They Have An Edge Because They’re Literate
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  1. Cyanni

    Scrabble does require literacy….

  2. falconfox

    soo many animals and soo little time

  3. Fuzzypaws

    As usual, their facial expressions are awesome. *giggles*

  4. Blackite

    Bribing zoo keepers to play a multi-species Scrabble tournament sounds fun.

  5. Sage Freehaven

    Oh, Grape. X3

  6. RG

    Last panel is officially one of Grape’s best lines yet.

  7. Silenvo

    lol. “aww, but Da-ad!” Got to laugh, when you hear that remark and then think of two winey kids saying it.. lol, in my position though it be “aww, but Mo-om!” lollollol, but i never say that any more, too old and usualy there is no reason to say it. since things usualy are plenty good as is… ok now that i’v blabbed on long enough about that, scrabble… *thinks of what game that is* .. well i donno.. but whatever. Great comic.

  8. Yokel

    As always, a great job with the expressions, especially the first and fourth panels.

  9. james319

    aww poor guys

  10. Wozzler

    haha multi-species scrabble tournament. awesome

  11. lonewolf_achaea

    Heh, as verbose as I am, I never got into scrabble myself ^_^

    Very cute page, especially the first panel.

    In regards to a comment posted on an older strip about colouring this. I gave it a try on the last strip and it came out pretty well, but the problem is grapes shading. Due to the way you’ve done the B/W strips is coloured using these files grape would be darker than shown in the title image, so unless that’s acceptable the original files would need to be used with that shading removed (easy to do if you used layers and didn’t merge them.]

    If interested at all, let me know [I'd work on this free (but sporadic) or at an agree'd low price if regular (like same/next day.)]

    • lonewolf_achaea

      Oh, mentioned it in the old comment but I’ll say again here.

      Could colour the whole thing, but a good idea for the style would be to only colour specific thing while they rest stays B/W… for instance either only ever colour Grape and Peanut (I think that would looks great) or only characters (not backgrounds nor objects…. unless a specific object were important enough to want to draw attention to it.)

  12. Tashinada

    I can hear my cat, Raven, say “but mo-om!” every time I tell him he can’t go outside. On a side note, you’d think zoo animals would be more literate. Maybe it’s a way to avoid knowing anything about the “Do Not Feed The Animals” signs.

  13. CalaverX11

    Did one of them get the “CRAZIEST” mega-bonus?

  14. Madman

    As usual, great comic.

  15. Tom

    Grape and Peanut’s dad is a lumberjack.

    • D_Leo

      -and he’s okay

  16. Insignificance


  17. BluFox

    They are so undeniably cute here! Ooh! And Grape is as straight forward as ever! ^^

  18. Lee

    Cute! Grape, stop implying that you need more money

  19. dragonking

    it’s been said before, not by me tho…

    their dad looks like chuck norris

    • ZarJaMar

      I was just thinking that. <.<

  20. no space

    Well, the zoo was fun, but I’ll be glad to see the rest of the neighborhood again, especially if it involves more cat on dog action. Woof.

  21. hmmmm

    haha, I’m totally gonna CG the crap out of this page =3

  22. Polar_Bear

    Awwww! I want them to stay at the zoo, too!
    At least to go see the bears (to which I have a rather big fondness, imagine that. :P )

  23. rabzliz

    I…don’t really get it….Were they getting the names of animals wrong in the scrabble tournament and payed the zookeepers who were judging it to look they other way and allow their answers?

    • PalookaLord

      Nonono. They paid the zookeepers to look the other way and allow the tournament in the first place. XD

      • rabzliz

        ..why? They’re the only animals in the zoo that are literate and it’s unfair?

        • no space

          Because what kind of zookeeper is going to let all of the animals get together in the same place and participate in a massive game of scrabble?

          • rabzliz

            Oh, I thought it was “animal name” scrabble not all the animals having a scrabble tournament D: