Because He’s Allergic You See

Happy Halloween everyone, we go back to the Zoo arc on Monday

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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Poor Peanut! *hugs him and gives him steak*

  2. foxfireattack

    Happy Halloween

    *Gives grape some dog biscuts*

  3. Jake202

    I got a rock…

    • Dzamie

      mabye you can trade with peanut

    • Alsek

      Warcraft refrance right?

  4. Zurr

    I don’t know if I’d call it allergic…

  5. BluFox

    As sad as this is, it’s what he gets for not being creative with his costume. I mean, c’mon! Marvin’s a pirate, Grape’s a devil (demon, hellspawn, all a matter of opinion…), and Sasha’s a witch, but Peanut… Peanut’s a ghost… heh…

    • Ebly

      Peanut is swiss cheese.


      • ben

        or the “holy ghost” LOL
        i didn’t know he was religious LMAO!!

    • Dzamie

      You can’t seem to comprehend a spinoff of “Charlie Brown’s Halloween”

      • BluFox

        Wow, love you too…

    • Christofriend

      But no he is the Holey Ghost ):

  6. R-one

    Been reading some “Peanuts,” have we?

    Great spin on the Charlie Brown joke. ^_^

  7. Silenvo


  8. Blackite

    Who in their right mind gives marbles, pieces of flint and bones to trick or treaters?

    • foxfireattack

      I would totally give kids some flint… I’d e surprised if more then half of them would know what to do with it at that age…

      plus I’m a bit of a pyro myself… :3

  9. Tahoe

    I see that Grape is borrowing my costume this year =D

    Great Peanut’s spoof and an awesome way to ring in the holiday. I hope that you have a great Halloween and weekend, Rick. ^___^

  10. alvilan

    Who is on the far left? And what did they get?

    • Joe Rare

      It’s a robotic-cyborg-mutant-budgiuriegar/dog costume (though I’m sure it’s just a cat) looking In an empty sack.
      Or just a mute…

  11. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Aww poor Peanut, if only dogs weren’t allergic . . , course mine aren’t at least they don’t seem to be. (They once ate an entire Hershey’s bar and none of them got sick)

    I also love how Grape is hanging out with all the dogs.

  12. Buster

    Ya know…

    Much like in people, a dog’s allergy to chocolate is on a case-by-case basis. It’s true they have a tendency to be allergic to it, but many aren’t (mine, for example, shares Oreos and chocolate ice ream with me all the time)

  13. JonMW

    I’ve never heard about the danger of theobromine (among other chemicals) to be allergy-based. I thought it was just generally toxic to dogs.

  14. NuVanDibe

    i trade bacon for chocolate. ^(^_^)^

  15. Timothy

    I thought peanut was the “Holey” ghost, not swiss cheese…

  16. sara

    Happy Halloween!!!

  17. Insignificance


  18. Mazisharu

    Lol. Charlie Brown…

  19. Anti-Theory

    Heh, Peanut has to go trick-or-treating with the neighborhood cats, but I’d bet he’s secretly enjoying it :D

  20. james319

    aww poor peanut…

    i wish i had Halloween but to everyone here its just a bunch of TV specials

  21. Lee

    Aww…poor Peanut. -hands peanut dog treat- Here

    Also, Charley Brown I see

  22. Rin

    Awesome and I love the fact that Peanut is dressed just like Charlie brown was in the Peanuts halloween special. Aweosme!

  23. dragonking

    i found the site earlier this week, i’ve read it through 3 times… it’s a good webcomic (i should know, i read a ton of them)

  24. dragonking

    so grape is a devil, and i guess penut is the ghost?

  25. Maddy Mad Man

    hehe grape can be my little devil for halloween *wink* lol

  26. Grape

    hi everybody i hope ur enjoying seein me and my typical cat loving pal Peanut in are funny adventures please do keep reading and remember


  27. Maddy Mad Man


  28. JakJak

    Hello I’ve been looking at this comic for a while but haven’t commented yet lol. Great work so far Rick!

  29. Yokel

    Qe? I pity the fool.

  30. Evil Maniacal Psycopath

    um ill take grape the devil and sasha the witch for number 3

  31. Roo boy

    simply simply amazing =3 i will be reading this every update now =^____^=

  32. RainyDaySunshine

    dogs are not “allergic” to chocolate there is an ingredient in ‘theobromine’ which is toxic to them but it takes a LOT of chocolate to hurt them, mostly they just throw up or get the runs. Also since milk chocolate is less concentrated than dark it’s less dangerous.

  33. Fell DaWolf

    Hey people should know that dogs can’t have chocolate. He should go back to that house and get something like a squeaky toy.