Behold, The Power Of Che
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  1. Nyrufa

    ack! Hope that’s not a live body they’re burning! (@__@)

    Crazy fanatical mice.

  2. Aburri

    I think it’s a hung cat doll.

  3. Insignificance

    Oh my…
    It’s the Russian Revolution all over again!

  4. Typo

    “What the CHRISTMAS” is the best angry/disbelieving rhetorical question I’ve ever heard.

  5. Zurr

    This is getting interesting. Is that a fridge?

  6. RG

    Heh, Grape’s sleeping on top of the fridge… I’m gonna go with fish burning.

  7. sombody

    looks like it is time to call all the cats in the area to come over and play

  8. Max

    that are angry mice >>
    So Faust has followers… I saw him as a leader without success

  9. Kakurady

    Power of… car?

  10. Blackite

    Although meen the mice are cute. (Everything on this web comic is cute) X3

  11. Chochi

    I don’t wanna be the corrector guy,but a more propper expression would be just “RevoluciĆ³n!!!” instead of “Viva la revoluciĆ³n!!!”…but thats just me.
    Great comic,by far…

  12. Ringtail

    Che wore an awesome hat

  13. TomFox

    Viva la Che[ese]?

  14. Gekko

    Been checking this site out since it started but I never commented, sorry XD…. (Is intimidated by anyone I don’t know) This is a great comic so far -hilarious and well-drawn; extremely lovable characters; always something going on- and I’m sure it’ll stay that way until it ends. (Hopefully nowhere in the near future.)
    And I was looking at the last panel and I can’t quite figure out what it is…. Bunny doll? And sorry for the long comment. It’s a bad habit DX….

  15. CyberCorn Entropic

    I’d say the mice are burning an effigy of Grape.

  16. LeGoMaNn

    OH WOW, I just found this place, I have NEVER read any webcomic so pointless and so TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. fan

    I do think there will be some more whacking happening from the queen of whack!

  18. Fuzzypaws

    Friday’s going to be awesome…

  19. Yokel

    True that. I pity the fool.

  20. james319


  21. thrashblade


  22. Miles Rose

    *Facepalm* Those darn fanatical mice. I think that’s a Bunny doll though.