Have Leash Will Travel
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  1. housepets fan

    “… we can hold each other’s lea-. No.”
    Shot down!
    “Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame! You give love a bad name!”

    … dunno why I thought of that…

    • sara

      That’s weird you said that, I had the song stuck in my head all day today. o_o

  2. R-one

    Funny, I hadn’t even looked at the 4th panel yet, and already I knew what was coming from the word “loophole.”

    Great joke at the end – ’specially how Grape is cutting Peanut off before he finishes that bad idea. XD

  3. Insignificance

    Do we get to see Peanut and Grape talking to the zoo animals?

  4. housepets fan

    That sounds like something Satchel would say from Get Fuzzy.

  5. Tarith Averin

    Probably for the best… Don’t want to give Peanut ideas… or Grape for that matter.

  6. Archor

    *sigh* And amusing classic sci fi references are so hard to come by nowadays…

    Love this one, especially Grape’s response. Kinda curious as to what “animal etiquette” means… Guess we’ll find out thanks to the loophole. (does anyone imagine them wearing leashes like a fashion statement? Like an oddly fashionable tie? Just a weird thought.)


    lol Poor peanut grape probly thinks hes lost his ming XD



  8. RG

    That’s a really nice loophole seeing as my friend does that to me… I love the last panel. :)

    • D_Leo

      and yeah, Grape might have perceived Peanut’s offer as something more; but then again, he IS a cat-lover…

  9. Ebly

    Beard makes me happy. c:

  10. accursedhero

    For just a second there, in the last panel, from Peanut’s expression and the way he holds his arms, I could’ve sworn I saw some Daisy in him. ^^

    • accursedhero

      Ooops… Sasha, not Daisy. Daisy’s from a different comic…

  11. joe rare

    This is the first time a human face is actually seen, right?
    Correct me if I’m wrong

    • housepets fan

      We saw the bottom of Fido’s “dad” when they were on the way home.

  12. Mazisharu

    “Maybe we could hold each other’s–”


  13. Yokel

    Good work.

  14. Max

    I think Peanut had some SM thoughts when he wanted to make that suggestion xD

  15. Punk Jax

    Holding your own leash is the best loophole ever.

  16. Blackite

    Yay for loopholes. Also its good this isn’t a Calvin and Hobbes joke as those where getting old.

  17. Rin

    Cute as always ^_^ keep up the great work.
    Can’t wait to see what shenanigans they into at the zoo.

  18. fan

    I like Peanut in the first panel–makes me feel happy:)

  19. Fuzzypaws

    I bet dogs have strong inclinations toward bondage and domination fetish in this universe. *giggles*

  20. Duez

    Hehe, oh man I laughed at that last panel. Such a great series ya got going. :3 And too bad Grape rejected him. XD

  21. james319

    ahh..the leash, i feel your pain man XD

  22. Nyrufa

    Hey, it’s revealing more of their “Parents” now! We got to see their mouths!

  23. Seth-Iova

    I prefer the Black Keys version of that song, but both are very good ;)

  24. marveri

    is it just me, or does the owner look like chuck norris? O.o

  25. Yokel

    Yeah, he does a little. But he doesn’t appear to have killed anyone yet, so there is still hope.

  26. Krazy Coyote

    Ha nice is it just me or is the “dad” Chuck Norris? An now ya know where grape gets her moves.