Do Not Taunt The Animals
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  1. Starcat5

    I was rooting for that snake, but I STILL hear him in my head slurring his “S”es. I blame American television. -_^

  2. foxfireattack

    Hmmm… “You face” may be a bigger insult then i estimated…

    it is however, one of the most annoying ones next to “your mom”.

    • Tashinada

      I think the snake riled him to the point of “come in here and make me.” And so he did while the snake slithered out and closed it on him.

  3. Unborn Raver


  4. Moonwing

    lol Peanut isnt the brightest crayon in the box lol or in this case, in the glass. (i know cruddy joke but wut cani say?)

  5. Howling Hunter

    Lol great, now I am going to be up all night wondering how in the world that happened XD

    • Dzamie

      I’m guessing it’s like the Harry Potter thing, except the snake uses magic, not Peanut.

  6. Shoji

    Haha, I love this XD How did I know that the next strip would involve a snake? >_>

  7. shadow1w2

    exactly why snakes don’t need to talk.

  8. falconfox

    Grape-Why Me?

  9. RG

    Oh my, this comic officially made me laugh the hardest. 4th panel ftw!

    • CalaverX11

      At first you laugh at the situation…

      …but then you spend the next two days wondering HOW THE HELL DID HE GET IN THERE?!

  10. Silenvo

    Roflmao. This is probably a good reason to keep things in perspective… that if a snake is going to talk, don’t listen! and even better, BRAVELY RUN AWAY VERY FAST! Cuz’ you never know when he might have a few hundred buddy’s ready to strike! lol. The Empire further spreads its Reptilian control… Mwahahahaha…

  11. Duez

    Crafty little things! XD

    Nicely done, I got a good laugh out of this. X3 Keep ‘em coming. :3

  12. Ax15

    how did THAT happen??

  13. Lee

    Smart snake.

  14. Blackite

    From what grape said it’s as if it has happend before . . .

    • Dzamie

      You’d think Peanut would learn by now.

  15. Insignificance

    That’s a perfect image for a “HALP!”

  16. Mazisharu

    In answer to grape’s question: yes.

  17. Tom

    Haha, I love grapes’ expression.

  18. BluFox

    Wow… snakes are indeed the most cunning and unpredictable animals in the world… u kno, rite next to foxes^^

  19. sara

    lol, that’s awesome XD

  20. james319

    im not even gonna ask how THAT happened

  21. Fuzzypaws

    I still love the second panel in particular but it’s all great. ^.^

  22. lonewolf_achaea

    Asmodeus 1
    Grape 0

  23. Yokel

    I pity the fool. Probably both of them this time.

  24. lonewolfachaea

    Do gravatar icons only work if your name is the same as your nickname on the site? [test by removing the _ .]

    I’ve got one set and I’m using the same email but no icon.

  25. Winston


    …that is one cunning snake alright.;p