Written by Chinese bloggers. I had to do a lot of grammar fixing.

Testing in the comments section of this post.

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  1. admin

    Testing One

    • admin

      Reply to this same post

      • admin

        Need to fix colors

        • admin


        • Draco_2k

          Not afraid of the ensuing drama then?

          • admin

            If it gets to be a problem I can always take it off. Comments replies are a privilege, not a right!

      • CalaverX11


        • housepets fan

          No what?

          • CalaverX11

            Never mind, the joke is obviously lost here.

    • CalaverX11

      However, I love the “stacking” effect. That’s very cool.

    • Ebly

      Them Chinese bloggers sure are useful.

  2. Zurr

    Does it send an e-mail when somebody replies?

    • admin

      Yes it does! As long as the box at the bottom is checked. I’m not sure how to change the text on that box though.

  3. james319

    LOL XD

  4. Ebly

    Nice, noticed it makes the avatars smaller on the replies.
    Of course now I feel slow for just seeing that. Dx

    • Ebly

      Oh, and comments close after a certain time! Was that always there? -skepticface-

      • Kakurady

        Been that way for a while.

        • Ebly

          Figures, I never notice anything. =w=

  5. ingiltere vizesi

    These are not surprising my anymore, but thanks..

  6. Draco_2k

    That’s very brave of you. Good luck!

  7. housepets fan

    I just got it, and now I feel slow.