In What Furnace Was Thy Brain

I apologize for having the same Peanut-is-interrupted gag two days in a row but I thought it was appropriate nonetheless

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  1. Insignificance


  2. Fuzzypaws

    Second panel is completely adorable. :)

  3. Madman

    ALRIGHT, don’t copy my name this time.
    Still fresh, still entertaining, don’t see anything wrong with it, don’t notice any repitition in gags, great comic.

  4. james319


  5. RG

    I thought the Bengal Tiger wasn’t real… but wow: you manage to surprise and entertain me every time…

  6. Draco_2k


  7. Max

    OMG talking animals!! O.o
    ….oh yeah, talking pets includes that already…

  8. rabzliz

    Every year they what? O_o

    • Blackite

      I feel sorry for the poor animals trapped in the zoo, always listening to the ramblings of the retarded with no sign of relieve . . . Still, very good in my opinion.

      • rabzliz

        OH, IT’S A ZOO EXHIBIT! I thought he was at a news stand and the tiger was the patron XD. I didn’t think this one was related to the last strip.

    • D_Leo

      take a guess…

  9. TomFox

    Maybe it’s just me, but, I like to read Shardul’s text with an Indian accent.

  10. Rin

    I want to see what happens when they get to the wolf pen.

  11. Maddy Mad Man

    Mad man i didnt copy ur name i didnt even know u had the name but just for the record im not changin it


    • Madman

      I posted comments before you did, therefore you copied it. I am the dignified madman. The one who strikes you as a perfect gentleman until he starts to choke you to death.

  12. Dragon Furry

    Kinda a strange world where animals walk on two’s, talk and have hands. I wonder what have happen since humans arnt that powerfull XD.. oh well. On with the comic reading “BAM!” Key word was comic.

  13. Mazisharu

    Tigers are awesome

  14. hippiewolf

    …Yup. Talking animals. What was the theme of this comic again? Oh yeah…
    What a lot of zoos will do is take animals that were hurt or otherwise gonna bite it out in the wild and nurse them back to health, meanwhile, displaying them in exhibits. So the huge tiger is a pet like Grape.

    • shadow1w2

      Thats a good explaination.
      Though you’d think they’d decide to rebel and get out now and then.

      I wonder how the shows like the ones with the tigers doing tricks and stuff would be like…..

      Ya, very much like pets.

      Hmm, some Zoos have cheetahs these days.
      Do one with cheetahs more felines!

      Hmm, what would giraffes say? >.>
      Would they fit in the comic standing upright? xD

      Ya, more felines! :3

      Hm, I guess anyong with an exotic pet rather than a common pet like say a tiger would have one standing as tall as them.
      That would seem weird…. Just a thought.

  15. Zurr

    I liked it. I second the “moar felinez” motion.

  16. Yokel

    “200-230 unknowable metric units.”
    Ouch. Take that Australia. Or any country using the metric system, for that matter.

    Peanut’s retort in the second panel. Win.

    • D_Leo

      So, pretty much the rest of the world?

  17. thrashblade

    i can imagine shardul the tiget with an indian accent lol

  18. Ebly

    Sometimes he’s just -begging- to be interrupted.

    • CalaverX11

      Peanut is the most interruptable character I’ve never met.

      • Ebly

        It’s true, I swear, I could interrupt him all day!

  19. CalaverX11

    Poor Grape, doing my favorite gesture in the background.


  20. Duez

    Haha, nice one. And I think we expect Peanut to get interrupted, anyway. : P

    So that’s why they seem so annoyed… XD

  21. Punk Jax

    I read that with my friend’s Bengali accent. It’s so amazing that it fits with the speech.

    Unknowable metric units? XD

  22. johnwolf

    basicly they are walking furry humans. the big cats i mean.

  23. D_Leo

    i third the “more felinezes” motion.
    especially the cheetah.