Ode On A Catnap
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  1. Tahoe

    This reminds me so much of Calvin and Hobbes. Awesome expressions in this, especially the last panel. Very, very cute ^__^

  2. Insignificance

    Uh oh…
    I hope Grape doesn’t maul Peanut…

  3. Ark

    haha cute XD

  4. Fuzzypaws

    I’m glad Peanut isn’t the stereotypical dumb comic strip dog. :)

  5. Madman





    lol look at grapes face in the last panel, she looks like shes seen a ghost for the second time

  8. Whiskers

    How exactly does one “burp” someone’s tummy :B?

    Also Grape looks adorable sleeping like that, and the expressions of both her and Peanut in the last panel are priceless :3!!

  9. foxfireattack

    I still think its kinda hard to see Grape as a girl. >.>

    • ProudOne

      “She probably needs bumps in the chest area.” God – She is a irl, i mean look at the site’s banner where it’s in color!

  10. Rin

    Burp her tummy? You mean a raspberry?
    t’was cute.

  11. SchizoFURenic

    LOL this comic is so great. and, for some reason from the very beginning i thought grape was a girl XD

  12. RG

    The expressions and poem are priceless. :)

  13. james319

    i like the last panel :) peanut looks so cute :D

  14. Sabakuryu

    burping her tummy…. do ya mean where one puts there mouth on someone’s stomach and blows to make a funny noise? :3

  15. accursedhero

    Dear god, that comic just permanently elevated Housepets to my “favorite comic” position. I love how your characters aren’t static like most comic characters, Rick, with Peanut playing the innocent naive as well as the meddlesome instigator.

    And it seems Peanut has gotten over the shock of Grape being a girl, and is back to his regular shenanigans. ^^

  16. Max

    I want them to audition for Romeo and Juliet. Well, at least Peanut. I don’t know if Grape is so lady-like…

  17. igorixx

    I love everything about this comic!!! The last pannel expresions are so cute. The ode in fact is quite funny! XD

  18. Zurr

    I salute you. Rhyming poems can be quite hard.

  19. thrashblade

    “their wake time’s a hobby, their sleep time’s a job, all this learned reading calvin and hobbes”


  20. Blackite

    I fear this might be the last time we see peanut whole . . . due to feline assault.

  21. johnwolf

    the fact he’s doing it despite his knowlage of the the doom after he burps her tummy. that my friend is ownage.

  22. Mazisharu

    He’s a poet too…

  23. Fell Da Wolf

    Cute is all I have to say

  24. TomFox

    The expressions in the last panel are awesome! So Cute!

  25. Rennis Kyuubi

    Wow, when I saw this before reading the text I thought he was going to molest her in her sleep or something.

  26. Archor

    Yeah, I’m kinda confused by what he means “burp her tummy” but it still looks cute. I wonder if Peanut will still exist after this moment…

    Calvin and Hobbes was my guide to life’s philosophies… Why Bill Watterson? Why did you stop writing?

    • admin

      It was mentioned earlier in the comments, ‘tummy burp’ is ‘tummy raspberry’, just we said ‘burp’ when I was growing up. ‘Raspberry’ is one of those words that’s hard to fit into dactyl meter.

  27. Ebly

    Calvin would be proud.
    Hobbes would be…
    probably helping Grape maul.

  28. Duez

    Heheh, oh gawd I love the last panel. Nice work, dude. I love this comic series so far, so keep it up! X3

  29. Niftykoala

    “We never speak of this again.” XP(BTHHHHHHHBT!)

  30. housepets fan

    I prefer the round speech bubbles over the rectuangular ones used in this comic. Also, I noticed you now have the comments setup like on DA! Thanks for taking my/someone else’s advice and making it so you can reply! Calvin and Hobbes=win.

  31. LeGoMaNn