Wait Where Did He Get A Computer

This comic is also a birthday present for Karishad! If you knew him it would be apparent

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  1. Lee

    Yay, first post, and
    lol, tv antenna. But what happened too the zoo?

  2. Grim

    Their still at the zoo, the new guy is making lame jokes and driving the other foxes crazy. Thats a snow fox (snowy. get it?).

  3. dragonking

    lee, if you read the thing right below the strip (you know, the thing that says that this comic is a present) you’ll know that the zoo arc will return soon

  4. Madman

    Still very funny.

  5. Kirby QuickPaw

    Just how often do we visit our friends at the Zoo?

  6. Ringtail


    That’s Kari, alright.

  7. R-One

    Yup, that’s Karishad… seen some of the commissions he’s had done on FA.

    … specially the java plug-in at the end, lol.

    Funny way to tie him into Housepets – least he’s locked up where he’ll (hopefully) do the least harm!

    *pause* Naaaah… XD

  8. foxfireattack

    hehe… we were just having a discussion about if foxes were canines or felines…

    itwas a tricky one for even me to figure out but foxes are one of the few canines i like…

    • D.M.Wolf

      foxes are actually neither…. they have their own family called vulpes.

      • Z

        actually, foxes are of the genus Vulpes. They are still a part of the family Canidae.

        • D.M.Wolf

          their scintific name is Vulpes vulpes….

          • D_Leo

            yeah…That’s genus Vulpes, species Vulpes;
            the family is still Canidae

          • R-One

            Foxes are canines – look it up just about anywhere, and it’ll say so. They do have numerous feline traits, but they’re about as related to most cats as wolves and domestic dogs are. Vulpes is only the genus, and Vulpes vulpes only refers to the red fox, probably the most common – they’re either native or been introduced to just about every continent, so the only place you won’t find them is pretty much Antartica. They’re not the only species tho – there are about 27 species of foxes total, but only 12 of which are part of the vulpes genus – “true foxes.”

            Not going to write a whole article on it here (altho I’m probably too late to avoid that, lol), but you can find plenty more on Wikipedia, or Encarta Online, assuming Microsoft hasn’t locked everything for MSN-members only by now.

  9. Insignificance

    It’s just like him!

  10. falconfox

    hehe too funny!

  11. Ebly

    “…is ALSO a birthday present…”

    It’s part of the zoo arc too. c:
    That’s peanut there talking to people in the fox pen, or something. owo


    where DID he get that computer? o_o

  12. Duez

    Bahaha, what a silly fox. X3

    I love the Java joke. X3

    • Joe Rare

      I don’t get the Java joke. Anyone care to enlighten me?”

      • housepets fan

        Thats a coffee machine on top of the computer, and he’s trying to plug it into the computer.

        • Quocorya

          No no no… the second keyword is Java too, a famous plug in catalyst software for PC’s.

          • housepets fan

            I was assuming that everyone here knew about the software Java because, as you said, it’s famous.

  13. VegitaPowerLevel

    Pannel 3 seems iffy…

    • Yuiopdude

      I can only imagine the scenario of panel 3…

      New guy is annoying all the other foxes, one decides to “dissuade” him/make fun of him or something by mooning him, and he only turns it around by grabbing his tail and asking someone else to hold it.

      That’s all I can think up that seems logical, other then him sneaking up on the fox and grabbing the tail, which is kinda unlikely because, for me, THAT is the kind of person I’d keep my eye on ALL the time.

      • admin

        It’s kinda funny how you perfectly described him with your ‘unlikely’ scenario

        • Yuiopdude

          hehe… He seems like the kind of guy to take an insult and turn it around, while seeming completely oblivious to the fact that he was being insulted.

          Unless you were talking about the “sneaking up” thing, which is the one I find completely unlikely =P.

          • admin

            No, no, the second one is more like him, though I wouldn’t put it past him to do either.

  14. Blackite

    Funny . . . Only problem is I know people like that . . .

  15. Silenvo

    rofl… Java plug-in.. ahahahahahahaha…. thats a riot… Now the question really IS … “wait.. Where did he get a computer?!” … Maybe he snuck out and stole it or something.. or maybe he bought it over the zoonet. lol or maybe he bribed someone some how to buy him one?.. i just wonder what kinda bribe would it have been?… lol

  16. CalaverX11

    Panel 3…I’ve done that to people. Just randomly grab something that belongs to someone else, hand it off, and walk away like nothing happened.

  17. james319


  18. Rennis69

    Finally we get to the fox’s, I felt so alone without them… but Grape’s a great substitute!

  19. shadow1w2

    Well, theres Firefox, but wheres Thunderbird? :P

    Also there’s USB coffee makers out there ya know xD

  20. Fuzzypaws

    That perfectly fits Kari alright. ^.^

  21. Unborn Raver

    With Kari, that thing coulda come from anywhere.

  22. Roo boy

    oh my god. that’s so epic with kari =3 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  23. Quocorya

    The 3rd panel makes me murr…. >.> *cough*

  24. Calbeck

    It’s clearly a USB connection using a liquid-induction adapter. Drizzle lightly over CPU at 350 F for 20 seconds, muck out with garden rake, allow to cool for two minutes. Serves one just right.

    • JonMW

      Wait what? Where did the mucking out come into it?

  25. BluFox

    wow… this guy doesn’t know how to make a decent joke… I had to read it two-three times to get what he was trying to do… still funny tho! ^^

  26. Psyc O. Foxx


  27. Moonwing

    LOL! i was TOTALLY confused too i mean i was like “? O.o i thought we were at the Zoo.” and then i saw the comments and then i understood why there was like a fence between the fox and Peanut! i was like LOL i got it now! anyway this is the funniest comic i’ve EVER read next to VGcats and Girls with Slingshots lol. Great drawings by the by

  28. Yokel

    Oh man…

  29. lonewolf_achaea

    Hehe, looking at it I thought pannels three and four were meant to be linked [like he was asking for someone to hold the tail so he could insert the Java plugin XD]

    • lonewolf_achaea

      Course pannel 3 could also be a play on situations. A foxes tail is often called a Brush [hence the character Basil Brush,] so he could be “holding a brush” and wanting someone to hold it for him.

  30. Yuiopdude

    ah… ok, he must be REALLY sneaky then =P

  31. D.M.Wolf

    so… that means that foxes can mate with and bare the children of both cat’s and dogs? because dogs and wolves can mate and bare puppies…. thus if foxes have as much in common with cats as wolves have with dogs…. something is wrong with your artical

  32. R-One

    No – i said they have some traits, but their genus is NOT feline. Like cats, they can climb, and their eyes function in a very similar manner, among other things. But these are not because they are related to felines.

    However, a fox has rather poor vision, like many canines (with some exceptions), and relies primarily on it’s hearing and smell, which is VERY acute. Typically, a fox can NOT breed with a cat (I’m sure somewhere, somehow, there will someday be an exception to this, just because, if I make it an absolute) – they CAN, in theory, breed with other canines, but it’s highly unlikely one would ever do so.

    Dogs and wolves, on the other hand, can mate because they are VERY closely related – every single domesticated dog in the world today can trace its ancestry back to wolves and other wild canines, because they were captured and domesticated by humans. Those “dogs” lived very different lives than their feral cousins, and evolution & selective breeding have added up to create a different species in the same genus. They’re only separated by a few thousand years of evolution at best – a drop in the bucket as far as nature cares. Hence, dogs and wolves can breed.

    This is my last response to this, as I don’t think Rick wants major debates going in these posts. Should probably be taken to the forums, or if you still have questions, hit up Wikipedia or some other encyclopedias – you’ll get a few answers there, too.