Gourmet Buffet
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  1. Silenvo

    …HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!! that is a GREAT job! oh and ‘woot’ first post :D i think.. lol Great Job!

  2. Polar_Bear

    Hehe. Considering we’ve seen her down a (rather large) whole mouse in one gulp, I’m not surprised they won’t let her in. :P


    • Dzamie

      Yeah, but the guard wasn’t there, right?

  3. Lingonius


    Awesome! I’m so glad you decided to start a webcomic, because you’re brilliant! :p

  4. RG

    An unfortunate but rather humorous disadvantage to being a cat: you’re not allowed near small animals.

  5. Madman


  6. snorgled

    Aw, it still looks cute how she’s holding her own leash. :D

  7. Nall

    Funny, I love her indignation (^_^)
    Yep, never leave a cat near small feathery or fuzzy creatures, you’ll end up with less creatures and a bigger cat!

  8. TomFox

    It’s for the best I suppose ;)

  9. Ebly

    At least HE knows what gender she is. =w=

  10. David K.

    “Miss… the birds were threatening to unionize.” lol :D
    Which reminds me, this could be like a prequel story, the event that started it all. Before the happenings in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece “The Birds”. :D

  11. BluFox

    I think its adorable! After all, if one of the birds were to give her any lip, she’d just solve it with violence… although this time she might be a bit more quiet about it… XD

  12. rabzliz

    HA! SWEET JUSTICE AT LAST! I think the Rebellion mouse from a few comic strips ago has been avenged!

  13. NuVanDibe

    I love you and your comic. Total win on all fronts. I love Grape since she’s a cat, and I’m a cat person. ‘Cept I’m allergic to cats. Sux.

    • NuVanDibe

      My oration far exceeds my writing skills.

  14. Blackite

    Poor Grape she will have to look else where for her food,

    • Dzamie

      Where will she look? Oh, I don’t know, maybe the CONCESSION STANDS?!

  15. Maddy Mad Man

    the birds will fall some day hehe right into grapes mouth WOOT

    • Dzamie

      Once I saw a squirrel fall into a dog’s mouth.

  16. Rennis69

    What’s funny here is that Peanut couldn’t tell she was a girl but this guy can, I have a whole new respect for Peanut’s levels into stupid.

    • Nall

      I think Peanut has had a rather sheltered puppyhood since he took so long to realise his best friend was a she. (^_^)

  17. james319


  18. Fuzzypaws

    She won’t eat them in the building where there’s a fine, she’ll just stomp them like that poor mouse… and bring them outside to eat them. ^^;

    • Dzamie

      ~checks to see if Grape got any ideas~