Thus Grape Zarathustra
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  1. Jake202


  2. Timothy

    I don’t get it.

    • Kiwaku

      It’s full of stars.

    • Sage Freehaven

      I’ll give you 2001 seconds to figure it out.

      • Ebly

        An odyssey of thought ensures.

        • Whiskers

          I’m afraid I can’t give you any hints, Dave.

    • Nall

      Brush up on your classic sci-fi movies and open the hangar bay doors of your mind. (^_^)

  3. CalaverX11

    …christ, we’re all a bunch of nerds…

  4. Izkata

    Apparently I haven’t seen that movie.

  5. David K.

    You rock, man! Haven’t seen a spoof of 2001 in a long time… Great comic. ;)

  6. shadow1w2

    Screw the monkey cage, I wanna see the Monolith pen!
    It is called a monolith isn’t it?
    Bah I never got that movie either.

    Now if you don’t mind I’m getting tired of typing on my other computer with my feet and need my hands for a moment.
    Good day. *tips his hat with his tail*

  7. Silenvo

    Hmmm… I don’t get it. i have seen some ape movies but this doesn’t ring any bells… but then again maybe there too cracked to ring.. lol i can’t remember.

  8. Maddy Mad Man

    *thinking silently* (man grape looks really pissed……. eh id still date her.) oops did i think that out loud XD

  9. Maddy Mad Man

    i wuv grape so much it that it would make me cry if she wasnt in the next issue =,)

  10. Maddy Mad Man

    then again i like peanut to lol but not quite as much although hes cute he just isnt grape lol GO GRAPE IMPRESS PPL WITH UR UNKNOWN KNOWLEGDE OF THE WORLD lol

  11. Rin

    I agree with grape on this one.

  12. Insignificance

    What’s the giant black thing?

    • Crisp

      The monolith. Google it.

  13. Yokel

    Brilliant. Has anyone seen the sequel? It explains a lot of what went on in the first movie.

  14. Chip Uni

    Me, I want to see the HUMAN exhibit!

  15. Crisp

    Why is the first thing I think of when I see the sign “-mates”, “inmates”?

    • D_Leo

      cause they’re behind bars?

  16. Ben Dragon

    lol, someone has been watching some sci-fi recently 8D
    I have 2010 on DVD somewhere, I might fish it out.
    Great comic, I love it :)

  17. Fuzzypaws

    Animal races with opposable thumbs make humans unnecessary. Down with humans, up with pets! ;)

  18. Zurr

    I feel compelled to watch that part of the movie again…

  19. Rennis69

    Grape is our queen!

    • Nall

      I think peanut would agree with that! Being a closet cat-lover. (^_^)

      • D_Leo

        that, and she’ll pound him if he don’t

        • Maddy Mad Man

          sooooooooo true lol

          *quickly said* ALL HAIL GRAPE

  20. Hoppie

    in 1997 there was a book writen that takes place 1000 years after 2001

    3001: The Final Odyssey

  21. BluFox

    I may not know what movie they’re talking about (and thus I’m missing the huge butt of the joke), but I lurve how hopeless Peanut is!! XD

    • Nall

      But seriously, 2001 is one of the oldest good serious sci-fi movies ever, and by my opinion has aged really well.
      If you like sci-fi I think it’s definetly worth a watch, it’s not an fast-paced action movie by any means, and some parts are verging on the inexplicable, but are more or les explained in the sequel 2010.

      • crys

        amen to that. they just don’t make movies like that anymore..

  22. rabzliz

    The black obelisk is supposed to represent the unknown and knowledge. The monkeys gather around and praise it like it’s a god. I haven’t seen the whole movie myself but that’s the general idea I get of the beginning from a bunch of different sources I don’t remember

    • rabzliz

      Even with what I know, I too don’t really get the “joke” either.