Stop The Revolution I Want To Get Off

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  1. Zanzawolf

    Heh, that’s one way to end a revolution. Eat the leader and the rest shall fall and scatter. Mwhahahaha! ^^

  2. Howlinghunter

    Rofl, go Grape!! XD

  3. whitail

    Viva la food chain!!

  4. whitail

    I hope my avatar is ok. Some artist can get defensive, so I just wanted to see if I should change it. I couldn’t help but color that though, it’s just to cute!

  5. admin

    You can use my art for avatars, I don’t mind

  6. whitail

    Yay! Thankees! I just had to make sure.

  7. Whiskers

    Grape seems to like the “direct approach” to solving problems…
    crazy dog? frying pan.
    revolting mice? have a snack.

  8. Zurr

    Completely unexpected. Nice.

  9. TomFox

    Oh snap! Grape is my Hero! Done and done!

  10. RG

    I love her straight-forwardness. :)

  11. Yokel

    First panel; “I’ll have you know my political views lean towards communal anarchy.”

    Nice. Also, I pity the fool.

  12. thrashblade

    nice counter proposal lol..

    you go girl \m/

  13. Nyrufa

    And thus a randomly spawned plot change vanishes as quickly as it comes, thanks to the lack of restraint on Grape’s part.


  14. accursedhero

    What I love most about Grape isn’t her straight-forwardness, or her … peculiar method of problem solving, but her monologues. She has some of the most amazing lines in the entire comic. ^^

  15. Max

    Jeeeeeezus! She just ate him coldbloodedly! XD
    That’s so frickin’ awesome.
    Well, told ya she was letting her food run around ^^

  16. fan

    Now that she’s full what’s next?

  17. james319

    bourgeois thumb???

  18. TomFox

    BTW that is a HUGE mouse (when she throws him up in the air), if she’s not full, then damn. It’s like the size of a small stuffed animal compared to her.

  19. hybrid sympathiser

    i wonder what peanut would think if he found out about grapes hunger for raw crushed rats XD,i too must admit that little guy didn’t last very long.

  20. Blackite

    Well he might have been an awkward mouse but at least he was cute and tasty. And one word summarizes what happened on panel five . . . BURTALITY!!

  21. Insignificance


  22. ClosetMonster

    Yay, Grape! The ideal solution!

  23. Fuzzypaws

    And thus the mice are reminded of their inferior place, to be stomped and eaten at will. (;

  24. Mazisharu

    omg he got eaten…

  25. CalaverX11

    Broom to the face.
    Frying pan to the head.
    Mouse to my belly.

    Grape Jelly don’t take no ***t.

  26. Ringtail


  27. Ebly

    Whitail’s avatar is love. ;A; <3333

    Open-mouth Grapeface is probably my favourite Grapeface yet.

  28. Drakoo

    omg more more more more MOAR MOAR MOAR i want to see what happens between fido and the cat lady and if grape and the dog get together

  29. ProudOne

    *shakes fist* Always the path of the blood, young grasshopper?!

  30. swarmcrow

    oh well, I’ll miss that mouse, (it was a really funny way to end the revolt though)

  31. Gekko

    Aww, I really liked the little guy. He was so adorable…. But he was eaten whole and alive (I think o0), so maybe there’s a chance he’ll try climbing out? But I doubt it XD….

    You shall be dearly missed, Mr. Faust! *Salutes*

  32. Sara

    Heh heh, I’ll miss that eye patch. XDD

  33. Fullunar02

    Femme fatal XD