You Mean She “Otter” Be
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  1. Fuzzypaws

    I guess they go to the zoo a lot if they’re all on first name basis!

  2. Lopez

    That means about “Quiet! I’m trying to sleep!” Hooray Chinese! Of course, you don’t have to write it top-down, right-left. But that is one of the more awesome things about Chinese. You can type it any way you want, and it still makes sense. Which makes text spacing a TON easier. Good job with the expressions. The sad thing is, I can’t believe someone beat me to a first post on this. Yeah, I totally checked at 12:00. I’m that dedicated. >.<

  3. Insignificance


  4. Chizi

    lol chinese, although technically that’s gramatically incorrect but I don’t blame you XD If you want it to make more sense she should say something like 閉嘴!人家在休息耶!吵屁阿?! (which means shut up! I’m trying to sleep! What’s with all this noise?)

    • admin

      I changed it to that BECAUSE I COULD

      I really should get a forum up so I can ask for this kind of stuff ahead of time

  5. Madman

    Another great page.
    PS- whoever posts after me on this page shall not copy my username or have any derivation of ‘mad man’ as a name. I’m looking at YOU Maddy mad man.

  6. foxfireattack

    Yay Chinese otter :3

  7. hippiewolf

    Hmm…come to think of it…Would a chinese dog bark in chinese? I mean, are animal forms of communication geographically and culturally diverse like human languages?

  8. RG

    Yay for Otters and Chinese text I can’t understand!

  9. Ebly

    Peanut’s eyes look… odd in that third panel, somehow.

    Horrid pun, by the way. For that, you truly deserve some form of punishment…

  10. thrashblade

    “ zhui! ren jia zhai xiu xi! chao nao ah!!!”


    nice work on the 3rd panel. i guess you must have used some kind of text translator for it.

    and yeah, reminds me of times where i make too much noise as well haha

  11. Rin

    So they’re glad to have a female but she’s cranky and doesn’t speak a word of english?
    Tough break.

  12. Akyana

    *swats* the line is someone says Awww and “They needn’t awwwta.”