Nothing Strange Here At All

You remember Tiger, don’t you?

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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Yes I do remember him! And that plushie is adorably creepy. ^.^

  2. Ax15

    wow tiger and me have something in common!

  3. Ebly

    I love you, pooh.
    Do you love me?


    • Ebly

      How did I typo Poom.


      • Lingonius

        Pooh bear?

        • Ebly

          Poom Bear.

          I love

  4. Shoji

    Aww I just want to hug him.

  5. foxfireattack

    i find this comic funny, sad, and cute all at once.

  6. RG

    Hey look, Tiger’s back! Poor him though… he needs a hug… preferably from an attractive female in my disturbed opinion…

    • String Petoun Ping

      A female cat or a female dog? Or maybe he need the same hobby that Joey to cope with the situation. Also who is this cat that live with Tiger. Maybe, the Cast page need a little update.

    • Ebly

      He needs a hug from Poom…

  7. Roo boy

    cue the epic draw into the eyes =3 dun.. dun!! DUN!! duuuuuuuuuuuun….
    awesome comic =3 *giggles*

  8. Yokel

    At least he’s changed from – “I’ll KILL YOU!”
    …I pity the fool.

  9. falconthefox

    The zoom in makes me think, Goodby eye!

  10. ZincChloride

    I love your comic… I just don’t get this one; cute though.

  11. Polar_Bear

    Aww, lookit the even more cute!

  12. Raikoo

    I rememebr Tiger! But that bear is disturbingly creepy to me. Don’t know why though. Half expect it to reply to him, heh.

    • Odos

      hmm… could it be that it HAS, and we just don’t hear it, but Tiger does? It’s probably saying something like (In a cute voice, panel 3) “That’s right tiger, I’m the ONLY one that understands you.” (in an evil, but still slightly cute, making it disturbing, voice, panel 4) “And I think you should DESTROY those who don’t.”

      I think tiger just needs more friends, the kind that don’t make fun of him for his name. I can’t say I like seeing anything unhappy, it gives me an uncontrollable urge to want to fix it. I’m sure peanut and grape would help out a LOT.

      • BluFox

        O.O… oh, dear, what a creepy imagination you have…

  13. Blackite

    The only reason why we feel sorry for Tiger is because he has a teddy bear, he still ate all the pizza.

  14. R-One

    Binge eating from depression, eh? Can see why if all the other dogs make fun of him. Been said and will be said to death, but cute (and disturbing) scene there with the zoom on the teddy bear. Nice name for it too – just close enough to make people think of “Pooh”, but just different enough to be original. Made me think of “Pooky” initially tho, as in Garfield’s own teddy – ironic, given the backstory behind the creation of Tiger here, but maybe that’s just me. XD

    As for the IE issues you’ve been having – have you considered FireFox? IE seems to treat this entire page as one big download or something, given the time it takes to load in comparison to FF or Netscape (altho Netscape takes forever too).

    Just a thought.

    • R-One

      Nvm on the IE stuff – may still be valid, but this is what i get for checking this page on an IE-only campus PC… that post was back in July, and IE displayed it with a recent post date, rofl. (All the more reason to switch if you still use IE tho.) XD

  15. Rennis69

    Tiger just needs a new female friend to make feel alright again. ^-^

    • Rennis69

      Can’t believe I forgot to add “him”… arg.

  16. Insignificance

    Yes… Poom understands everyone…

  17. Maddy Mad Man

    Rennis i need a new female friend XD jk (no really im just like tiger XD ) I JK AGAIN

  18. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Aww poor Tiger, I wanna just hug him . . , course it makes me miss my Tiger.

  19. Eric

    I have no idea why the zooming in on Poom is so funny, but it is! I keep thinking it means different things each time I re-read it, and it just keeps getting funnier and funnier in my head! XD

  20. lonewolf_achaea

    Poom’s eyes are like Family fortunes…

    “You understand me don’t you?”
    our survey says… X

  21. Ben

    *gives tiger an antacid*

  22. Wolfy

    Just read through all this and up to date. Absolutely adorable comic and very very funny. Keep up the good work mate!

  23. Xuncu

    Poom says….
    “YouR mOTher plAyS caRDGameS in HELL!!!”


  24. Lee

    I have a new favorite person! Poom!!!!

  25. BluFox

    At least he was alone when he started talking to the bear… who knows what Martin would’ve thought…

  26. sombody

    o no, hes going to eat his poor little bear