The Draft Title Was Eat Cheese And Die
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  1. foxfireattack

    Karl-Lenin Faust has my vote

    *bites random idiots*

  2. Ihasacookie

    Wow. Rodent propaganda. What will they think of next?

  3. TomFox

    Sudden story change!

  4. RG

    That last panel can be easily agreed on.

  5. Mazisharu

    Just one question, but I think it’ll be answered later. What’s with the eyepatch?

  6. fan

    Is he displaying an injury from a Grape whack?

  7. Max

    Ugh, Grape is letting her food run around again…

  8. CalaverX11

    Yeah…where IS Grape?

  9. Rin

    Yes where is Grape and when does “the cat” get let out of the bag if you know what I mean eh…. eh….. -wink wink nudge nudge.-

  10. Sara

    lol, I love peanuts face as he reads the note aloud. :3

  11. Kelahrim

    By far the most amusing thing so far in the comic, and I’ve enjoyed the entire thing quite thoroughly ;3

  12. Insignificance

    I love your use of communist names =D

  13. Kakurady

    I feel a little bit hurt inside…

    Nah, it’s a parody. Propagandas are stupid when they are stupid, anyway.

    Although Faust definitely seem to confused Communists with Vikings.

  14. Eric

    This comic is packed full of awesome Communist jokes! *snickers at “Capitalist Dog”* XD

  15. james319

    where’s Grape?

  16. Fuzzypaws

    I like the little megaphone he has.

  17. Fell Da Wolf

    Little dude needs a microphone to speak to the big people…hahaha