Philosophical Quandaries Must Wait
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  1. Insignificance

    …And scenery!
    Waah! It’s so… perfect!

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Reminds me of C&H in a good way. ^.^

  3. foxfireattack

    Grape has his own personal driver

    • Arcanewind

      lol, you mean ‘her’ personal driver ^^ i think its kinda cute that he’s driving her around

      • ben

        i honestly hope they hook up :)

        • Zurr

          Well Peanut does liek cats, so you never know…

          • Arcanewind

            lol, i’m sure Peanut wouldnt mind getting together with her ^^ (its kinda obvious after his supper hero dog and his girlfriend strip lol

        • RG

          Same here.

        • Arcanewind

          me too ^^ they’re very cute together

      • foxfireattack

        I’ll eventually accept that Grape is a girl

        • Arcanewind

          hahah, why’s that??

  4. Gribble

    Oh, this reminds me of so many good times in Calvin and Hobbes. *reminisces* Ah, good times…….

    • Theolis Wolfpaw

      So got to agree with that, I loved Calvin and Hobbes, which makes this a great homage to them.

  5. Sabakuryu

    ??? *is lost* other than that, it’s a nice landscape =3

  6. RG

    Wow. Nice landscape and I think Grape’s cute riding the wagon with that expression on her face. :)

  7. Ebly

    Someone’s been reading too much C&H.

    …Also, I just checked. This is actually the first time we’ve seen a a pet walking full-body. We’ve seen standing, but not walking. It’s kind of interesting to note, I guess.

    Peanut’s starting to treat Grape more like a lady, too. Heck, he’s even driving her around. Who said chivalry’s dead?

    • joe rare

      Well, to me, it looks like Peanut is walking the way his legs are outstreched, but if I’m wrong and your right, you are right about the solitary position.

      • Ebly

        It appears that he’s walking here, but that was the point. This is the first time we’ve actually seen a pet walk as far as we can see their whole body. c:

    • D_Leo

      Somehow, I think he was doing that even before he found out Grape’s a girl…

  8. accursedhero

    Philisophical quandaries? Methinks Calvin and Hobbes are being ousted by much cuter wagon-goers. That is, if they can find a hill.

    By the way, Grapes expression is SO cute; she looks like a little kid!

  9. Max

    I was osrta hoping for more after the last one >.>

  10. ProudOne

    Oh my god took me a second to get the point of it XD

  11. Eric

    Calvin and Hobbes homages ftw!

  12. Zurr

    What’s with all the C&H all of the sudden?

    • Archor

      Because Calvin and Hobbes is awesome!!! No complaints here.

  13. R-One

    Rofl! Peanuts expression and sarcasm are so much like Calvin in this one! Been reading this comic for a while, but this ones worth a reply hands down – kudos for such a great Calvin & Hobbes reference. XD

  14. sara

    I love this comic, it’s so cute and funny. :3

  15. sombody

    once again you out do yourself

  16. rabidkanid

    A radio flyer kid wagon :) Anybody else remember the movie based on that thing?

  17. WestCoastProhpet

    From what I have seen over the years, comics on “traditional” formats to the newest and quiet tree friendly ones on here… I have to say that House Pets has been getting my attention more and more than when I first started reading it last August. And unlike most other comics that reference Mr. Waterson’s main work of art (assumption here), I can’t help by cry in just holding grasp of the spirit of what he was fighting for, against syndication as well as keeping the soul of the art form of drawing as pure as possible. Gorgeous background and fantastic characters here on HPC, thank you for sharing your stories with us and keep up the good work. Keep up the good fight for free living.

  18. Fell Da Wolf

    Peanut is so nice to grape…or…he was forced to drive her.

  19. Audrey

    reading the responses make me confused.
    And the reason it reminds people of calvin and hobbes is cuz thats what the writer is quoting. ^^
    sorry, I have 2 of what i think is 3 of the calvin and hobbes comic books, soooo yea I’ve read all of the ones that I can at least 2 times over. ^^
    okay, night night for me now.