 21 fingers and toes X3

  8. hmmmm

    hah! Knew you’d make it back to this subject, a cat HAS to know =3

  9. lonewolf_achaea

    Hehe, nicely done X3

  10. Ebly

    Eww, but now she’s getting all wet. :c

  11. Duez

    Ahahaha, sneaky cat! Yeah, cats are known to jump in showers, the run from water. XD

    Very cute. : P Grape is such trouble-maker.

  12. Yoji

    lol grape is so cute ^_^

  13. Madman

    I LOL’ed

  14. Blackite

    Creepy . . .

  15. Karretch

    Humans don’t have thumbs on their feet? But I’ve used mine! How can that be!?

  16. Lee

    Grape was wrong. I wish she was right. Than I’d have toes on my feet!

  17. R-One

    That cat’s in Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig trouble… XD

  18. Insignificance

    But I thought we did have thumbs…

  19. Zanerus

    WOW Talk about epic win from Grape, yet oddly I expected that from her as soon as the shower comment was made. Kitty curiosity never fails to be funny

  20. Roo boy

    wierd hairless bodies! X3 awesome!! =3

  21. BluFox


    And for those confused, technically she means opposable thumbs, and the big toes on our feet aren’t even called thumbs anyway!

    Just wanted to clear that up! ^^

    • lonewolf_achaea

      True, but if you lose your thumb in an accident they can replace it with one of your big toes [that's gotta look weird... it's so much larger than the thumb.]

  22. Rennis69

    This totally could end up with grape in the dog house, but I bet Peanut wouldn’t mind. ^-~ :heart:

  23. Rennis69

    Speaking of cats and dogs, when will we get back to what happened in the basement with Bino Sabrina? Maybe Peanut and Grape showing off scandalous pictures?

  24. Steam

    You say goodbye.
    I say hello. hello.

  25. falconfox

    When I read this I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair! My co-workers now think I’m insane :P

  26. james319


  27. Raikoo

    Ah curiosity, how I love thee. It’s the source of all sorts of hijinks and hilarious situations. Meanwhile, I just can’t stop laughing. >D